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The Lounge can u die from drinking I've cold drinks Apr 11 2012
22:50 (UTC)
Lol I only have 1 a day sometimes even none and my mums polish not german
Weight Loss am i fat?!? help Apr 11 2012
13:01 (UTC)
Are you male or female
The Lounge What is your favorite movie? Apr 11 2012
12:59 (UTC)
Blade2 or this means war
The Lounge can u die from drinking I've cold drinks Apr 11 2012
12:57 (UTC)
Hahha u should try monster ice cold your throat will hurt abit but it's worth it
The Lounge can u die from drinking I've cold drinks Apr 11 2012
12:52 (UTC)
Oh good I'm just wondering because I'm just drinking monster out of the freezer thanks
Weight Loss what will happen to my body if I eat little to no food Apr 10 2012
21:32 (UTC)
No someone who I know is doing it and I'm showing them this cos only an idiot would do this
The Lounge abuse to animals is wrong Apr 08 2012
11:29 (UTC)
Do not call me a hypocrite I'm not one Jeremy Kyle is but not me
The Lounge Need a name for my book... Apr 07 2012
22:45 (UTC)
Don't cry
The Lounge CC now advocating McDonald's. Apr 07 2012
22:40 (UTC)
Yeah but if people will eat fast food then this is why more than half britains kids are overweight and In the future there will just be fattys and chavs
Weight Loss I need thinner thighs Apr 07 2012
22:12 (UTC)
Just stay on the diet and do 2 miles everyday because you can't just lose fat in one place good luck
The Lounge Would you eat at a Health(ier) Food Diner? Mar 24 2012
22:04 (UTC)
Fitness skinny but strong Mar 23 2012
19:18 (UTC)
I haven't asked it
Foods The Breakfast Survey Mar 23 2012
19:13 (UTC)
I prefer tea with a bit of lemon and lime
Fitness rugby Mar 22 2012
21:47 (UTC)
What will I look like if I play rugby and eat healthy food with protein and what will I look like if I eat some fat foods and proteins I want to get bigger and stronger but not fatter! Thanks
Weight Loss suger Mar 19 2012
18:48 (UTC)
Fitness want to get stronger Mar 19 2012
18:39 (UTC)
Thanks everyone
Fitness want to get stronger Mar 17 2012
13:03 (UTC)
Btw I don't want big huge muscle I just whant more power and strength