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Health & Support Help with the trots Jun 24 2009
14:28 (UTC)

does your stomach hurt or ache?  If you have a stomachache it could be that your sick or ate something that didn't agree with you.   Which your current diet should help.

 Have you taken antibiotics lately?  That could cause it which then you would need to up your probiotics.  It help get your "good" bacteria in your intestine in check. 

Otherwise, stick to your BRAT diet for a few days with lots of water and no caffiene.  If it doesn't resolve itself by day 3, make an appt with your doctor.

Hope that helps!  My daughter is the queen of the trots!Undecided



Weight Loss How to stay consistent? May 14 2009
12:48 (UTC)

I completely understand about the junk food in the house that you can't get rid of.  My DH and kids like to have dessert and they love snack cakes.  I have found the only way for it to work is only buy ones that you don't like.  Its hard at first to "deny" them this since they really do eat healthy otherwise but it was the only way for me to lose the weight.  DH was very understanding when I explained it to him and now that I'm losing and feeling the motivation I've allowed one of their favorite snack cakes back into the house.  I'm just not that interested anymore.

Hope that helps!


Weight Loss Can you please help me guess what I weighed or will weigh at size 10 Mar 13 2009
16:02 (UTC)

I agree with GI Jane that this isn't going to be a good reference.  We're all different. 

A year and a half ago when I was 157 I was in a tight 12.  I remember being in a size 10 at about 140.  I carry it all in my thighs and backside. 

Motivation Yikes...a child in my daughters class called me fat Mar 10 2009
19:56 (UTC)

dls - that is too funny b/c my girls are also obsessed with "big butts"  They tell me all the time that my butt is big.  At first I was a little hurt, didn't say anything and then my daughter asked me, "Mom, when do I get to have a Big Butt just like you."  Like it was a prize or something.  Undecided 


Funwow - don't be too upset over the 6 year old's comment.  There could be a number of reasons he could of used the word "fat" and none of them having to do with the actual meaning of fat. 

The Lounge Obama to Lift Ban on Funding for Embryonic Stem Cell Research Mar 07 2009
14:56 (UTC)

Whatever reference jeff was making was over my head but I'm thankful for the possibility this may have for my husband and some of our friends.  My husband has a spinal cord injury and we have been fighting for stem cell research for a long time.  Do I think this will lead to a cure?  I don't know.  Do I think he will ever walk again?  Probably not. 

Yet I'm hopeful that maybe he won't live everyday in pain.  I'm hopeful that one day he will be able to take care of his bowel and bladder like the rest of us.  I'm hopeful that he won't have to take six different medications to handle what his body can no longer regulate.   I'm hopeful that one day we can be intimate again.  (TMI?)  Do you get the picture?   

So while some people may have resevervations about stem cell, there are hundreds of thousands of people who are hopeful that one day they can maybe live a semi normal life. 


The Lounge Question About American "Memorial Day" May 28 2008
16:48 (UTC)
PG - "ligitimate choice" ???????  Please explain.
The Lounge Question About American "Memorial Day" May 28 2008
14:42 (UTC)
Maybe its different in CA but here in IL there were parades and ceremonies everywhere either on Sunday or Monday for Memorial Day.  I agree its over commericalized but everything is.  Memorial Day is not only a Holiday for fallen soldiers but the wonderful men and women who have and currently are fighting for our country.

We had a BBQ on Sunday with my family and we celebrated being with each other.  I have a nephew who is currently in Walter Reed Hospital after losing his legs in Iraq.  When we called him this weekend he was happy to hear that the kids in our family had water balloon fights and roasted marshmellows and had fun playing tag.  Because that is what he fought for, for our children to have innocent fun and enjoy themselves and feel secure and not have to worry about war. 

I think its a wonderful idea to volunteer at a VA hospital.  You will meet some of the most dedicated men and women in the US in those hospitals and possibly give you hope that America is not all about money. 

The Lounge Who's your tv boyfriend (or girlfriend)? May 27 2008
20:53 (UTC)
Just thought of another, Jake from Jericho.  AND  Eddie Latekka from October Road. 

What can I say? I like to play the field.
The Lounge Who's your tv boyfriend (or girlfriend)? May 27 2008
20:25 (UTC)
oh uh,

You can't have Dean he's mine!!!!  LOL   I love him!  My neighbor loves Sam but c'mon who can resist those cute dimples?
The Lounge Red Light Cameras May 27 2008
20:22 (UTC)
It depends where you live.  We have one close to our house and its only a $25 ticket, much like a parking ticket.  It takes a picture of your license plate and the car in the intersection.  The money goes back to the town as revenue.

From what I hear, there's not much to fight, its there in the picture.  The one in our town is reviewed by police officers and they make the determination whether its a clear violation or not. 
The Lounge Flashing Lights... Any Police Officers Out There May 23 2008
19:55 (UTC)
Hi there,

My husband went to the IL State Police Academy nine years ago.  I honestly can't believe its been that long. 

It was tough.  I would compare it to the military.  He had to have his uniforms looking perfect, locker neat and clothes folded in these perfect little squares or something, boots polished.  He said they were inspected before they could go eat breakfast.  They had physical training everyday and people were throwing up during their runs. 

Not trying to discourage you, just trying to give you a heads up and be prepared for anything.  They had people kicked out of training (fired) for improper internet usage (not porn, sports) sexist talk to another recruit, and failing exams. 

Since you have been in the military I'm sure you'll do great and think its not that bad.  My husband had never had anyone "get in his face" before so it was a huge change for him.  The one piece of advice I have for you is to make sure you bring everything they tell you to, if it says to wear nice clothes or dress up to go there, please do so.  My husband said people were yelled at and counted against for wearing non-dress clothes or "duty" boots to registration on the first day.  They acutally video taped the sign in process.  Once my husband graduated, I got to see the video.  It was hysterical from where I was sitting, seeing all those men and woman getting yelled at for the way they were dressed or not having the proper items at registration.  Of course I laugh b/c I was sitting on my comfy sofa in my own home, not in front of the scary, screaming sergeant.

Good luck to you!
The Lounge HKELLICK's finest hours! Apr 03 2008
20:04 (UTC)
Slowly steps out from behind the bushes she mostly lurks from

I have to say that HK's sense of humor keeps me coming back for more (although I don't always get his jokes!)

 Also, I do enjoy the level-headed advice that he does offer.  Many times I have read through a thread and gotten wrapped up in the emotion,conflicts, and tempers and then HK has swooped in with some "nobel" advice or reasonings. 

I like to think of HK as one of the many Greek Gods of CC.  Thank you for your presence!

scurries back into the bushes realizing its getting really crowded back here. 
Health & Support Packing on the pounds with Paxil? Mar 19 2008
20:17 (UTC)
I've been taking Paxil for four months now and I have lost 10 pounds.  I don't feel that the medication has added weight to my body or that I'm struggling to lose weight while on it.  When I'm doing great eating healthy and moving more, I lose.  When I'm not so great (I love sweets!!!!)  I tend to maintain or gain a pound or two. 

 I have tried for a few years now not to take medication but have never been successful.  I feel much better on the medication and still losing weight!
The Lounge Ah brain...where were you? Jan 22 2008
14:58 (UTC)
I've have these moments quite often, the most current.  I was pouring my daughter a glass of milk.  I set the gallon of milk down in front of her and put the glass of milk back in the fridge.  I sat down at the dinner table and my family looked at me like I had just lost it.  :)
The Lounge any hairdressers on here? Jan 16 2008
19:11 (UTC)
liosa...I completely understand how you feel.  I had the same problem after giving birth to my second child.  I was losing hair by the handfuls.  When I brushed it, the brush would be full of hair.  At the end of the day I had strands of hair all down my back.  It was horrible!  I have naturally curly hair and it had lost all of its curl yet wasn't straight just a complete frizz ball.  My doctor said it was b/c my body was lacking vitamins.  I took vitamins and started using Redken products.  Not that I'm endorsing any product, I just felt a higher quality product was needed.  It took about six months to get back to "normal" hair loss.  Good luck to you!
The Lounge Totally Devastated Jan 16 2008
16:32 (UTC)
I am so sorry, I know it feels like it will never feel normal again but give it time.  If your on the fence regarding staying with him or not you may want to take it one day at a time.  In a few months, you'll start thinking a little more clear and make a better decision.  My heart goes out to you during this horrible time.

Motivation Time to Confess!!!! Jan 16 2008
14:49 (UTC)
lets see.... I've been known to eat an entire can of frosting, batch of butterscotch ricekrispie treats, a whole package of oreos, half a cake etc.....  as you can tell I have an addiction to sugar.

Thankfully a thing of the past.  Cheers to healthy, portion controlled eating!
Motivation Goal Outfit / Clothing Jan 15 2008
16:07 (UTC)
mykanosdelight - I love that top!  that has been my goal for summer is to look good in tops similar to something like that.  I have one in all black but it looks terrible on me right now.

I would love to fit into a size 10 jeans.  Right now I'm a 14. 

The Lounge Job interviews and visible tattoos.. Jan 11 2008
18:09 (UTC)
You only get one chance to make a first impression.  In an interview your supposed to let the employer see your strengths and what you can do for them.  Cover up the tatoos and then once you have the job see how they feel. 

I have a tatoo on the back of my neck and I always wear my hair down when I meet clients for the first time.  
The Lounge Finding clothes (little rant) Jan 11 2008
18:02 (UTC)
missy81 - Have you tried a lower rise.  Not too low but below the belly button?  I have the same problem, my waist is way smaller than hips and thighs.  Before low rise, pants never fit me, now they are perfect.  

Now, if I could only get into a smaller size!