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Health & Support Getting over an eating disorder Jul 03 2012
14:13 (UTC)

hi - if you want me background story with anorexia, feel free to read my bio

having experience with the awful disorder & also dealing with multiple relapses, i also will tell you to get out more. don't overthink eating. if your stomach tells you you're hungry, don't ignore it. rather, listen to it. go out with friends for meals and have fun. don't dwell over a piece of cake or something. if i can do it, i know u can. :)

Young Calorie Counters Tall Girls Jul 03 2012
14:09 (UTC)

i'm 5'9 and weigh 123. i'm trainng for a marathon  and am currently in season for cross country, so i run a lot. haha. but i also eat a lot. :)

Young Calorie Counters sex...... Apr 10 2012
13:09 (UTC)

i am 17 and have been with my boyfriend for almost 3 years, and we are both virgins. i believe it'll happen when it happens.

Young Calorie Counters TEENAGE GIRLS-- do you all feel this way? confidence question??? Apr 10 2012
13:05 (UTC)

it can be normal to once and a while have a day where you don't feel good about yourself, but it definetly shouldn't be an everyday kinda thing. maybe if you try getting physical activity you will feel better about yourself. it doesn't have to be a crazy amount, but even just taking a walk, going for a run, or trying yoga may make you feel better. cheer up, i'm sure you're beautiful. :)

Health & Support . Aug 21 2011
15:37 (UTC)


Young Calorie Counters favorite band/song. Aug 12 2011
12:03 (UTC)

i LOVEEEE anything by kenny chesney, brooks & dunn, and sugarland <3

Health & Support Good Books obout eating disorders/people's accounts living with them? Jul 29 2011
12:01 (UTC)

read the memoir called 'wasted'. it's amazing !

Health & Support Whats great about you? Jul 28 2011
14:20 (UTC)

love this thread :)


  • i love how i know like every song & memorize the lyrics to them all, also! my family & friends always expect to hear me randomly singing in the shower or when i'm cleaning or online or in the car aha even tho i'm rly not that good :p
  • i love that i'm only 16 (and a half :p) and can say i've been a runner for 7 years! i've run 5ks, 5 milers, 10ks, 10 milers, and half marathons! also run cross country & track :)
  • i love that i've never drank alchohol or done drugs, & have pledged with my boyfrienddd that we never will :)
  • i'm realllllyyyyy stubborn (which can sometimes can in the way aha) but i like that my stubborness allows me to really define myself.
  • i'm a very quick learned and have an overall gpa of 4.2 so far in highschoooool :)
  • i'm a good listener & give good advice when people ask for it.
  • when i set goals, i ALWAYS am determined to reach them. :)
  • i have superrrrr long, toned legs (i'm 5'8 and a half hah) & really big brown eyes :)
Health & Support delete Jul 05 2011
13:11 (UTC)

thanks so much guys! it really means a lot. :)

i did well yesterday with what i ate :) i was right around 2500. will prob be more around 3000 today. :)

The Lounge First Car? Jul 04 2011
14:07 (UTC)

hey there! i'm 16 and just got my license last week. i've been lookin at cars (actually trucks!) for a while now and REALLY REALLY want a ford ranger!!!!! <33333333  however my dad is lettin me buy his 2000 chevy blazer off of him for a SUPER cheap price so i'm just going to do that. i mean, a car's a car, especially for me being a new driver. :) the first car i buy myself will def be either a ranger or an f150. :) <3

Health & Support delete Jul 04 2011
13:54 (UTC)

thanks so much girl! :) & heck yeah i'd much rather be muscular & fit than skin & bones :)

Games & Challenges Word association Jul 04 2011
13:25 (UTC)


Games & Challenges This or That Food Game! Jul 04 2011
13:24 (UTC)

moose tracks in chocolate (or mint!)


honey dew or cantelope?

Games & Challenges Use a Song Title to answer a song title Jul 04 2011
13:21 (UTC)

back to december -taylor swift

give me everything -pit bull

Games & Challenges A,B,C . . . Food Porn Jul 03 2011
13:28 (UTC)

popcorn dripping with butter and salt

Games & Challenges This or That Food Game! Jul 03 2011
13:26 (UTC)

i don't like coffee, so neither lol

potatoes in the form of fries or tater tots!?

Health & Support How to Deal with Friends who have EDs? Jul 02 2011
12:29 (UTC)
Original Post by _adrienne_:

Original Post by zukoanndkatarax__men2:



That being said, I wish you guys would help me a bit more on my problem with my friends. Thanks for whats already been suggested.



I did help you.  I gave you a long, heartfelt reply about dealing with friends with EDs (see post #1).   

And then I looked on your profile, which said that you wanted to get to 85 lbs (an underweight bmi), and I expressed concern for your own health because that's a big red flag for an ED.  How is that not helping? 

This is the internet.  If you're new, people will look at your profile.  And if it looks like you have an eating disorder (e.g. underweight goal weight, etc.) then people will speak up. 

You want to help your friends because you think their goals are unhealthy, so why are you getting offended when we try to help you?  I know eating disorders (all too well).  And your profile has a big ED red flag all over it.


Games & Challenges Use a Song Title to answer a song title Jul 02 2011
12:25 (UTC)

she wouldn't be gone -blake shelton


whataya want from me? -adam lambert

Games & Challenges Change 1 letter Only Game Jul 02 2011
12:22 (UTC)


Games & Challenges Word association Jul 02 2011
12:20 (UTC)