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Motivation Staying Positive despite Others... Sep 17 2009
14:39 (UTC)

Thanks Megham1.

It's that "staying positive" thing I seem to have trouble with.  I was just so mortified and hurt by her comment.  And it's embarrassing to even talk about it!  I could never tell another co-worker how I feel. 

I don't even want to talk about it with my husband or my mother...because it's embarrassing!!  Thanks for listening, and reminding me to not let these people get me down. 

Today, I ate a good breakfast and went on the treadmill this morning for 20 minutes.   Smile


Motivation SCHMOOZE & LOSE II - FINISHED Sept 5 Jun 28 2009
15:38 (UTC)

Sorry!!!  I forgot to write in.  I've lost 1 pound. 

Start weight...231.  Current weight: 230

 Man...all that work and only 1 pound.  This is when it sucks!!  Oh well...I know sooner or later I'll see some results.  Patience...I hear it's a vertueLaughing

Motivation SCHMOOZE & LOSE II - FINISHED Sept 5 Jun 18 2009
15:40 (UTC)

I'm in!  I could use all the support and motivation I can get my hands on!!  I am 30 years old and am soooooo sick and tired of being overweight.

current weight: 231  Embarassed