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Motivation Help!!!! Dec 15 2009
21:11 (UTC)

Do you have friends and family near by that you can hang out with? Maybe you can have a bunko or poker night. You might be sitting on your rear but at least you will be distracted from eating.

Foods restaurant you hate that everyone loves? Oct 13 2009
14:40 (UTC)

 Why don't you just eat Minestrone soup and salad? It won't make you sick and you'll get a TON of vegetables.

The Lounge a question for all you guys out there Jul 10 2008
05:13 (UTC)

Thanks for the suggestions. I like the simplicity!

Foods doughnut craving Jul 08 2008
17:13 (UTC)

I can't even watch Paula Deen because it makes me want to go to her house and eat!

Foods doughnut craving Jul 08 2008
17:12 (UTC)

Thanks for the advice guys! I love this website.


Fitness Fitness Nutrition Jul 08 2008
16:58 (UTC)

Thanks you guys! This is really helping. I do tend to shy away from meat. It seems like I need to focus on my protein intake for a while. I think I will try bumping it to 100 g and see how I feel. I can't eat a doughnut everyday! lol

Foods doughnut craving Jul 08 2008
16:56 (UTC)

Haha. I did give in! I thought it was just a one time thing, so I bought a dozen krispy kremes for my co-workers on July 4 and ate two! I didn't feel guilty at all. Then today, it hit me again and I thought, this has got to be nutrition related.

Fitness Fitness Nutrition Jul 08 2008
16:53 (UTC)

It looks like I need about 88 grams of protein and right now I am getting about 75.


Fitness Fitness Nutrition Jul 08 2008
16:52 (UTC)

8 oz milk, 6 oz yogurt and one piece (100 calories) whole grain toast. And yes, it is kashi go lean.

Have either of you tried the naked juice protein zone? It has about 270 calories in a bottle but it has 20 grams protein. I was thinking of fitting that into my diet somehow.

Fitness Fitness Nutrition Jul 08 2008
16:44 (UTC)

does 88 grams of protein sound about right?


Foods Views on fast food? Jul 08 2008
16:37 (UTC)

Oh, I work right next to a Wendy's. The smell coming from that place is atrocious. I can not eat there. However, I LOVE Arbys, Quiznos, Subway, Blimpie, Blue Sky Bagel. Pretty much anywhere I can get a turkey sandwhich.

I don't eat a lot of fast food. However, I don't think fast food chains are responsible for our choices either. About twice a year, I want an egg and bacon mcmuffin meal from mcdonalds and I don't want anything else. lol

Fitness Fitness Nutrition Jul 08 2008
16:30 (UTC)

That's a great question since I don't usually track anything but calories. Should I start tracking protein? I'm not even sure how much protein I should be getting.

The Lounge What does YOUR username mean? Jul 08 2008
16:26 (UTC)

so boring, first and middle name


The Lounge Food Network lovers Jul 08 2008
16:20 (UTC)

haha. I am glad I'm not the only one out there who loves food network!

Alton Brown is my favorite as well.

I can't stand the Neely's or Barefoot Contessa either. How funny.

Foods i'm not sure which to drink. Jul 08 2008
14:58 (UTC)

I try to stick with the old moderation rule. I switch between brands and types of milk so I make sure to get a good variety of vitamins and nutrients from several sources. One week, I'll buy silk, one week, non-fat milk, one week continental 8 soy milk, ect....

Foods almost 11pm...craving some milk..suggestions pleasee :) Jul 01 2008
13:26 (UTC)

Nutritionists will tell you that if you crave milk a lot, you are missing nutrients in your diet. You should try taking a supplement to reduce the craving.

Foods Nature Valley.. Jul 01 2008
02:11 (UTC)

I know there is no such thing as the "perfect" food but those fiber one bars are loaded with high fructose corn syrup as well.... Gotta pick your battles I guess.

Fitness the hardest part about exercising Jun 24 2008
15:47 (UTC)

GET A DOG! lol. My dog wakes me up at 6am every morning so even if I try to sleep in, she's there, licking my face telling me to take her for our walk... so cute!

Also, it sounds like you need to stop beating yourself up. Stop looking at your workout as a punishment and instead look at it as a reward. You get a full hour (or half hour or whatever) to yourself. You can focus on you and you only! Isn't that great?

Fitness What (and when) to eat before/after cardio? Jun 24 2008
15:41 (UTC)

I don't know about the science behind my routine but I usually get up at 615am, have a half cup of coffee with a half cup of nonfat milk and something small like a banana, (super-healthy) bran muffin or a nonfat yogurt. I leave the house around 630 and walk/run with my dog for an hour.

After I get back home, I stretch and shower and then eat my breakfast which is usually kashi go-lean cereal, nonfat milk, toast with brummel and brown spread and orange juice OR an egg white omelette with vegies and parmesan, toast and oj.

Don't know if this will help, but I have stamina for my cardio and I can still work out early in the morning. I get hungry again about 3 hours later so everything seems to be working well.

Weight Loss Gi-normous Dinner! Jun 17 2008
01:36 (UTC)

I eat soup. It never fails to fill me up! I like low-sodium lentil soup and low-sodium tomato soup with half a grilled cheese on whole wheat bread, using cooking spray instead of butter.

How do you prepare your spaghetti squash? That meal sounds fabulous! I want to eat it right now.