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Weight Loss Newsflash!! If you are trying to starve yourself read this! Jul 08 2011
15:09 (UTC)

Yep.  This.  I think it can be really unhelpful to imply that disordered eating or thinking is attention-seeking.  At best, it's probably going to encourage a young person to conceal the behaviour.  Otherwise, agreed.  I've been considering not reading the forums any more because I find the many posts by young people teetering on the brink of EDs upsetting.

Weight Gain I'm having a hard time gaining Jul 08 2011
12:54 (UTC)

I'd second the recommendation to see a doctor: inability to gain weight can be associated with thyroid problems or conditions where you're not absorbing food/nutrients properly.  It does sound like you need quite a lot of food, you're young and active, I would have thought you'd need to be eating upwards of 3000 calories to gain weight, and that is quite a lot of food, especially if you want to gain healthily and not overload on unhealthy fats, fr ex.  Nuts are often recommended at this point, but if you have got a food-absorption problem, nuts are not going to help, because the evidence suggests that you need to have a well-functioning digestive system to get all the nutrients out of nuts.  Nut butters can be good, and easier, afaik to absorb.

(fellow emetophobe, btw, hi)

Health & Support ireland? Jul 08 2011
12:42 (UTC)

I live in Dublin.

Health & Support Do you regret learning how to count calories? Jul 07 2011
16:02 (UTC)

I've been thinking about something related: the fact that if you're overweight, the recommended, encouraged behaviour (create an energy deficit for months at a time) is exactly the same one that's considered disordered and dangerous in normal or underweight individuals.

And I'm wondering if that's the right thing to do.  The fact that your body is fatter doesn't make your brain work differently.  Is any diet-think a mild form of eating disorder? I don't mean to minimise the suffering of people who have really life- and health-threatening illnesses here: obviously an overweight body can survive calorie deficits for much longer than an underweight one, but the fact remains that the behaviour that's considered "good" for a fat person is basically the same as that which eating disorder sufferers are trying to escape.

Weight Loss Does tea count towards water consumption? Jul 06 2011
13:07 (UTC)

Wow, this really divides people.  Personally, I have a glass of water from the tap or water cooler while I'm making a cup of tea or coffee, just in case!

Weight Loss body fat versus BMI Jul 06 2011
10:48 (UTC)
Original Post by pgeorgian:

funny, how nobody with a bmi of 21 ever complains about how inaccurate bmi is.

obviously the more accurate measure is the one that best fuels your ego.

Au contraire! BMI 20.9, body fat 26%; (female, 33y.o.). Not happy with that!  I think there are lots of us out there who are at a "healthy" weight but know we're not healthy because we need to get off our backsides and exercise...

Weight Loss Losing weight "all exercise, no calorie cutting" Jul 05 2011
10:04 (UTC)

It's going to depend quite a lot on the weights, I think; looking at your post history you got some pretty good advice on that last time you posted.  Better than I can give, anyway!  Maybe do your weights 3x a week, on alternate days to the running? The running you're doing isn't going to make a huge amount of difference in energy-burning terms; I'm NOT saying don't do it, it's a vital complement, just that it's the weights that are going to make the difference afaik.

Health & Support Missed periods and tiredness? Jun 30 2011
15:11 (UTC)

You don't have to be very underweight to lose your period: the idea that it only happens when you're a complete skeleton is a bit of a myth.  I'm quite a lot smaller than you (158cm) and I lose my period if my weight goes below 48kg, which isn't even an underweight BMI.  It's an overall body fat issue, as far as I know; eating fats won't give you more body fat, but they are still necessary for good health.  As a vegan you can't really go very wrong as all your fat intake will come from plant sources anyway.  I'd second the recommendation to eat some fats.

Weight Loss Can I lose 10-12 lbs in 3 weeks doing this regimen??? Jun 30 2011
06:07 (UTC)

I'd say not.  Your initial early loss is typical of starting to diet: it'll be lots of water weight that you've lost I'm afraid.  Don't get discouraged if you lose much less over the coming weeks: a pound a week is probably optimistic given that you're only very marginally "overweight" at a bmi of 26 (you might not be overweight at all; evidence suggests that bmis of 25-27 don't present health risks).  Enjoy your vacation: it'll be just as much fun at 144 lbs as it would be at 130; just a number after all.

Weight Loss Getting the "you look thin" and "are you eating?" comments.. really upsetting. Jun 26 2011
08:29 (UTC)

35lb is quite a lot; you weren't huge to start with, and I expect you look very slim now.  So explain to your family that you've worked hard to lose the weight and get fit, you've done it an a healthy way, and you only want to drop another 5lb or so (believe me, you only do.  Put the rest of your energy into getting fitter still; & my 2c: have a rest day -- working out every day leads almost inevitably to injury.)  They'll get used to the new-shaped you.

I've had some brushes with disordered eating and if someone close to me lost a lot of weight I would be concerned too.  It's not envy, I promise, even though there's some pretty screwed up thinking in a lot of people's heads around weight and weight loss.  *I'm* concerned, actually, that you say you're *far away* from your goal: great if your goal is to climb Everest or run a 100km race; not so great if it's a number like 110lb.

Motivation its the things i didnt know were missing that keep me going Jun 25 2011
13:27 (UTC)

Glad you're achieving your goals and feeling good.

Your post made me feel a bit sad too, though: what sort of a world is it when people who are bigger than a certain size are invisible to shop assistants, or not thought worthy of their help?

Weight Loss Am I doing it right? Jun 25 2011
11:54 (UTC)

That goal does sound a bit low: even if you were healthy at that weight when you were 19, you might not be now your growth process if fully complete (most people grow fractionally into their early 20s and the body is still developing then.)  I'm your height, quite small framed (my wrist measurement is just over 5 inches).  I was 47kg at 19 and perfectly healthy.  Then I did what you did, gained weight at university, and reached 59kg at 27, at which I felt overweight and unhappy.  Then I lost 15kg when I got divorced.  I was 44kg, heading for an eating disorder of some sort, I think, and I felt crap all the time: not improved by the constant back-handed compliments: you look great!  I've never seen you look slim before!  At 48kg my periods returned and my hair and skin got some moisture back after a year of underweight misery.  I'm 51.5kg now, freaking about "being fat" (of course) but am slowly accepting that while there's room for improvement in the body composition direction (26% fat) I'm not going to get much lighter tahn 49kg in a safe way. Everyone's different, but  from my experience, you might just have to settle for a slightly higher weight than that goal, and I would suggest at least 1400-1600 calories a day to lose weight.  You do have to fiddle with it: recommended calorie counts are only a guideline, you have to work out what works and is sustainable for you; and that means sometimes being prepared to gain a bit of weight in the trial and error process.

Weight Loss Portion Distortion Jun 25 2011
11:24 (UTC)

Have you noticed you're gaining weight with the amount you eat right now? If not, why worry?  You're at a healthy weight.  Think about whether your food choices are good nutritious ones instead, or about taking more exercise if you don't already and want to tone up.  Some people prefer to eat smaller amounts regularlythroughout the day rather than eat big meals.  Personally, I overeat if I graze like that, I like to balance out my meals so I'm eating about the same amount three times a day.

Don't judge yourself against others: your mother will probably need to eat less than you as we don't use as much energy as we get older.  Your friends might have different metabolic needs, or maybe you just don't see everything that they eat in a day.