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Weight Loss Merina IUD and weight gain Aug 11 2010
20:37 (UTC)

The reason I went with the Paraguard was because it was hormone free. I had been on and off the pill many times throughout my life and I could always count on a 10lb weight gain whenever I went back on it. I knew it was the hormones causing the weight gain, so I thought the Paraguard was the perfect solution.

I starting gaining weight immediately after having the IUD inserted, but I had read all of the manufacturers stated side effects as well as spoke to my Dr., and both mentioned nothing about weight gain. It wasn't until I had gained almost 30 lbs and gone up 3 dress sizes that I started to do a little more research. It appears to be the way your body reacts to the copper that causes the weight gain.


Weight Loss Merina IUD and weight gain Aug 10 2010
20:58 (UTC)

I've always been a size 6/8. I've been active my entire life, running, biking, hiking, horseback riding......I eat well and take vitamins/supplements every day.

I had the Paraguard Copper IUD inserted in September. By the time I had it removed in April, 7 months later, I had gained 25lbs!! I did not make any changes to my routine or diet during that time frame.

The IUD has been removed for 4 months now and I've only managed to lose 5lbs. I'm extremely depressed about this. I don't fit in any of my clothes and here it's summertime and I won't/can't wear a bathing suit. I'm not sure what the IUD did to my body, but it's certainly taking longer than I expected for it to bounce back to the way it was less than a year ago.