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Foods Grilled cheese alternative? Nov 10 2013
02:27 (UTC)

Sometimes when I'm craving a grilled cheese I have a tomato soup (100 cals/cup) and melt an ounce of sharp cheddar and then use one piece of toast for dipping! It encompasses all the flavors but it takes a long time to eat and it's yummy and healthy.

Foods How to cook delicious veggies? Apr 22 2013
01:43 (UTC)

I like brussell sprouts sauteed in a little olive oil, a healthy dose of balsamic vinegar, and a little honey for sweetness. It's really yummy!

Fitness post work out lunch Sep 20 2012
00:45 (UTC)

what's a low fat bagel?

Foods how many calories in plain cheesesteak, no BUN? help!! Aug 29 2012
21:25 (UTC)

unless you're in Philadelphia in which case it's Cheese Whiz.

Foods Should I try sushi? Jun 29 2012
18:46 (UTC)

-Salmon and avocado roll (sometimes called an alaska roll)

-Eel and cucumber or eel and avocado

-tuna and avo

-yellowtail and scallion


Spicy tuna has spicy mayo in it but a little fat won't kill you :-P. Ask for brown rice if you can!

Foods Best Alcohol to Drink While Dieting? Jul 29 2011
01:44 (UTC)

Vanilla vodka and coke zero is actually delicious :)


My friends and I also like to mix crystal light packets into vodka and water - too bad you can't avoid the calorie in vodka.


Also, make sure you dance and move around a lot when you're out :)

Young Calorie Counters A question mostly for the guys Jul 21 2011
06:03 (UTC)

I've never met a guy who thinks like this.

They mostly think "Healthy looking and attractive" and if they like the way a girl holds herself otherwise (confidence, personality, etc) and think she has an attractive face and a healthy looking body they'll be attracted to her and if it goes that route enjoy her body whatever it is.

If you like a guy do you ever think "Well I'd let him have a couple inches on the tummy if it meant he had bigger arms?" or do you just look at him as a whole person?

Young Calorie Counters Teenagers and Calories Jul 21 2011
05:57 (UTC)

"is it okay to have tummy bulge during teenage years?"


It's ok to have a tummy bulge during any years. Seriously, if that's how you're built (and many women are) it's nearly impossible to have a flat stomach without unhealthy restriction or becoming incredibly underweight. Even then, many women struggle to attain the "flat stomach". Focus on healthy instead, I promise, whatever curves (and yes, a tummy is just another curve, like boobies or a butt) your body naturally has when you're at a healthy weight, eat well, and exercise, is what will look best on YOU.

Foods England for 3 Weeks! Need food advice & help! Jul 03 2011
02:49 (UTC)

Portion control. portion control. portion control.


I've been travelling for 5 months (1 month more!) and maintained my weight and that's been my key. Try everything but use your logic - if it's thick, sweet, sugary, fatty, creamy, etc have a few bites. Eat lots of veggies. Move a lot. Stop eating when you're full. Eat breakfast everyday. Drink water only. When you do drink alcohol be active - dance with your friends.


And most of all have fun!

The Lounge First Car? Jul 02 2011
03:15 (UTC)

I'm a 4'11" girl and I always wanted a smaller car too - my parents bought me a 2007 ford focus (it was new at the time...we bought it in '07) and they were able to get the airbags adjusted for my height. You might want to look into that because if you're under 5'2" and an airbag deploys it can severely injure you or even kill you. I've also been in a couple minor accidents and the car seems to really protect you - I was not injured in any of them where I feel like I would have been with a less safe car.


I recommend the ford focus for sure! I have a 4 door sedan (it's kiwi green and adorable). I spend a LOT less than my friends on gas and I've never had a single problem with the car and I've had it for 4 years now - I also drive it regularly from my home (NJ) to school (Boston) so it can definitely withstand long drives. I think it drives smooth too - but I recommend the 4 door sedan and not a 2 door coup (which I think kind of look like old man cars)

The Lounge Is anyone watching the bachelorette? Jun 30 2011
01:57 (UTC)

Yeah! I watched an episode because I was sick in bed and it was on and then I just....wanted to know what happened. 


Oh, and can I just say that if a man I was dating publicly made fun of any part of my body (like my "small boobs") like they did to Ashley in the roast he would be out of my life SO fast it's not even funny.

Young Calorie Counters Skinny, same, bigger? Jun 27 2011
03:42 (UTC)

I'm very short (4'11") and I feel like I wear smaller sizes even at a higher weight my heaviest I wore a size 6 and I was overweight (bmi of about 27). I wear a size 2 now and am by no means very thin (bmi 24) - I have friends who I would guess have bmi's somewhere between 19 and 21 (we don't really talk about our weight in terms of numbers - just like, "Oh I'm feeling a little bloated, I should probably work out tomorrow") who are taller and wear 6-8's. At a size 8 I feel like I would look very overweight where they look thin/average.


Just some anecdotal evidence, everyone is different

Foods How many calories do you think are in this? Jun 26 2011
11:41 (UTC)

Also - 500 calories is a really reasonable dinner so I would still say you made a healthy choice and should be proud :)

Foods How many calories do you think are in this? Jun 26 2011
11:40 (UTC)

Having worked at a gourmet sandwich/salad restaurant (not a chain), I can tell you that the "whole wheat" wraps we used were 250 calories - I feel like this is standard.

Even if it wasn't that much, 120 is almost certainly a very low estimate - I would say the wrap itself was between 200-300. The rest of the calorie counts look accurate in my non expert opinion :)

Young Calorie Counters Im really confused as to WHY I need to eat so many calories... Jun 24 2011
08:40 (UTC)

Real question you should be asking yourself - why don't you want to eat more?


Also, you're not done growing. I thought I was when I was 15 with a curvy womanly figure and done growing heightwise (I'm 4'11") and my body shape changed significantly when I was 18-19 and still does. Just like growing up - not significant changes in weight or anything, just a more adult body shape. Looking through pictures of my friends (which I did recently) from high school and comparing them to current pictures they look so much more adult - like not necessarily "oh such and such got bigger boobs" just like, overall shape of the body.


1500 calories is not a lot - you know that. 

Young Calorie Counters Can I really? Jun 20 2011
07:17 (UTC)

psssst - that's not how it works. If you've eaten calories you've still eaten them. Exercise doesn't "erase" calories, it just adds to your overall burn. "net calories" is a moot concept.


To maintain find your total burn and eat that. To lost find your total burn and eat 500 less than that. If that number is less than 1500 then eat 1500 because you need the nutrition.

Foods is Tang really bad Jun 19 2011
14:28 (UTC)

Why don't you try crystal light instead? I don't know anything about tang except that it's really sugary. Maybe try squirting lemon juice into your water?

Foods China Jun 16 2011
03:15 (UTC)

I've been struggling with the food - fried rice and noodle dishes are bulked out with so much cabbage and iceberg lettuce that after I eat them I feel sick to my stomach. Weird, because I can happily eat a gigantic salad. 


Also - maybe being cooked in the water is making me sick to my stomach? I seem good when I eat at nicer restaurants and have cooked meat and whatnot - but more local stuff, like from my work cafeteria or this little whole in the wall near me have not been sitting well.

Weight Loss I feel like 1200 really isn't enough.. Jun 10 2011
03:50 (UTC)

You might also just want to listen to your body a little on days you don't work out. I would say allow yourself up to 1600, but if you dont' feel hungry, don't feel like you have to eat all that much - it's good to learn to listen to your body.


If you're a generally active person you don't burn THAT much less on non work out days - calories out isn't an exact science and a lot of times our bodies are repairing or resting and you can burn more calories. Learn to eat when you're hungry and stop when you're full - eat lots of fruits, veggies, proteins, healthy fat, etc and you shouldn't have a problem. 

Foods luna bar epiphany Apr 26 2011
09:43 (UTC)

I think luna bars are a great dessert - but that's it - 180 calories for something that decadent which does still have vitamins and protein seems like a good bargain for me.