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Weight Loss Eaten so much it hurts :( Need reassurance?? May 18 2009
12:43 (UTC)

Anguine, at 5'8 and 115lbs you are underweight. Think of all the damage this can do to your body; osteoporosis, infertility, damage to immune system...

I don't think weight and clothes size really have any relationship at all, because I'm a size 12 uk and weigh 145lbs, whereas someone posted they weigh 155lbs and are a uk size 10...



Weight Loss Eaten so much it hurts :( Need reassurance?? May 17 2009
17:50 (UTC)

I'm a bit older than you, but I went through your exact same situation, only I continued bingeing because I was miserable, and went back up to a size 12. Having said that, if you felt like you were going to faint you probably didn't eat enough that day. You're right, don't undo all the hard work you have done, but aim for weight maintenance now, make sure you exercise and eat enough. Unfortunately people will always accuse you of being unhealthy and/or with an eating disorder if you are slim, but if you are a size 12 noone bats an eyelid. At what weight do YOU feel good about yourself? That's what you need to aim for, and as for sugary alcopops, they are bad for you, regardless of weight watching noone should drink that stuff. Explain to your friends how they are making you feel, and maybe outline that you want to be HEALTHY which has nothing to do with be anorexic. So go ahead, munch on your cereal bars whilst they have pizza, you're being healthy. And lastly, a little binge never hurt anyone, but don't let it happen regularly, or like me you will undo all the hard work. Hope this helped xx

Fitness Exercise and Food Log - How to input for the day before? May 06 2009
17:06 (UTC)

Thank you :) Much appreciated!

Young Calorie Counters **Post here to find a weight loss buddy!** Mar 17 2008
15:11 (UTC)

I'm 20 years old. 173cm (5'8) and weigh 69kg (152lbs or 10.9st) Would really like a diet buddy with close stats so we can work on weight loss together. My current aim is to get down to 60kg (132lbs or 9.5st) but that entirely depends on how much muscle I put on. I'm not too fussed about weight just want to tone up.

Weight Loss I'm awesome! Mar 14 2008
16:58 (UTC)

Well done!!

Rosemary Conley says that the days we need the gym the most are the days which we really don't feel like going. Since reading that I make sure I exercise, and I feel happy. No skipping the gym guilt and more food!!