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The Lounge nevermind Jun 17 2008
17:38 (UTC)
I would feel the same way you do.   I would talk to your boss.   And I would NEVER go into somebodys home.  

I agree with the other posters and would take self defense. I would look into to Pepper spray and or a Taser as long as they are legal.  Please make sure if you decide to carry a taser you get proper training.

If you are still really uncomfortable and cannot switch to a safer position I would consider employement elsewhere. 
The Lounge ONE thing your work could do to make you much more happy. Jun 16 2008
18:08 (UTC)
4 DAY WORK WEEKS!!!  I would much rather work longer 4 days a week!
The Lounge FIRE being evacuated!!! Jun 12 2008
23:07 (UTC)
Karen!  Please get out of there and be safe.   I pray your home and little town will be ok.  please keep us posted. 
Foods Healthy pizza ideas? Jun 11 2008
19:44 (UTC)
In Italy they serve very thin crust pizza with salad greens (aruguala or mized greens) on top alot... it is sooooooo good! Some of them included meat like Procuitto..  I was just thinking earlier that I wanted to find an ultra thin pizza crust dough and make some. 
Weight Loss How to Get Rid of Cellulite!? Jun 09 2008
17:00 (UTC)
I wish.......

The person that comes up with a way to get rid of cellulite permanantly with be a freaking zillionaire!!!!!!!!! 
Weight Loss STALLED: The Tragic Truth About Plateaus Jun 05 2008
22:30 (UTC)
I can totally relate.. I have been on C-C going on 3 years.  I have been stalled at 170-173 for over a year now.. latel  it is self enduced because of frustration and irritation with the stupid scale.  I started out at 258 BTW..
Foods What is your favorite low-cal mixed-alcoholic drink? Feb 12 2008
20:06 (UTC)
I really don't know what I would call it but this what I make.. kinda like a vodka molito type drink.. In a tall glass with ice..

Fresh mint leaves
Orange flavored vodka (I like mandrin absolut)
a shot of sweet and sour
fill the glass almost the rest of the way up with clob soda
Top it off with cranberry juice... if I am at home I use (light cranberry)

Its a yummy drink :O)

Foods OMG I LOVE Whole Foods Market!! Feb 07 2008
17:13 (UTC)
We have one finally opening up soon in our area... I am glad to see that prices seem to be fair and the selection is good :O)
Weight Loss Have you lost weight using calorie count? Feb 06 2008
17:27 (UTC)
Yes.. I have been on here 2 years..lost 84lbs.

I dont think I would be this far with out C-C...
The Lounge POLL: Paper, Plastic, or Bring-Your-Own? Feb 05 2008
22:55 (UTC)
plastic... we recycle them to scoop kitty poop.. and use for small garbage can liners. 

 I tried the cloth bag thing.. and I always forget them.
Weight Loss Hell yeah for: moderately overweight Jan 24 2008
04:11 (UTC)
I started 2 years ago with a BMI of 41 and now it is 27.4 at slightly overweight.   The last few lbs are stubborn to come off.
Foods whats your favorite kind of cake?! Jan 13 2008
16:38 (UTC)
I like gooey warm chocolate.. I have only had it a few times but I think they are called lava cakes.. I eat the weight watcher smart ones chocolate cakes.. they are so good warmed up in the microwave.

cheese cake is good too
Foods Favorite Beers Jan 11 2008
05:48 (UTC)
I really love beer but I have cut back on it quite a bit.. I have recently tried some new beers one of my new favorites is LAFFE its a belgium beer.  I also tried some great beers from Latvia.  I also drink Becks light and I love Sam Adams Summer ale.
Fitness Rebounding helps with cellulite, for real. Jan 08 2008
23:35 (UTC)
I have heard that before - trampoline/Rebounding was good for cellulite.  I love trampolines :O) 

I wonder if you do the jumpboard/trampoline on a pilates reformer if it has the same effect?  I do this once a week in my pilates class and it is so fun. 
The Lounge trying to plan an adventurous vacation in Mexico - anyone have any experience there? Jan 08 2008
21:55 (UTC)
I have been to 2 of the places you mentioned Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta.. THe land and area around Mazatlan was more dry and less trees ect.. Puerto Vallarta Seemed to have more jungle type area.   One time when i went I stayed in a placed called Yalapa(sp) You take a short boat trip from Pueto Vallarta and it is a village/town in the moutains and rocks with trees ect.. there were no cars. The people were very freindly.  There was one Bed and Breakfast hotel and I stayed there once.  the room were open air with beds that hung on ropes it was very rustic but it was very cool and lots of fun!
Weight Loss Weight Loss Without Flabby Skin Jan 08 2008
18:30 (UTC)
I am down 84 lbs.. I have been at it for almost exactly 2 years now.  This month is my 2 year aniversary at C-C. 

Honestly I lost a good chunk of my weight in the first year... about 60 lbs.  I did not do too much in the way of exercise in the first year either.  I have done pretty well skin wise not much in the way of loose skin.  I suppose everybody is different thou. 

I have really stepped up the exercise and the little bit of flabbyniess in my arms I had seems to have gone away.. I do reformer Pilates, eliptical and the treadmill now.
The Lounge Career/ Job Survey! Jan 08 2008
18:19 (UTC)
1. How old are you? - 43

2. Did you or are you planning to attend college? - No

4. What do you do for a living? - Software Analyst

5. Do you enjoy your job? - Sometimes

6. How many hours do you work in a day? - 9 hrs sometimes more

7. How many days a week do you workout (gym)? - 4 or 5

8. What time do you prefer to workout? - Evenings

9. Does your job get in the way of exercise? - Sometimes.. it's a balancing act.
Weight Loss Has anyone lost a significant amount of weight? 60+? i have a question for you Jan 04 2008
19:35 (UTC)
I think it depends on the person and where they carry thier weight and how fast they lose it.   I have lost 84 lbs and I dont have the loose hanging skin .. I have lost slowly over the last 2 years.   I guess I consider myself lucky that I dont have it. 

My sister has lost quite a bit of weight rather rapidly and she has hanging skin on her legs and it seems to show in her face too. 

My husbands aunt has had Gastric Bypass and she has hanging skin and has considered an operation.
Vegetarian Was I so wrong here? Dec 27 2007
15:46 (UTC)
I am not a vegitarian.. but in your shoes that would bother me too.. if you are not used to eating meat your system can be sensitive to it.. besides... it's gross! 
Weight Loss I have only lost..... UPDATE!!!! Dec 21 2007
20:54 (UTC)
I would say keep with what you are doing... I would gradually work up to 30 minute work outs.  I think gradually adding in changes in diet and workouts has helped to keep it up. (at least for me anyway)

When I first started 2 years ago (254 lbs) I only lost 5lbs in the first 3 weeks.  then they weight started coming off at a 2 lbs a week for quite a while.. of course now that I am closer to goal it seems to be slow coming off again.