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Motivation can this really be working for me??? Aug 04 2013
13:21 (UTC)
Thank you guys and congrats to your success :) I believe this site works because it shows just how bad/good you are eating. I bet if I logged one of my old days I'd be well over 4,000 calories yikes:/ starting is the hardest in my opinion I had headaches and cravings every hour but now most the cravings are gone or it's a craving for a avocado or triscuits lol
Motivation What are ways to stop stress/boredom eating? Aug 03 2013
05:14 (UTC)
Sometimes ill just go to sleep my schedule is kinnda different from most but those times I'm really wanting something that I know will ruin my day I just go to sleep:) lol
Health & Support I don't get the scale thingy? Jul 14 2013
00:15 (UTC)
Ok well I added 2 tbl of PB an 2 slices of wheat bread and a yogurt still gonna be under but it's better I guess ..thank you for advice I believes I was under eating gonna start adding extra calories per meal now
Health & Support I don't get the scale thingy? Jul 13 2013
23:44 (UTC)
The middle of scale says -1700 is that bad?
Foods what do you do with your olive oil? Jul 13 2013
22:45 (UTC)
OMG why didn't I think of fish lol salmon with some lemon olive oil or garlic sounds amazing. Maybe chicken lime fajitas mmmmm got some new ideas to try tonight
Foods struggling to beat cravings :( Jul 13 2013
21:40 (UTC)
My best advice is well... Suffer? I know exactly how you feel me being a fellow "chip junkie" If i buy a bag, I eat it so I try not to because I know just how bad they are. I hate even walking by them in the store, mouth starts watering, and then I'm craving them all day. I know you said your eating pretzels well there better than Doritos:) just hang in there you can do this remember why you started this weight loss life style. Any time I'm on the verge of a total melt down I look into the mirror or of recent photos of me and tell myself "enough is enough!!" We only got one life that's be healthy together there ante many others on this site that are just like you and me just hold on and be strong. If you get that craving and happen to have some put a serving size on a plate and have someone else hide them so you can't get them. Recent study i read said people who are addicted to food have about the same addiction as some on hooked on cocain. Stay strong if you feel the urge an already ate some then flush the rest down the toilet cuz as bad as it sounds I've thrown away bags or unhealthy food only to grab it out the top the trash latter, yuck!!!
Recipes Guilt free pancakes! Oct 06 2012
13:28 (UTC)
Or use one scoop protein powder,1/2 cup ground up oatmeal, 1 egg white and a little water mmmm cook like a pancake and put some sugar free pancake syrup on top
Weight Loss How to battle the urge to binge?? Aug 21 2012
16:46 (UTC)
I've been doing intermittent fasting it has really helped out with food urges and I eat less calories
Weight Loss "IF" intermittent fasting Aug 19 2012
23:48 (UTC)
Kimandboys also I try to avoid white rice and white bread white pasta things like that as far as food off limits if it fit in your cals for the day eat it but personally I just avoid it replace it with whole grain taste better and u don't feel guilty but like I said if u want it and it fits in your macros eat it
Weight Loss "IF" intermittent fasting Aug 19 2012
23:40 (UTC)
Kimandboys there's a lot of different ways to IF some do low calorie then fast 24 hours 2x a week or every other day or do it every day I'm currently on 19/5 everyday and I love it women are little are different as far as how long your eating window should I told Polly check out TMW on YouTube they got a lot of great info but be warned they do cuss lol but they give great advice. I'm becoming a huge fan of IF I actually fasted 20 hours 2day (i was busy with work) but feel great only been 4 days but I never thought I'd feel the way I do doing IF. 5 small meals a day I was starving now I think about food a lot less. BIGGEST TIP crystal light is a huge helper and it doesn't break your fast Typical eating day -2scoops of protein with a turkey burger on wheat with some coleslaw but no mayo just rice vinegar,Splenda, and pepper then few hours later some good old home made turkey chili I'm trying to average bout 1,500 cals a day so far so good. I've tried litterly every diet and new Fad for losing weight but I truly think I've found something I can stick with be4 when I was dieting by the 4th day I was spacing out at the ceiling dreaming of my next meal or cheat day not anymore :)
Weight Loss "IF" intermittent fasting Aug 19 2012
12:09 (UTC)
Thx u furrybelly and congrats on the weight loss it's amazing to me how doing IF I don't feel the need to eat... ok maybe towards my last hour of fasting but most the time im not obsessing with food like I was before. Polly I'm not sure you age and all but on YouTube there's a Chanel called TMW they got a lot of advice on IF the reason I ask ur age is they cuss a lot so if you do check it out I warned u lol but they give give good advice and fill in some Q/A you might have bout IF
Weight Loss anyone tried alternate day fasting? Aug 08 2012
03:45 (UTC)
Some twins on YouTube Talk alot about "IF" aka " intermittent fasting" type in hodge twins on youtube they do cuss a lot but I find them pretty funny and give great advice they say they have all kinds of results they eat about 2,000 CLEAN calories in a 5-6 hour window then fast the rest gonna start it next week we'll see...
Recipes california rolls? Jul 05 2012
02:45 (UTC)
Best bet is google or even go to a book store u can find good/cheap sushi books at a book store I'm 23 but my mom always made sushi when I was growing up now I make it prob once a month and it's a lot cheaper than buying part is you can add your own veggies and make your own creations good luck
Foods Best low cal ice cream treats? May 10 2012
22:29 (UTC)
I just had a skinny cow ice cream last night it is 100 calories i got mint flavor and omg I truly believe this is gonna be the tool to keep me sain and on track I found it better than most ice creams
Weight Loss How many carbs? May 04 2012
13:01 (UTC)
Ok thank you I average about 180-200 a day and feel fine I also do eat oats and have been on a sweet potato kick these past few days. A little bit of olive oil, sliced and put on the grill soooo good. People were trying to tell me to keep it under 100 grams which really didn't seem right thanks for clearing thing up
Weight Loss Do cheat days work for you? Feb 03 2012
17:05 (UTC)
I can't do a cheat day not cuz fear gaining a few pounds but for me I eat really healthy then my cheat day turns into like 4 cheat days I find it easier to not have a cheat day. I did 4 weeks with no cheat day went from 254lb down to 232lb then did a cheat day on Monday which lasted up till Friday. It's Friday now and I'm eating healthy again but now I'm gonna crave junk food for the next week maybe one day I'll have more self control but hey I'm over weight cuz I like food lol
Motivation Arizona workout Jan 25 2012
01:16 (UTC)
I live in queen creek not to sure the names but u know there is alot of places I'm sure a quick google search would yield something luckily I live by the edge of town and just go walk in the desert
Weight Loss Am I eating to little Jan 23 2012
11:17 (UTC)
Ok thank you I'm 23 this is a good thing I've been cutting out peanut butter and some healthy fats for fear of having to many calories in my diet but I obviously am cutting back way to much. looking forward to starting my new and improved diet thanks everyone for all the info
Weight Loss Am I eating to little Jan 23 2012
03:24 (UTC)
Ok i did all the calculation I need 3,537 just to maintain my current weight so imma shoot for 2300 at least each day which is my BMR does that sound ok? I'm tryin to loose 30 lbs by July I'm really realizing how little I have been eating these past few weeks yikes
Weight Loss Am I eating to little Jan 23 2012
03:14 (UTC)
So I wanna eat at least my BMR? Just seems like alot of calories guess I'll have to start eatin a lot more nuts