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Weight Loss Is it normal to show a weight gain after working out? Aug 03 2009
07:05 (UTC)

Since you are lifting weights, I think your muscles may be retaining water.

I used to freak out a bit too, but I remember someone linking to eight/scale.htm

and it helped me understand a bit more how the body works. 

Rome wasn't built in one day, so keep on going to see more results!  Don't give up!

Weight Loss Dumb dude needs advice! Aug 02 2009
00:47 (UTC)

I might get hated on for this, but why do you guys want to weigh so little?  (Referring to gizziimo and lalce1)  125-130 lbs. goal? Girls who are 5'3" weigh that much.

Is it a skinny jeans / emo trend or something?

Foods POLL: Like it or not? PB2 Jul 14 2009
23:46 (UTC)
Original Post by priceless7:

i like plain PB but i never eat it. i HATE stuff like reeses. chocolate and peanut butter together grosses me out.

Same here!

I like peanut sauce (like a dip) for spring rolls, maybe sometimes apples + peanut butter... but definitely not a fan of Reeses peanut butter cups either!


EDIT:  Forgot to mention, I haven't tried PB2, but have tried Soybutter and have some strange mindset that PB2 may taste just as nasty.

Motivation My Goal's reached! Jun 28 2009
17:16 (UTC)
Original Post by lsami:

Congratulations! I love your story- especially the fact that you did this in such a sensible, healthy way!

Go girl!Smile


lol I think OP is a male!

Weight Loss How many pounds is the average weight gain during your time-of the-month? Jun 28 2009
10:24 (UTC)

It's about 2 - 5 lbs. for me.  Always! I wish it was 0 lbs.! lol

Fitness Does anyone NOT workout with music? Jun 28 2009
05:28 (UTC)

I totally agree with you!  Every single thing you said!

I especially hate when the headphones bounce back and forth and hit me in the chest, LOL.  I do enjoy music though, but it isn't comfortable when running so I do without it.

Motivation My Goal's reached! Jun 26 2009
19:40 (UTC)

Congratulations :)


It's always nice to hear a success story!

Foods that one food everyone likes but you dont.... Jun 26 2009
06:11 (UTC)

I don't really like beans.  The texture really gets me.

I don't like pickles either, haha.  It's disgusting.

Weight Loss So I have a binge eating disorder....? Jun 26 2009
05:57 (UTC)

Although you may have slipped on your way to healthy eating, I think you are far from having an eating disorder.

With binge eaters, they usually consume massive amounts of calories (think 3000+) rapidly and then may compensate the next day by fasting, abusing laxatives, or vomiting.

Many others have already mentioned that you should be eating more than 1200 calories anyway. :)

The Lounge size 0 Jun 26 2009
05:45 (UTC)

Yikes, like others have mentioned, I don't think it is physically possible.

Many shorter than you at 5'0" to 5'3" can't even get our small frames down to a size 0.

Foods Top Ten things you eat the most often... Jun 25 2009
07:59 (UTC)

Love the replies!  It actually gave me some ideas to add to my go-to foods.

1.)  Canned tuna
2.)  Nori, furikake, etc.
3.)  Greek yogurt
4.)  Melba toast (wheat)
5.)  Boiled eggs
6.)  Beef jerky
7.)  Cereal
8.)  Light soymilk (plain)
9.)  Oranges!
10.)  Dark chocolate

Fitness Full Body Transformation! For anyone! Jun 23 2009
06:27 (UTC)

Thanks for being an inspiration and all the helpful links.

I added them to my YouTube.. haha :)

Foods Highest Protein for the calories Jun 23 2009
06:04 (UTC)

I really like greek yogurt, mostly Oikos that is plain.  I add a bit of cinnamon and sometimes a dot of raw honey. (Much sweeter than clover honey.)

Anyway, sometimes to up my protein count I add nori (dried seaweed) because it is 1g of protein per sheet.  Each sheet is roughly around 10 calories and has 1g of carb.  It makes an interesting flavor with eggs, tofu, fish. :)

Foods what food/restaurant do you wish was available in your area? Jun 21 2009
07:27 (UTC)

When I went to Hawaii, the food there was amazing!!

They had a neat little 24 hour chain called Zippy's! 

And great Japanese ramen and curry restaurants!

The Lounge Art Class Modeling Jun 20 2009
07:45 (UTC)

I am an art student.  Last year I took three Life Drawing classes.

We usually had older models (yikes) who've been doing it for years and years as a hobby.  They're really confident, it seems... especially with things that can bring you down at that age (ie - gray hairs, saggy boobies, wrinkles, etc.)

We really liked drawing people with great characteristics (muscles, unique facial expressions/features, long hair, etc.)

Young Calorie Counters argh, friends... Jun 19 2009
19:08 (UTC)

I understad where you're coming from.  I've had people around me all the time not be supportive. Luckily for me, those friendships didn't last and now I have the right people that ARE supportive.

Just brush them haters off, because you'll live a longer, healthier life.  They might come running back to you and asking you for help.

Health & Support Bulimia and gaining weight Jun 19 2009
19:05 (UTC)

Hi there, I've not ever been bulimic, but just here to say you've done a great job on realizing the right way to live.

You've mentioned you stopped binging, there's a start!  You just have to work small steps in undoing the 4 years of damage.  Stay healthy and positive!

Calorie Count Help, cant see a thing Jun 19 2009
05:54 (UTC)

It's happening to me too, but not all pages do that!


I tried clearing my cache but now I see it's not only happening for me.

Calorie Count Links turning white? Jun 19 2009
05:53 (UTC)

I'm having this problem right now!!