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Weight Loss I'm Asking For Help. Feb 22 2012
19:21 (UTC)
Hiya, more than happy to help. I'm almost a mirror of your story, except I'm diabetic so my sugar addiction is beyond dangerous!! Im in portsmouth, where are you? X
Weight Loss i need to loose 15 lbs Feb 19 2012
16:41 (UTC)
I'm with you, I don't need to as such but my body needs toning up and I would look better fifteen pounds down :) let's do it!
Motivation Depression, divorce, and motivation Feb 09 2012
08:40 (UTC)
Hi :)

Firstly I admire you so much for your story. I'm currently in a relationship with someone so discouraging about me trying to lose weight. Ok, so my stats are probably not what you're looking for in a buddy (I'm also 5'2, I'm 23 and weigh 125lbs) but I used to be a whole lot heavier (183lbs) due to being in a 'comfortable' relationship... Im still really struggling with the loss of that relationship over a year and a half on, and have got myself into terrible binging and purging habits that help me maintain this weight (I'd ideally like to drop 13lb but I think that's psychological if I'm honest)

I think you're really brave for coming through your divorce and I'm glad you are getting help. I know you can make the changes you want now you're free of the man who was holding you back from being what you wanted (healthy and in control) and I'd love to help you stay motivated. Good luck hun!
Motivation Fast food body shock Jan 27 2012
13:58 (UTC)
It's a similar kind of thing, I was diagnosed diabetic aged 13 and had to give up full fat fizzy drinks... One time I had full fat by accident in a club and it made me feel so sick and gave me an upset stomach the next day. The texture was just gross, all syrupy eurghhhh
Motivation Its all mental Jan 27 2012
08:41 (UTC)
Oops damn iPhone! Carrying on...

Strange part of me agreed to run a ten k this summer, been doing some jogging and am measuring it by how many streets I can do, ive managed two long ones so far, somedays it's harder than others, embrace that an enjoy it when it is easier!
Motivation Its all mental Jan 27 2012
08:39 (UTC)
I know where you're coming from, I've never been able to run but some
Motivation 5 reasons why you want to lose weight Jan 24 2012
08:17 (UTC)
1. I've struggled with my weight since early childhood, I want to be at peace with my body.

2. I want to feel confident enough to get out of my negative relationship and feel like I deserve to be with someone who is not only good looking but a nice person!

3. Vanity reasons... One word - bikini!

4. So I can run a 10k this year and not be the last person to finish.

5. My ex bought me a dress over a year ago which was just a bit too tight. I'd love it to do up and look how it should!
Foods NO MORE POP TARTS!! Help!! Jan 11 2012
14:59 (UTC)
Toast a whole wheat bagel?
Weight Loss 3-Month Bikini Body Challenge! Jan 03 2012
07:34 (UTC)
Hey all, this is so me :) I started my weight loss journey in 2007 aged 18 weighing 182 pounds (I'm 5'2 so I was a bit of a pudding) and lost 42 pounds in about five months, going down to 140. Ive been losing a few pounds here and there since then and am down to 124. I'm not toned at all though so I'm still not comfortable with myself, I think for my height I would look good in a bikini at 110 so that's the aim but with toning as well. Good luck everyone!
Games & Challenges Valentine Group Dec 11 2011
16:20 (UTC)
Hiya, sounds like an ideal group for me, am five foot two and weigh 122 (started out at 182 a couple of years ago, got down to about 140 which I've maintained until this summer when I decided I wanted to drop another 20 or so), started eating better and exercising again in the last couple of weeks. Pleased with my progress but gotta get through Christmas! New target is 112 and I'm gonna say valentines as a good time to make that. I'm 23 years old and would love to be a uk size 8 which I think I would be if I dropped 10 pounds. When are we weighing in?
Foods Zero calorie I being fooled by the label? Dec 10 2011
06:27 (UTC)
I could be wrong but I'd heard that diet drinks can cause weight gain as the sweetners trick your body into thinking it has energy coming and thus reacts by making you hungry....