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Weight Loss The dreaded Bikini Season... May 29 2007
23:45 (UTC)
I refuse to wear a bikini, even if I was really skinny, just because, like alayney said above, I'm WAY too self concious, I'm also really uncomfortable wearing a swimsuit, two peice or not.

I think you should wear a bikini if you really want to, you shouldn't let other peoples opinions stop you from wearing one.
Weight Loss why do i gain weight when eating healthy? May 26 2007
23:31 (UTC)
Is it possible that your scale is incorrect?
Weight Loss I need some help on a wieght problem Mar 14 2007
22:13 (UTC)
If I had to "guess" I would say that the extra weight you lost is probably just water.
Weight Loss not loosing weight Mar 13 2007
22:14 (UTC)
Try eating a different amount of calories for a couple days (i.e. for 1 day eat 1400, for another day eat 1300, for another eat 1500, and so on and so forth).
Weight Loss not loosing weight Mar 13 2007
22:07 (UTC)
It doesn't seem like you're eating nearly enough, plus you're burning more calories by exercising so you most certainly don't get enough to eat. Do you think you could possibly have gone into starvation mode, because you haven't eaten enough? Which would result in you not losing weight.
Motivation Staying on track Feb 24 2007
18:43 (UTC)
Whenever I'm tempted to eat something I really shouldn't (junk food for instance) I put it down and ask myself "Would I rather eat this, or lose weight?" It usually works for me.
Weight Loss Is 3 - 5 lbs per week realistic goal? Feb 20 2007
23:59 (UTC)
I realize that you're excited to lose 3-5 pounds a week, but the truth is, that's not realistic. A healthy amount of weight to lose is from .5 to 2 pounds a week. Good luck!
Weight Loss thai food! Feb 18 2007
22:21 (UTC)
If you do a search on Google you should be able to find it rather easily.
Weight Loss Can someone ever have to much fruit? Jan 30 2007
01:53 (UTC)
To much of anything is bad for you. But I wouldn't worry about it, eating fruit isn't going to destroy your diet.
Weight Loss does this sound good ? Jan 30 2007
00:08 (UTC)
Sounds pretty good, but you should probably eat more for breakfast, considering that's the most important meal.
Weight Loss Opinions? Jan 23 2007
23:18 (UTC)
I think that as long as you eat healthy, and do 60 mintues of exercise 5 times a week, it would be perfectly fine, if not mentally and physically healthy for you to allow yourself to one meal of "eating out". I personally allow myself to one "free" meal a week, where I can eat anything I want, and I've still be losing weight.
Weight Loss What flipped the switch for you to get serious about weight loss? Jan 23 2007
22:47 (UTC)
I have been a chubby person for as long as I can remember, but the one time I really truly realised that I was fat was when I was in 3ed grade, I got on the scale, and saw my weight at 90 pounds, and I almost cried, I was so very, very sad. My friend only weighed about 60 pounds and she was pretty much the same height. It's been ten years since, and I'm well aware of what goes into my mouth and how much I exercise, and now I'm quite close to my ideal weight, which makes me incredibly happy. But I will certainly never forget the day I realised I needed to lose weight.