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Health & Support Male Eating Disorder Recovery May 09 2010
16:39 (UTC)

Hi...I am also recovering...finding it a long slow journey so far but sticking with it

Health & Support What was the cause of your ED? Apr 03 2010
14:54 (UTC)

I started to diet and in three years shed over half my body weight. I went from a 16.5st obese weight ( at 5st5.5 ) to a LW of 7st1 ( CW 7st 9 ).

I became obsessional about counting calories, plotting trends, weighing at least daily, exercising and spent too much time ( lurking mainly ) in here. Now I am diagnosed anorexic and struggling slowly thro' recovery but I have a long way to go.

Health & Support reflections on weight restoration Nov 29 2009
21:15 (UTC)

blueberry...I don't know you. I suspect we will never meet but for a moment in time we connected..thro' this technology medium you have totally inspired and encouraged me. You are at your "journey" destination...I have barely started my journey but I know if I get lost along the way then I'll pull out this post and read it again, and that will give me the determination to drive on to my own journeys end.


Congratulations to you , I can only imagine the pain you have gone through along the way , but you have stood tall...and fought and are now reaping your just reward. I am genuinely delighted for you , not only have you found a good place to be , you have taken the time to encourage those of us who have a long way to travel...and for that I feel truly blessed. Take care..and well done.

Health & Support I did it, finally! bmi of 20! Nov 27 2009
20:35 (UTC)

Congratulations on your terrific achievement.  Your post has inspired me..I have been fooling myself that I was in recovery from an ED but in reality have simply maintained at a bmi of 17 ( I'm a male , late 40s, 5ft5.5 and approx 103lbs ).


After a "talking to" from my psychologist a week ago I finally took the plunge to change my food routines, re-introduce fear foods, up my carbs and calories and finally accept that BBMI = 20 is my goal.  Having weighed today ( 5 days after changing my intake ) I have actually lost weight !!   The body is so unpredicatable, anyway I'll just need to push on , up the cals again and hopefully reverse the trend. This is my birthday weekend so a couple of nights out with family and friends that I will attend ( despite E.D saying don't go ) should help.


So once again, well done, and thanks for the inspiration

Weight Loss Digital or Mechanical? Sep 20 2009
22:35 (UTC)

I have digital scales but would recommend mechanical...I am thinking of changing. Reason - digital scales make it too easy to fret over 1/4 lb or so weight gains...which may be nothing more than a cup of coffee !  Mechanical scales suffice to show longer term trends which is what should be of interest.

Maintaining weight fluctuations and weighing? Sep 09 2009
16:21 (UTC)

weigh once a week at the same time under the same conditions and in general any fluctuations will be accurate. I weigh every saturday am just after I get out of bed and after I've been to the toilet. Thats the weight I log.

Foods Muesli - why so many cals?! Aug 17 2009
12:46 (UTC)

I eat Muesli every day but a serving ( for me ) is 50g...115g is high. I take 100mL of semi-skimmed milk with it

Foods How to eat Indian take-away on a diet? Aug 12 2009
13:01 (UTC)

Avoid dishes cooked in sauces and go for the "dry" curries - Chicken Tikka is a healthy option, order with a side salad or boiled rice as an alternative to Pilau rice.  If you do order a dish cooked with sauce check that its not cooked in ghee, but with a vegetable oil.

A lentil dish or daal is another relatively healthy choice.

Avoid the nan-bread, a chapati ( Roti ) is a better option...preferably wholemeal and cooked in the Tandoor rather than fried.


Oh, and give the poppadoms a miss , they are deep fried.


But most of all ...enjoy..I love curries, the hotter the better and they say spicy food speeds up the night won't kill you ( but put an emergency toilet roll in the fridge just to be on the safe side ) Laughing

Foods Nuts Jul 10 2009
13:47 (UTC)

thanks for the replies ...I do believe that nuts are a bit of an anomoly in that despite being calorie dense they do seem less likely to contribute to weight gain than other foods, and given their nutrition benefits should certainly be part of a balanced diet.

I'm just intrigued by the studies that demonstrate nuts are unlikely in moderation to pile on the pounds despite being high in calories..this contradicts with my previous thinking that a calorie is a calorie regardless of where it the case of nuts there seems to be something else going on.-  nuts don’t seem to impact body weight negatively, at all. So whats going on?
Satiety: Nuts appear to increase fullness therefore nut intake may result in a decrease in food intake later in the day such that total energy balance is unchanged.
Increased Energy Expenditure: Some studies suggest an increase in energy expenditure due to nut intake; some studies even report an increase in resting energy expenditure  This could be due to the protein content or the fatty acid profile. Anecdotally, I have certainly noticed an increase in my energy reserves when exercising after an intake of nuts.
Increased Fecal Energy Loss: This one amuses and intrigues own patterns certainly seem to agree with the finding.....With nut consumption, there is increased energy loss in your poop, that is, some proportion (one study found a 7% increase) of ingested calories are excreted without absorption. This is likely due to the fiber content of the nuts or some other compound that limits digestive/absorption capacity for nuts.
So maybe nuts are indeed a "superfood" - just don't eat them salted - or sugar or chocolate coated !!

Weight Gain Looking for support Jul 08 2009
20:50 (UTC)

Hi Sarodeacon...I have some things in common with you ..I am 48 ( but male ) , am 5ft5.5 and currently weighing 102lbs ( 101.75lbs last weeks weigh day to be precise ) and have had to face upto the fact that I have an ED. I have lost weight ( down from 16st7lbs in Oct 2006 ) but somewhere along the way lost my perspective.

I am now attending a psychiatrist  and am awaiting a psychologist and dietician referral so am in the very early stages of my recovery journey but have at least faced up to having an issue . It may be that we are on a similar journey facing similar issues so feel free to PM me or share your thoughts here..I may learn much from you as I already identify with some of your behaviours and that constant downward trend ( which I have levelled off in the last 4 weeks but am struggling to reverse ).


Take care

Weight Loss Cheat days: How much should I go over my limit? Jul 06 2009
17:23 (UTC)

I have to agree with kdmyrick..all through my diet phase I allowed myself a Sat treat day where I never counted cals but must have ate around double my usual daily intake, weekly trend was always down....I too exercised almost daily having one rest day per week. I looked on this as my fun food day where I could eat curry , drink wine and just recharge the batteries.

Weight Loss Ate too much/drank way too much - should I eat less than normal today? Jun 13 2009
18:48 (UTC)

as dumb as responding to a thread from a year and a half ago..yeah..u really have a life, haven't you !!

Weight Loss Hey!!! Im High!! Jun 11 2009
14:47 (UTC)

Yep..I do my swimming in the early morning..I may need to drag myself to the pool but by the time I am done and get to my desk at Grindoutadailyliving Inc HQ I feel great...full of energy and ready for the day ahead.

Fitness does swimming really burn that many calories? Jun 11 2009
10:23 (UTC)

Swimming is fantastic exercise...for cardio, calorie burn, toning...swimming does it all. I swil for 1 mile on 6 days each week and have one rest keeps me really fit but apart from the body benefits it really helps me mentally. Its a great start to the day, wakes me up and gets my concentration levels up before I hit the desk for the daily grind !

Weight Gain Keeping the weight Jun 07 2009
18:09 (UTC)

You are thinking this through too are not burning 3lbs of fat overnight..your body may be a lean mean burning machine but its not that efficient. The simple fact is that your weight will fluctuate during the day and typically you are 2 or 3lbs heavier in the evening..its waterweight , nothing more, nothing less....either get used to the fluctuations or choose a time of day ( or even once a week ) and weigh yourself then...most people opt for first thing in the morning after a pee..that way you will always be comparing like for like

Health & Support Problem with overestimating! Jun 07 2009
15:08 (UTC)

Hi jess..I am in the early stages of seeking recovery from ED and can identify with your "behaviour". Whilst I don't do this myself I recognise it as one of the little "rules" that us ED sufferers gradually establish for ourselves. They develop over time and can become very consuming. I have a list of rules that I have developed that involve eating certain foods on certain days, eliminating other foods entirely.

At least you recognise the problem so you are half way there....hopefully you can see that this is a rule - a safety blanket - you have developed and it is now controlling you. You can then work to control it.


I wouldn't recommend weighing and logging everything as I am like you , trying to gain weight whilst suffering from ED and I think counting calories accurately and weighing food will lead me to more  obsessive behaviours. I am instead focussing on trying to eat like a normal person, estimating approx calories and fats, not writing it down, not logging it , not googling every morsel of food for nutrition information,  and attempting to get out of this cycle of knowing to the third decimal place how many calories I have consumed in a trying  to develop more intuitive eating habits.


abbi's idea of a meal plan is a good one...just make sure you get lots of variation in there.

Its not easy, I know..but I do wish you the very best of health and luck as you battle this

Health & Support Trying to gain Jun 06 2009
22:48 (UTC)

Thanks for the replies


nnizz, thats a good all honesty I don't think I have reduced calories elsewhere to compensate..I ate my usual weekend calories ( weekends were never my problem ) and ate an extra snack during the week...and the snacks included ice cream, chocolate maltesers, crackers and cheese, wholemeal hot cross bun, nuts ( in fairness much of this was low fat food, but still at least an additional 250 cals or so per day.I was just surprised to drop again.

This week as I said I'll stick with the extra snacks, and challenge some of the safe foods..introducing potato and red meat back into my diet. I also have a meal booked in an Italian resteraunt for midweek...thsi is all routine and behavioral change that I feel is important to me.


mars..I couldn't agree more..I have got into the habit of declining social situations so I am in the process of breaking that habit. Apart from the Italian meal midweek I am meeting friends for a cinema trip later in the week too....I broke my routine today and had a realxing trip to the cinema. Tomorrow if the sun shines I plan after church to take a drive to the beach and have a leisurely walk that should really include a "full fat" ice cream with chocolate flake ( a "99" ) on the prom..and a fish supper ( fried haddock and chips with salt and vinegar eaten out of paper wrap for those non UK folks ) ..this is traditional sea-side activity but something I haven't done for soooooo long....Something that would have scared me but can now help me change routine , and get some serious calories in ( not the healthiest cals but the omega3's can come during the week ! )

Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it.



Weight Loss Weigh in days=anxiety?! May 24 2009
00:02 (UTC)
Original Post by darkylinky:

yeah there's defenitally anxiety, but then again i weight myself every morning. usually at the end of the week i average my weekly weight and keep track of my weight loss that way, i find its the most accurate. i also find the more often i weigh myself the less anxiety there is to it, i think if i weighed myself only once a week like some ppl the anxiety would drive me up the wall.

different strokes for different ..I couldn't get used to dealing with daily fluctuations , even tho' I knew the variances were mainly down to food bulk, water weight, the daily "spikes" got to me so I chose to weigh weekly..that way I eliminated my "anxiety" caused by daily weighing

Weight Loss Weigh in days=anxiety?! May 23 2009
21:35 (UTC)

LOL..I wouldn't call it anxiety but I too got that "Christmas Eve" feeling the night before my weekly weigh in...brought back the child in me Smile

Motivation Another Mile Stone I have accomplished! May 23 2009
20:31 (UTC)

Very well must feel great and deserve to. You are adopting the correct approach setting smaller milestones on your "journey" and what better milestones than...

lowest weight for 5 years

in the 130's

running and achieving great results

feeling healthy


You will continue to succeed with this attitude..and deserve to, well done