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Weight Loss Reached My Goal Today!!!! May 12 2012
03:41 (UTC)
Fantastic!!!!! What would be your best advice please?
New Members 130 pounds lost so far Mar 06 2012
04:09 (UTC)
Just what I needed to hear today. I just started but I'm having trouble getting calories below my activity range. I 'm tryiing to eat small meals to boost my metabolism but even veggies at up?! Help! How many calories below base do I need to lose? Thank you!!!!!!!
New Members 40 pounds to lose... just started today. Jan 19 2012
20:16 (UTC)
Sounds great! Listen. I've only been counting for 2 days and I pretty much equal my burn amount... But it seems like I dropped a pound each day? Could be dreaming see what happens by the end of the week
Motivation calling out to women 50+ Jan 19 2012
03:03 (UTC)
Hey there love this thread!!!!! I'm 51. Never had to think about my weight til I turned 40 then boom! I wasn't doing anything differ but here it sits. So I started here yesterday and I was eating all the healthy things but can't believe how quickly everything adds up especially my love of coffee... 3 a day is taking up a whole meal. Anyway both days I'm eating what I burn and that's trying hard. Can I just eat spinach all day????? How can I jump start this????
Weight Loss Dude, I'm hungry. Jan 18 2012
19:01 (UTC)
What are some of your 300 cal meals?
New Members 40 pounds to lose... just started today. Jan 18 2012
02:40 (UTC)
Sounds great thanks! I realized on my first day that most of my calories are from my favorite hazelnut coffees with cream and sugar... 3 coffees a day really eats it up. Well I made it today at 1300 calories but with no dinner. I'm 5'7" at 179. Omg my whole life I was 135 until I turned 40 yikes! Chat soon hope your having a good night!
Weight Loss menopause Jan 17 2012
18:44 (UTC)
I am cannot lose belly fat any ideas?
New Members Help! I'm looking for a buddy, like me! Jan 17 2012
18:10 (UTC)
Hi. I just joined today...boy it's going to be tough. This is pretty much my first diet...that's not to say I shouldn't have done it a long time ago! Well, my name is Kathy and I just turned!!!! This site tells me I I need to lose 25 but I say a good 40 would do it. How's your day going?