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Weight Loss Looking for 5-10lb weight loss buddies:) May 29 2011
00:52 (UTC)

Great job guys!!! Glad to hear that your weekends went well!! I have had a rather frustrating week. I lost a pound as of last Monday, and then three days later was up 3! I just started my period today though so I'm hoping it was just water weight. I hadn't had my period since December so I guess it's a good thing:) I spent the past two days out of town at a friend's house so I ate more unhealthy food than normal. I don't think I went over my maintaing calorie amount but I didn't have the deficit that I need for my goal. Now that I am over my weight gain discouragement and weekend away, I want to get my head together before Memorial Day. I've eaten very healthy so far today and ran 6 miles, and I want to do the same tomorrow. If I don't get off track again, hopefully I can still be close to my goal weight by July 4th. How is everyone else doing? 


Weight Loss Looking for 5-10lb weight loss buddies:) May 21 2011
00:20 (UTC)
Original Post by dezdm:

Wow, I found my group! I'm 4'8" (yeah all of you 5' and above can feel tall now) and I'm at 118lbs and I'm trying to get down to 105. On top of being short I was also blessed with full hips, breasts, and thick musclely thighs and fat just loves to cling to them. I work out a lot and eat healthy. My downfall is sweets and once I start I can't stop... shameful I know...tisk, tisk.

The no eating after 8 rule is awesome, it does work to stop my late night sweet temptations.


I do feel tall:) I'm never quite sure how to handle the sweets problem. Some people say that if you avoid them completely, you'll crave them and end up over-eating, but sometimes I feel like if I don't even start it's better...


Weight Loss Looking for 5-10lb weight loss buddies:) May 21 2011
00:18 (UTC)
Original Post by tatahuff:

This Saturday I have two things going on.  First a luncheon at a high end chinese buffet restaurant and then a cookout late in the afternoon.  I'm not worried about the cookout since most of the attendees are on diet and the food prepared are all thought out .  What I'm worried about is the luncheon.  I will come prepared though,  I have print out the menu out on their website and there are few that I can have within my diet plan.  I'm just hoping I can resist the temptation once I see all of the food in front of me :(

Kimmie, we have one strict rule in our house and that is no food after 8PM.  We have been doing it for about 11 years now. This also applies even if the kids have sleepover, no exception. '


Good luck tomorrow!:) Let us know how it goes. And that's great that you are so consistent with that rule. I think it will help me out a lot! 



Weight Loss Looking for 5-10lb weight loss buddies:) May 18 2011
22:23 (UTC)

It's great to meet you all and good to know that I'm not alone. I think I'm going to make July 4th my goal for my target weight as well. I'm about to go visit friends and family this weekend and I want to be successful this time to prove to myself that I can eat right wherever I am.

My specific goals are:

Measure everything so I know how much I am actually eating

Work out every day

No eating after 8

No sweets (it tends to be all or nothing)

What are all of your goals?