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Weight Loss carbs and weight loss Feb 18 2013
21:20 (UTC)

Carbs may cause some water retention. Endurance athletes experience this when carb-loading for an event.  But overall, you're not gaining fat and as long as you keep well-hydrated, water weigh doesn't stick around. A calorie really is a calorie. Some foods may bloat you for different reasons but carbs don't pack on fat. Eating more than you burn does.

So if you'd like to eat carbs, by all means, do! Your lifestyle should be one you can stick to forever.

Weight Loss Swimming question---calories burned? Jul 08 2011
16:09 (UTC)

Hi, Jenn! Open water swims are very different. If you're working in a pool, work on not pushing off the walls since you won't have that in your open water swim. Try and get to some open water practice sessions so you can practice sighting because nothing sucks worse than realizing you are way off course. Know where the sun will be and if you'll be swimming into it, get tinted goggles so you don't blind yourself while sighting. For group swimming in open water, wear your goggles with the strap under your cap in case you get hit in the face, your goggles will stay with you. In a floating start, let the crowd go and then you go and hit your pace. Don't get caught up in the crowd. Scope the course beforehand if you can. And have fun!!!! Remember, if you get tired, you can always flip over and backstroke a bit to catch your breath. Depending on the water temp and the rules, you may want to think of swimming in a wet suit since it will make you faster but some sanctioning bodies have certain rules about water temp and wet suits.

I'm not sure where you live but make sure you are a member of USMS or USAT depending on who is sanctioning the event. Or pay a one-time-event fee. I love open water swims. I have an ocean race, 2.4 miles, in Hawaii in September. Good luck with your training!! Go you!!!

Weight Loss Swimming question---calories burned? Jul 07 2011
17:00 (UTC)

I think for your size, that may be an accurate number. I know I only burn about 300 when I swim a mile which takes me about 42 minutes but I am small so I burn a lot less.

magor, that's nearly 1 mile, 1500 metres and your pace seems good so I would log that as moderate.

Swimming should help to tone your core and arms and legs, which is what I like about it. How long have you been swimming?