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Health & Support ~~Bingers Anonymous~~ Jun 10 2012
23:01 (UTC)
I made no bake cookies today out of boredom, and expecting to eat maybe 2. I ended up eating almost 20 cookies. I went to try to make myself throw up, but i couldnt do it and Ive been so off track with eating right.. I just am sick of making excuses, saying tommorow will be different, I just have to much free time on my hands.
Motivation What's your inspirational quote, image, mantra, etc ? May 15 2012
19:16 (UTC)
Fight off your demons
Fitness Female joggers-Have you experinced gawkers? Apr 07 2012
00:37 (UTC)
Right ifront of the squat rack is this obe machine, and i hate when I squat then someone decides to use THAT machine, out of all the other open ones. I hate when I can see them in the mirror behind me, I stop as soon as they sit down at it and get some water or stand there until they leave. Usually i think they realize i stopped because they showed up. Its usually older men, which is disgusting imo.
Fitness running (2) Apr 04 2012
22:47 (UTC)
I dont think its bad, after you get used to working out alot of times youll have more energy after than you did before
Weight Loss Shorties! (5'3 and under) with 10-20 lbs to lose Mar 23 2012
23:03 (UTC)
5'2" and was 153.5 this morning!! Been trying to loose weight for months and its finally starting to go a tiny bit
Fitness Pain in upper arm doing lat pulldowns Mar 17 2012
23:52 (UTC)
I had the same exact problem in my right shoulder. I didnt put off weights are it got worse in three days. I let off for half a week, did some weights and the pain came back worse. Ive been off for about a week now and its getting better, I occasionally use light weights
Fitness How to use my elliptical trainer? Mar 15 2012
17:45 (UTC)
One the eliptical, I'll go one minute as fast as I can (this is on somewhat of a resistance) then I go at a comfortable pace for a minute, then I go backwards for 1 min, then start over. It keeps me interested in what Im doing
The Lounge If Newt Gingrich won the election Mar 12 2012
02:11 (UTC)
Lol, well I dont think the world would end if he got elected. When obama was elected I was still a strong racist, then over time I realized it wasnt tht bad. These men are all intellegent.
The Lounge Who can I sue about food labels? Mar 12 2012
02:09 (UTC)
Actually,.. The world hydrogenatrd in itself. Well trans fat's have trans double bonds, giving them kinks. A double bond is a degree of unsaturation, and unsaturation is minus two hydrogen atoms. So a trans fat cannot be hydrogenated, because when you hydrogenate a double bond (usually done by adding waters or H2/Pt or adams catalyst) it because a single bond, single bonds cant be cis or trans because they are symmetrical. Idk, but theres the chemistry side of it.
The Lounge walking dead Mar 12 2012
02:05 (UTC)
Mrschris i think the same way. Dale is the one who keeps them human, the world is over but it is their chose to keep their humanity. I cant believe dale died. But Im somewhat happy with how tonights ended, I just hope daryl doesnt die, I love thy guy.
Health & Support ultrasound Mar 11 2012
14:53 (UTC)
Well deleseo i still stand with that you should tell them youre nervous. I still wish I had said so, because I think it would be better that way she might have been a little more compassionate an less rough
The Lounge walking dead Mar 10 2012
14:36 (UTC)
No? I read this sunday is the finale, unless its like a 2 part finale.
The Lounge walking dead Mar 10 2012
14:34 (UTC)
Love it and can't wait for the finale. Might blow some money to get the comics.
Health & Support ultrasound Mar 10 2012
14:19 (UTC)
I just had mine yesterday. First i went to the wrong hospital, then I got to the right one and my bladder was empty. Then later i got another appt to try again. And as soon as I laid down the lady pretty much pulled down my pants without saying anything and I freaked the **** out and yanked them back and said Id put the towel there. The whole thing felt really humiliating and violating from that point on.... I ended up clamming up and crying and stuff. I know im just overly sensitive, and Im sure you'll be stronger than me. I think it would make a difference if you know the ultrasound tech too, like if my Dr. did it id probably manage. Id just say to tell them to let you know what theyre doing, and let them know it makes you uncomfortable. Im sure my experience would have been different if i told the tech that I dont feel comfortable letting someone else touch me.
Health & Support ultrasound Mar 09 2012
21:31 (UTC)
Oh dang : ( Mine is supposed to be transvaginal too... But I said I couldnt do it, I just cant let someone do it. But if your health is at stake i guess you just gotta bite your tounge
Motivation when will the little changes show? Mar 09 2012
18:50 (UTC)
I worked in an environment where I was using my hands alot for a few years(masonary) and now i have fat wrists that wont slim down. I dont think theres to much you can do other than keep losing any excess weight
Weight Loss need to lose 5 pounds by Monday Mar 09 2012
18:46 (UTC)
The day before your weigh in, try not to eat past like 7pm. I am always lighter in the morning if I disnt snack at night.
Pregnancy & Parenting Preggers? Mar 07 2012
19:16 (UTC)
I didnt have a period for 3 months, all tests negative and I was super worried like you. If you can, get a blood test done to check for pregnancy.
Motivation Post your reasons to our big list of reasons to lose weight! Mar 07 2012
15:45 (UTC)
I want to finally look good, i have always been fat, and now that I really realized it I hope I can change it. Im really into fashion and I want to be able to wear what other women wear without worrying if it makes me look awful. I have been working out for months and havent seen any results, then i saw the back of mu legs in the mirror the other day. Im still covered in cellulite, but the area behind my knees isnt near as flabby as before!!!!!!
Weight Loss A lot of people aren't going to like this thread Mar 05 2012
17:21 (UTC)
Wow and I thought intellegent people who want to convince others didnt swear and put down other ideas. When you become a scientist, let me know.