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Fitness Workouts Online for Elliptical Trainer Apr 30 2012
00:46 (UTC)

Why don't you create a 20 minute playlist of upbeat songs that get you motivated and that you like listening to. Another idea is to find short episodes of tv shows that you enjoy - watching that while working out will make the time fly quicker.

Something slightly better would be to incorporate interval style periods into your workout - for example I like increasing the resistance to max or almost max and doing that at normal pace for one minute or as fast as possible for 30 seconds, with a minute or two minutes at an easier resistance, and then repeat. It keeps the workout interesting and makes it far less monotonous than steady state for 20 minutes. You could create your own kind of interval workout and make it slightly different or slightly harder each time. Or aim to travel a farther distance or get a higher average speed throughout your workout each time.

Things like that which will keep you occupied and motivated are good things to think about.

Fitness Quick questions about NROLFW Apr 30 2012
00:39 (UTC)

Yes the workouts would be extremely long if you added cardio at the end ;) it might be a better idea to do cardio on the off days or something.

Well.. it depends what you were doing in your old routine, can you elaborate? You wouldn't regress as long as you were still challenging yourself. The NROLFW routine is pretty solid in terms of the full body, compound movement routine so in that sense you will be improving (depending on your previous routine). However you should still work to find a weight that is heavy enough to ensure you are gaining strength - but obviously not so heavy that it is going to hinder your  recovery or training for track.

Fitness Quick questions about NROLFW Apr 29 2012
23:50 (UTC)

Yes all the workouts should be full body. I think the only reason it says to start with 2 is that it assumes you will be a complete beginner, so if you're already doing 3 sets then keep doing that. For me the first stage took a long time, about an hour at least. Maybe that was because I was just getting into it though and I needed longer rest periods. However long you need to rest between sets will dictate how long the workouts will be, but there are quite a few exercises in stage 1 if I remember correctly so prepare for a long-ish gym session. :)

Weight Loss Exercising on an empty stomach? Oct 17 2011
08:44 (UTC)

This is probably not the best article one could find on the topic but I was just reading this about 10 minutes ago so thought I'd post it.


  • Fasted cardio work is inferior to fed cardio work for both fat loss and cardiovascular improvement
  • Fasted cardio increases the risk of protein oxidation (muscle wastage), but does not improve fat oxidation during workouts in trained subjects
  • Fed cardio enables greater total work output
  • High intensity cardio is not better for 24 hour fat oxidation, when the same number of calories is burned during exercise (i.e. it’s total calories burned that matters, not how quickly you burned them)
  • Given that total work output (total calories burned) is more important than intensity, we should seek to do high intensity work in the fed state and low intensity work in the fasted state.

Article: o-will-cannibalize-your-gains-but-won%E2%80%9 9t-make-you-thin

Fitness strength discrepancy Oct 13 2011
05:10 (UTC)

Dumbbell compound exercises - rows, overhead press, bench press, etc. Pick a heavy weight that you can lift no more than 6-12 times. Start with your weaker arm, do as many reps with that weight as you can, say if you get to 8, do the same with the other arm and then stop. About 3 sets of that, increasing the weight as it gets easier. Over time it should balance out.

Weight Loss Does anyone else gain/lose weight extremely fast? Oct 13 2011
04:38 (UTC)

It's not fat - it's just water weight. Water can be gained or lost incredibly easy and will fluctuate wildly every day based on a number of things. Unless you are eating wild amounts you are not gaining a pound of fat - nowhere near that. Don't worry about what the scale says so much.

Foods 6 full eggs every day too many? Oct 12 2011
12:05 (UTC)

Nope not at all. I ate 6 eggs today. I also think it's a waste to throw out the yolk - that's where all the nutrients are. Eggs are great sources of protein, fat and micronutrients. Cholesterol from food doesn't actually raise your blood cholesterol so don't worry about it. 

Foods w Sep 26 2011
10:22 (UTC)
Original Post by lisaxfaith:

Original Post by giasbash6260:


 how, though? If it's worked into my maintenance calories why would I gain weight??

You wouldn't.

Foods If you don't enjoy random food surveys...AVOID AT ALL COSTS! Sep 26 2011
06:03 (UTC)


Fitness Popping and Grinding Sep 22 2011
07:33 (UTC)

From anecdotal evidence I've read, popping joints aren't a problem if they don't hurt. No scientific evidence though if anyone wants to come and correct me.

Mine click and pop all the time and it's not a problem apart from just being slightly annoying. I've heard fish oil can help with clicking joints if you wanted to try that out :)

Fitness Free weights exercises? Sep 22 2011
07:29 (UTC)

Yeah, as a beginner you really don't need to do a split, you'll get much better results from full body, 3x a week. Alternate pushing and pulling movements each workout: AG posted very good suggestions. Don't worry about adding endless ab exercises either - most compound movements will utilize your abs as well, and visibility will depend much more on your diet anyway.

Young Calorie Counters My body is getting bigger but the scale is showing smaller numbers Sep 22 2011
07:22 (UTC)

It might come down to what you're eating, if you don't eat enough protein, your body will start basically eating the protein from its muscles to provide protein for the rest of your body to use. If you don't regularly use your muscles, then your body won't need to build new tissue so will be fine with breaking your muscles down. If you've been eating a lot, that would explain the fat gain too.

Eat less sugar, eat more protein.

Weight Loss The breakfast all-day hunger dilemma Sep 22 2011
07:17 (UTC)
Original Post by asavari:

Thank you so much for your responses. Incredibly helpful, many of them. In my breakfast-free days, no morsel would pass my lips until about 7pm, except for the odd sugary coffee. I'm trying the all-protein breakfast suggestion today. Pig products, here I come. I need to lose those 20 lbs for an event in December so if I don't make progress it'll be back to once a day. I'm feeling glad that there were no dire messages about how it ruins your looks and twists your intestines etc...

Because it doesn't. You don't need to eat regularly throughout the day to keep your metabolism going, eating more often will just make you more hungry due to fluctuating hormone levels and rising and falling blood sugar. If eating protein for breakfast works better for you, though, then do that. In the end it should come down to what makes you feel best, what is most convenient, and what is the most sustainable.

Weight Loss fat burning mode Sep 22 2011
07:14 (UTC)

Well if working out at 4.30am is what you want to do, then great. Breaking a sweat is not a good a measure for a good workout, however. There's no reason why working out later in the day would make it harder to get your heart rate up. Why do you care about losing pounds, if you're losing inches? Scale will fluctuate wildly according to a number of different factors and is not a good measure of weight loss at all. 

I don't like the sound of that 1000 calorie deficit. Eat a bit more to increase your metabolism, cut down on sugar, exercise whenever.

Weight Loss fat burning mode Sep 21 2011
14:44 (UTC)

Where did you read this? "Fat burning mode" sounds like a bit of bologna to me. It might be referring to the fasted state that you're in when you wake up - where you will be burning more fat for fuel as opposed to carbs, as you will have less stored muscle energy in your system to burn. The "taking up to 30 mins at other times in the day" could refer to burning through your glycogen stores during heavy activity, I guess, after which you would burn more fat. Just trying to make sense of where that silly idea would have originated.

Anyway, forget that whole idea. There is no 'mode' that you have to 'catch' by waking up at a certain time of the day. If you work out in the morning before eating, you'll burn more calories from fat, but at the end of the day it's going to come down to how much you eat vs. how much energy you expend - if you eat more than you burn, you're going to end up storing the excess as fat anyway. 

Don't overthink it - just exercise if you want to, whenever is convenient and whenever will guarantee you'll do it, and eat healthy and less than you burn. That's it.

Weight Loss The breakfast all-day hunger dilemma Sep 21 2011
13:30 (UTC)

What you were doing is called Intermittent Fasting and there's nothing wrong with it. The reason you weren't hungry was because fasting has a hunger blunting effect, partially due to the fact that your body adapts to when it's used to eating - don't eat in the morning, and you won't get hungry in the mornings. A lot of people basically go between 10 and 20 hours a day without eating as a lifestyle choice, while of course making sure they get all the necessary and appropriate calories, macro and micronutrients in during their eating window.

In regards to "screwing up your system" - short term fasting has been shown to increase the metabolism (For some concrete numbers, studies have shown an increase of 3.6% - 10% after 36-48 hours - source in link). Eating at consistent times every day is going to be much better for you than eating throughout the day at random. Basically, your metabolism is directly regulated by the amount of calories you eat per day, not at what time or how often.

This is good reading: ing-myths-debunked.html

or google it for yourself :)

Fitness Lower body exercises that don't work quadriceps? Sep 11 2011
04:43 (UTC)

Google glute ham raises for hamstrings, and bulgarian split squats for glutes - go as deep as you can with the last one. Neither require weights or anything.

If you work on sitting back more and getting deeper in your squats, then you'll target your glutes and hams more.

Weight Loss Fasting and weight loss? Aug 09 2011
00:26 (UTC)

Just wanted to add that fasting is not going to slow your metabolism - Top Ten Fasting Myths Debunked.

Weight Loss Can't seem to lose any weight. Aug 08 2011
02:42 (UTC)

Some problems I see:

  • You are 18, and only eating 1300 calories. That is NOT enough for someone under 21. Teens need to be eating at least 1500 or 1800 I think it is. Eat more (especially seeing as you are exercising, regardless of the fact that you are sedentary the rest of the time).
  • Nothing wrong with fruit, but you do need to exercise a bit of moderation. You should make sure you get enough protein first and foremost, as well as healthy fats and enough vegetables. You can fill the rest up with fruit if you want because you'll be getting vitamins/fibre etc from them, but it shouldn't take up so much of your intake if it's impeding on more important macronutrients.
  • Your messed up sleeping patterns are going to result in an increase in cortisol (hormone produced by any sort of stress) which is terrible for your body, increases your appetite and is linked to fat storage.

Yeah, the reason you lost so much before is because you were eating enough. Eat more, get more protein, sort out your sleeping, and start measuring yourself instead of weighing yourself - water weight fluctuations are ridiculous and are a huge demotivator.

Health & Support w Aug 08 2011
02:31 (UTC)

@ twwyckoff: I wouldn't really consider flour and sugar to be food groups, and regardless, you can't really say that removing arguably two of the worst food ingredients from your diet could be unhealthy. I definitely experience the same reaction to refined flour and sugar - it's like it turns this insatiable appetite on that I can't control or stop.

Are you removing starchy carbs/grains from your diet too? Nothing wrong with that, but whole grains might not cause the same response in your body as refined flour and sugar. Whole grains contain vitamins and fibre and will actually keep you full and there are also a lot of non-processed options: quinoa, oats and brown rice off the top of my head. I would recommend including a whole grain carb source if you do any high intensity exercise like heavy cardio/interval training or weight lifting, because carbs are the main/necessary source of energy in that situation and they'd also be needed in facilitating/fueling muscle repair. 

Just providing you with another perspective though, I don't think there's anything wrong with it, you could certainly do worse. :)