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Fitness squats! why the obsession? Jul 24 2010
02:13 (UTC)

i <3 squats because it's much faster to do 3x7 squats then 3x7 leg presses, lunges, calf raises, thigh extension, thigh curls, hip adductor and hip abductor exercises.  


plus, i'll admit, i feel like a total bad ass doing them in a gym full of cardio bunnies and ab junkies Cool

Weight Loss it's not easy counting calories when the stuff i eat has 32532875 ingredients!! Jun 29 2010
23:40 (UTC)

why not just ask your mom what's in stuff? hang out in the kitchen while she cooks and figure out what it is. after a couple of weeks, you'll probably have a general idea of what sorts of things she uses & makes the most and have an easier time of guesstimating what she's doing in the future.  

even in my own home, making all my food myself, it was a couple of frustratingly tedious weeks before i finally had a general idea of what ingredients and calories were in the foods i make.  it gets easier, i promise.

Health & Support 5''3/5''4 girls. Jun 20 2010
03:26 (UTC)

i'm 5'4".  in high school and my early 20s i  naturally held steady at 115. when i look back on those pics i see myself being almost painfully thin.  i feel a twinge of concern when anyone my height tries to get below 120.  below 115 starts seriously setting off alarm bells.  below 105 and we've definitely got problems.

i got up to 160 at my heaviest and i'm back down to 130ish right now.  i'm actually pretty happy with my body right now all though i'd rather be a little less jiggly around the edges.  i'm currently working on firming up more by lifting heavy.  i may not lose any more weight (i may even gain) but i'll probably slim down some more as i trade in muscle for fat.

i would recommend you set a flexible goal and not get too obsessed by what the scale tells you.  after a couple of false starts,  i decided that 125 would be my goal and that i'd reevaluate things when i got to 135.  when i got to 135, i went ahead and shaved off 5 more pounds.  now i fit comfortably into the clothes i was threatening to outgrow and have shifted my goals from weight loss to muscle gain.  if i was still hung up on getting to 125 come hell or high water i'd probably be hungry and unhappy and not enjoying myself nearly as much.

Fitness Post-run/exercise rituals Jun 16 2010
00:18 (UTC)

1) shower 

2) nom nom nom 

3) fall asleep drooling on couch while watching star trek reruns

Fitness what's better for me?? Jun 14 2010
00:05 (UTC)

i'd think that being outside on a beautiful day would totally trump being stuck inside on a mouse wheel, er, treadmill. 

Weight Loss How hard is it to keep the weight off? Jun 12 2010
04:11 (UTC)

the problem is that a lot of people try to lose too much too fast by eating too little.  then, as soon as they reach their goal weight, they go back to eating the same crap that made them overweight in the first place.  then they crash diet, then they eat crap, they diet, they pig out.  over and over and over. 

the key is to make a sustainable lifestyle change rather than going a on a diet.  diets are temporary.  you've got to take things slowly by making changes to your eating & exercise habits that you can maintain for the rest of your life without feeling like you're over-worked or under-fed.

Weight Loss *RANT* There is a difference... May 27 2010
23:58 (UTC)

since someone else brought it up first...  

as a seamstress, i am appalled every single day by what ill-fitting clothes people wear.  i care as much about your pant size as the size of your car tires but  i do feel visually violated by your muffin top and gaping shirt buttons.  i beg of you, please wear something that fits and flatters your body.  

and it's doubly appalling because i'm not just seeing this at the grocery store or the bar or whatever.  i'm seeing it every day at my place of work: a professional office setting.  i don't care if your blouse cost $200.  it does not fit you.  you look like crap.

and this isn't limited to weight-related issues.  it sets my teeth on edge to see girls wearing maxi dresses soooo long that they drag on the ground or have to be held up to avoid tripping.  for the love of god: get it HEMMED!


Fitness What kind of cardio should I be doing? May 27 2010
23:40 (UTC)

i never said that 90 minutes is the carved-in-stone number that all humans should slavishly adhere to.  i threw out a generic base-line number.  christ on a crutch... 

Fitness What kind of cardio should I be doing? May 27 2010
01:27 (UTC)
Original Post by michaelduff:

Original Post by leanerandmeaner:

i think 90 minutes a week is what's recommended to maintain basic cardiovascular fitness.  i get my purposeful cardio workouts from 15 - 25 minute sessions in the pool or on the elliptical 4 times a week. 

 Of course the same people behind that recommendation also recommended the high carb/low fat diet.


are you referring to the American College of Sports Medicine, the Surgeon General, the Center for Disease Control or the American Heart Association?  someone else i forgot to list???  and, if they're all wrong, what is the correct amount?

Fitness What kind of cardio should I be doing? May 26 2010
23:37 (UTC)

i think 90 minutes a week is what's recommended to maintain basic cardiovascular fitness.  i get my purposeful cardio workouts from 15 - 25 minute sessions in the pool or on the elliptical 4 times a week. 

Weight Loss Livestrong vs. Caloriecount May 26 2010
23:31 (UTC)

CC seems to low-ball calorie needs.  i rely on the phord calculator for more accurate numbers.  

Fitness Activities you don't consider 'workouts' May 23 2010
03:48 (UTC)

golf.  even using a cart you burn 200 an hour.  if i limit myself to one beer per hour, i still come out ahead at the end of the day.  

Fitness Hunchback? May 19 2010
00:28 (UTC)

i asked a trainer at my gym about this once and he said it's usually a result of doing all "push" an no "pull". the usual culprit is doing bench presses but no rows (or something similar).  you overdevelop the chest and it starts to pull in because you're ignoring the complimentary set of back muscles.

Weight Loss am i on the right track for today? May 19 2010
00:12 (UTC)

no, you're not on the right track.  you're not eating enough.  and what little you are eating is mostly carbs.  you're definitely not getting enough protein or fat.  start using the food log and quit starving yourself. 

Fitness For the Girlies....What Do You Lift? May 09 2010
19:27 (UTC)

5'4", 31 yrs, 130#.  i'm approaching the 2 year anniversary of my gym membership.  i've recently gone from eating at a deficit and doing 3x10 sets to eating just above maintenance and doing 3x7.  i do pyramid sets so i'll just list the weights i use for my final sets.

bench press - 55# (bar)

military press - 17.5# (dumbbells)

squat - 50# (bar)

deadlift - 80# (bar)

assisted chin up - down to 70# of assistance so i'm pulling up 60#

i also do 3x7 crunches.  they're sort of reverse but instead of lying flat on the bench i lean back using my arms to prop myself up just enough so my lower spine doesn't grind into the bench when i bring my knees in.


Weight Loss So Whats Your Calorie Intake? May 04 2010
23:59 (UTC)

5'4", 130#, 31, female. my maintenance level is 1800. 

now that i've moved into the "getting buff" phase of my plan for world domination, i get to eat 1800 - 2200 calories day.  i am really looking forward to putting on some muscle so that my maintenance calories will go up for a change. 

Fitness What exercise to do for... May 02 2010
01:24 (UTC)

i'm calling BS on 5% body fat.  can a person even survive at that?

Weight Loss carb question May 02 2010
01:12 (UTC)
Original Post by recoshel:

also when gettin canned fruit u should make sure its no sugar added if ur watchin ur sugar intake!

but also watch that they're not replacing real sugar with sucralose, sucrose, HFCS or some other crap.  dole has a whole line of "sugar free" stuff that's got tons of fake sweeteners in it.  read your labels and make sure there's nothing in there but fruit, water and natural fruit juices.  i've actually found generic canned fruit to be the best bet. and cheaper, too.

*steps down from soap box*

Weight Loss Multivitamin calorie count question May 02 2010
01:04 (UTC)

the vitamin bottle should have all the stats on it.  you can use the food log's "add it here" feature to input them.