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Health & Support the lowest... the highest.. the happiest Jul 29 2008
17:27 (UTC)
I have a small frame, am 5'6 and 32yo

HW: 131 (Happy)

Lw: 113 (Was a swimwear model, so happy with pictures but not the maintaining of it)

CW: 123 (very happy)

I'd say I am happy anywhere from 120 to 130 since it is pretty easy to maintain there, depending if I stay toned (get a little lazy in the winter and lose a little muscle and gain a little fat, but that's what sweaters are for =), kidding (not really).
Foods Could you live without meat? Jul 28 2008
22:12 (UTC)
Funny, the one type of meat that I would miss the most also happens to be what I eat least often, PORK.   Sure, pigs are nasty little beast oh but bacon, pork chops, pork ribs, salty ham, pepperoni and pulled pork sandwiches...dreamy!  I love chili too, but have tasted veggie chili before and it would do.  In saying that, I still don't plan on giving up meat but only eat red meat 2x a month and pork about the same.
Foods Hamburger Helper & Alternative Ingredients. Jul 28 2008
18:41 (UTC)
I agree with the crockpot, they are great to have (you can even make ribs in it).  As long as you don't have blood pressure/health problems I don't see any problem with using the mixes/sauces, though I hope you are still getting your veggies in.

Other easy foods to make:  Pizza, use the whole grain pita's spread favorite pizza sauce and top with 2% cheese and some veggies bake 350 for 15 minutes on baking sheet. Fish, so easy and quick.  Use your whole grain pasta add sauce and ground turkey (cooked) to baking dish and top with cheese, toss in oven for 10-15 minutes for cheese to melt.  Bean soup, navy beans in crock pot w/ cubed ham, basil, pepper, and chicken stock.  Taco salad, light baked tortilla chips topped with ground turkey (w or w/out taco seasoning) lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, onions, low fat sourcream and salso. 
Foods if all you had was tomato concentrate.. Jul 28 2008
15:23 (UTC)
I would ask your parents, sibling, aunt, uncle, whoever to send you some cash to buy some veggies...Seriously!
Foods Lowest calories fruits Jul 25 2008
20:35 (UTC)
nectarines are 60, 1/2 grapefruit is 35-40, berries are all low, just look up your favorite fruit in the database.
Foods A Better Hot Dog Jul 25 2008
16:05 (UTC)
Ohhhhhhh, he  he he...roflmao.  I can tell it's Friday, the image of the exploding hot dog is just too funny for some reason, cleaning it up is another story.
Foods A Better Hot Dog Jul 25 2008
15:02 (UTC)
Wow shandykat!  I don't know what kind of microwave you have, but if I put a hot dog, even in water, in my microwave for 3 minutes and then another 2 it would explode.  Though my microwave is the best, if popcorn calls for 1.5 minutes, I can only do a minute.

I also like the fat free ball parks, but they do still have a funny taste so I just slab on extra mustard.  Also, I use my 40 cal bread in place of the bun so I can have light chips and some baked beans for around 300 cal.
Foods Enlighten me! Buffalo Wild Wings... Jul 25 2008
14:56 (UTC)
I use the daily plate and they say it is about 150 calories per 3 wings plus around 30 cal per T of sauce (so you determine how much sauce was on them) I would say around 65-70 cal per wing and 4-5 fat for BWW.  They are fried.  The naked tenders are actually not bad, IMO.

The best way to make them Pezzle is to buy the boneless skinless tenders and toss in whatever hot sauce you like.  Spray a baking sheet w/ pam and bake in oven at 375 for 20-25 minutes, turning them over midway.  You could also do the little wings, but make sure they aren't breaded...the skin adds fat, but the calories are listed on the bag.

Side note, the buffalo chips are 300 cal and 26 fat...dang I love those loaded with cheese dipped in blue cheese *dreaming about the good ol' days when I could eat anything and not gain, now I just look at and my butt gets bigger*
Foods I guess tomorrow is my "off diet" day Jul 25 2008
14:46 (UTC)
Don't feel guilty!  You have obviously done very well up to this point and deserve to have something so enjoyable to you every once in a while.  If you believe you will feel too much guilt, do what others suggest and only eat 1/16th of a piece of pie and serve it with a side of fresh strawberries topped with sugar free cool whip and a small square of dark chocolate; better for you but still tastey!
Foods I drink a lot of red wine... Jul 24 2008
21:46 (UTC)
Your definition of alcoholic is clearly different than mine.  You don't have to get drunk in order to be considered an alcoholic.  Personally, a bottle plus of wine every day is a problem and I would classify that as alcoholism.

Too much of anything is not good for you.  The recommeded serving of wine is one glass for women and two for men.  It's like asking "I eat a block of cheese for dinner and two slices for lunch, is that bad", seriously consider cutting back on your consumption...for your livers sake.
Foods Any good fat free/low fat mayo? Jul 24 2008
18:45 (UTC)
Kraft low fat is terrible, imo.  I really like hellmans low fat, not the light, the one that has 40 calories and 4 fat.  The light has 20 calories and tastes like crap.  I do like miracle whip light on some things, but hellmans is the way to go if you like the taste of regular mayo and not the sweeter stuff.  Add some crumble blue cheese and red wine vinegar and it makes a killer salad dressing!

Edit: To clarify, it is the one that has 40 cal, but it is called reduced fat.  The light one has only 20 calories and tastes like crap!  Sorry for any confusion!  Noticed this at the grocery store last night.
Foods For the Love of Cheese; or Cheese, Wonderful Cheese Jul 24 2008
17:11 (UTC)
dartinton, cheese actually is not considered a healthy fat, it is high in saturated fat and sodium.  Healthy fats come from nuts, olives, and avacodos for example.  I eat it anyway, but typically go for the "white" cheeses sinces they are lower in sat. fat and calories (most of them).  Light feta goes a long way and I too eat the light string cheese, mine are only 50 calories.  Cottage cheese is a great source of protein and calcium and 1/2 cup is actually a big serving IMO.
Health & Support That time of the month....suggestions please?? Jul 23 2008
21:41 (UTC)
My guess for the best way to get exercise in is by doing some laps in a heated pool.  I know that warmth helps to relax muscles and cramps so maybe you would have good luck with that.  Maybe try it out just by getting in the water and floating around a bit and see if the subside enough to do some serious laps.  Good luck!
Health & Support Birth control advice, please? Jul 23 2008
21:34 (UTC)
BTW, the pills I take have different levels of hormones each week too so I know what you are talking about.  Just don't forget about the condoms!
Health & Support Birth control advice, please? Jul 23 2008
21:33 (UTC)
I'm on ortho tri myself and have been on both sides of the issue.  I have stopped taking it a week early to start early and get it over with and have continued on to the new pack (first week, not third week, just start a new pack like you normally would) in order to delay it.  My Dr. told me that anytime you alter your birth control useage to use a backup method of birth control.  You may spot a little (but I haven't in the past) so take some thin liners and slender tampons made for light days.
Foods mcdonalds ice cream Jul 23 2008
21:23 (UTC)
Here's the description:

Indulge in a Cornetto McFlurry? or Cornetto Sundae, offering the crunchy sweetness of crushed Cornetto cones mixed with
mouth-watering chocolate chips. Served with chocolate or strawberry topping, it's a totally new

Pretty self explanatory where all the sugar comes from...In saying that, I don't see anything wrong with it if you only get something like that on rare occasion.  Maybe only eat half, if there is a next time, it seems like a big serving of gue =)
Foods Sodium in soup Jul 23 2008
17:27 (UTC)
Eating high levels of sodium in itself does not cause high blood pressure.  However, look at your family history, that is an indicator.  High sodium levels can effect people who are more prone to acquiring high blood pressure.  It does not run in my family,  my Dr. says my blood pressure is perfect and I eat over 3,000 mg of sodium a day most days.  Is that good? No, but not going to worry myself over it too much.  I do watch my cholesterol intake though.  They do make soups that have reduced levels of sodium and they are pretty good, I just add more pepper.
Foods Help! Wedding reception=lots to eat Jul 23 2008
15:55 (UTC)
Will you be dancing at the reception?  If so, that will help burn a few of the extra calories.  I agree with sampling (a bite) of a variety of options  and having a snack before hand.  Drink plenty of water prior to and during eating.  Stay away from bread or breaded items.  Avoid regular dressing and see if there is balsamic vinegar available.  2-3 bites of cake is perfectly okay!
Foods Restaurants are sleezy Jul 22 2008
18:17 (UTC)
madetoshine, McD's lists info on their site, as does most fast food.  Places like Applebee's, Olive Garden, and Red lobster would be awesome!  But I am still thinking of emailing...
Foods Restaurants are sleezy Jul 22 2008
18:16 (UTC)
Email the restaurants you want nutritional info from, tell them to base it on menus in NYC.