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Laurieshow your food that you love it ;-)

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Foods Check out the worst drink in America!! 2,310 Calories OMG!! This is crazy! Dec 30 2008
15:14 (UTC)

That sounds delish :) And I would definately sacrifice one day of health to eat it...

*hides in shame*

Games & Challenges January Calorie Deficit Challenge - Newcomers always welcome! Dec 29 2008
16:38 (UTC)

First, an edit:

21,000 is 6 lbs

24,500 is 7 lbs

28,000 is 8 lbs

Second, I'll join the 21,000 challenge!  This is awesome because I don't like weighing myself, but I can keep track of a deficit!

Weight Loss Does snow make you hungry? Dec 23 2008
14:46 (UTC)

I was stuck in my house and Sunday because of this snow storm.  I think I ate about 3 days worth of food :)  Cold, bored, compensating for the people with no power and the ability to cook in such a major storm.

The Lounge Whats your thermostat at? Dec 23 2008
13:45 (UTC)

Pipes won't freeze until your house gets to 32F!  My house is generally at 65, but we turn it down when we have a fire in our fireplace.  Last week it got down to 42 when we didn't have power...

The Lounge SNOW day! - Rant - Dec 19 2008
15:51 (UTC)

Well here in MA, Gov. Patrick has declared that non-essential state employees should not report to work, people should only travel in case of emergency, and we're coming out of a 5 day state of emergency in Central MA.  Schools have been closed for a week and aren't reopening until the Jan. 5...

But my boss is calling people who have stayed home and telling them to come to work.  Sure, the air is clear now but in 4 hours we'll be in a white out like the Midwest and no one will be able to get home.  I would like very much to hit her...there's no reason for me to be here waiting for the phone to ring!


Foods Energy bars Dec 18 2008
15:24 (UTC)

I love the Odwalla Protein bars :)

Foods who wants to pick out my lunch? Dec 18 2008
15:12 (UTC)

anyone else?

Weight Gain "You're So Skinny... Dec 18 2008
15:09 (UTC)

After losing too much weight, then gaining back to a healthy weight (145 at 5'9) one of my college friends wouldn't back down with the 'too skinny' accusations. 

Whenever he saw me he'd say "let's go to lunch, you need a sandwich" or "please get out of the gym"  It was really annoying as I was perfectly healthy and ate plenty.  I think it was partially out of concern that he said these things, but also because he knew it ticked me off.  If it had been coming from someone I wasn't friends with I know it would have been more upsetting.

I gave up letting it get to me and started responding along the lines of "yea well I haven't eaten since Monday so I guess I am pretty hungry"  He magically backed off :)

The Lounge Sitting at work wondering, "Whats the Point"? Dec 08 2008
15:43 (UTC)

Okay I have no idea what your hobbies or interests outside of you financial world job...but if it were me I would work on learning a new language.   A new language may open doors for you at your job (projects with people who deal with international clients etc) OR provide a great travel/volunteering outlet (Learn a bit of a new language, travel to that country to donate your time in some way for a week or two) OR expose you to some culture locally...but thats just me:)

Calligraphy is always fun too...I learned it in high school.  Great for making invitations to all the parties you can plan in your free time and pay for with your apparently high salary!  All I ask is that you invite me.


The Lounge What can you give this Christmas? Dec 02 2008
18:36 (UTC)

I bought a whole Christmas of gifts for a little boy is foster care in MA.  He and all the children like him would not receive anything for the holidays if it wasn't for those people who step up and buy gifts for needy children.  I'm also helping implement a food drive at work that is collecting foods so families in need can have a holiday dinner.

Weight Loss i did NOT make the brownies Dec 01 2008
16:45 (UTC)

I DID make the brownies...and ate them too...then brought the remainder to the 19-year old boys across the street.  problem solved :)

The Lounge Poll: American Cars Nov 20 2008
17:03 (UTC)

Question 1: Do you own an American Car? Yes

Question 2: If you do own an American Car, what made you choose an American Car over it's competitors? It's what my Dad got, price, availability

Question 3: If you do NOT own an American Car, why did you choose the car you chose over an American Car?

Question 4: Would you buy an American Car right now, assuming you had the money and need for a new car? Possibly

Question 5: Why/Why Would you NOT buy American right now? It would all depend on who was making the best hybrid for me

Question 6: If you wouldn't buy American right now, what changes do you think American Cars would need to take before you WOULD buy American?

And I don't think we should bail out the big 3...yes there will be lost jobs/economic fallout/disaster if they crash...but if we bail them out there is the threat of a slippery slope -what industry will need to be bailed out next?  Also, a bailout may help the symptom, but the problem is still there -cars are not going to sell in this economy, and the big 3 will continue to lose money

The Lounge Holiday shopping for a DSS/DCF child Nov 20 2008
16:32 (UTC)


I'm doing this through my Dad's company, who set it up with a local branch of the Department of CHild and Family Services.  Ask around at work/school to see if your organization is involved in something similar if you.  You could also check out local libraries/colleges/YMCAs/churches for giving tree programs that help the less fortunate.  We had a giving tree at my college that we organized with the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity.

The Lounge What types of animals have you had? Nov 20 2008
14:52 (UTC)

I've never had interesting pets...but my brothers ex-boss has a pet squirrel that they keep inside and let run around their house.  They found it right after it was born and it loves people and sleeps on their laps....I find him amusing.

The Lounge Holiday shopping for a DSS/DCF child Nov 20 2008
14:12 (UTC)

Thank you for your help everyone!  I can't wait to get shopping, and I'll definately be speaking with some Moms our shopping with their kids this weekend.

I'm pretty sure I'll be taking advice from each and every one of you, everyone was so creative thinking about this, I'm glad I asked :)

Weight Loss need help, does anyone else have this huge problem? Nov 12 2008
15:16 (UTC)

I feel like you just told me the story of my life.  I'm 22, female, and I have to say my experience has been almost exactly the same.  2 years ago I lost about 23 lbs by eating healthy and liminiting my intake, and as far as I know I was pretty much happy.  Then it turned into what I called the "black or white" eating.  Either I would eat very little or I would eat way way too much and binge.  I maintined my weight for a bit then ending up gaining everything I had lost.  I am trying to lose again and struggle every day to try to eat within a normal calorie range.  Some days I snap, give up, and end up loading up on 2500+ calories.  The next day I try to force myself to at least 1200 but sometimes I end up very low.  I have gotten better, especially during the week, but my weekends are still very problematic for me.  It still controls my life, as you menioned.

I found that focusing on working out, building muscle, and getting in shape has helped.  It takes my focus off my food and I end up eating a bit more normally. 

So, although I have very little advice, you're not alone.

New Members Worse than I thought! Nov 10 2008
17:18 (UTC)

Welcome!  I posted in your journal, but I just wanted to say that I think you'll do great!! You have all the right reasons for wanting to lose weight, and it is great that you are already active being a dog walker.  That will help a ton when you start becoming more won't have to start completely from scratch!

Good luck!

The Lounge My left eyelid will NOT stop twitching. Ideas? Nov 10 2008
16:27 (UTC)

drink some seltzer water with quinine in it.  I forget what it does exactly...but it should stop your eye twitching if you drink small amounts throughout the day. 

Fitness Should I join a gym? Nov 06 2008
14:26 (UTC)

I prefer the gym, but it really depends on how you like to exercise.  If you don't know which you would prefer, try to geta a free trial membership at a gym and see how it goes before you make a decision.  After exercising on an elliptical for a few weeks or months you may decide you'd like the variety offered at a gym.

Motivation Can't Abide Gyms..... Anybody with me? Nov 05 2008
16:31 (UTC)

I jsut have to say.  I understand why people hate the gym, the tvs, the sweaty people, the self-procaimed experts gazing at themselves in the mirrors...but I still love it!!  It's the only way I can motivate myself - to be with others working towards the same goals, and its much more convenient than trying to exercise in rain and snow!

And yes, I also go there to socialize and see people.  I work in a cube all day, I like to see other faces!