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Motivation What do you love about yourself? Jan 12 2009
13:13 (UTC)

I love my ability to laugh at myself whenever I do something silly. I love my strong legs that carry me through each and every day!

Fitness muffin top Jan 24 2008
10:08 (UTC)

I have about the same build as you. I am an inch taller and 5 lbs heavier but, none the less. I am pear shaped and too have run into the "miffin top" issue. Finding the proper cut of pants is super important. As fitnessfreak mentioned, low- waitsed/ rise cut pants are very easy to find. If you are willing and able to purchase a great pair of jeans. I suggest Joe's Jeans in the MUSE cut. They are a bit pricey but worth every penny.

 The biggest issue you could be facing is proper exercise. Try to get 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of strength training three days a week. Pair it with a healthy diet and you will see a dramatic difference in three weeks. And as for your question earlier about losing 20 lbs; YES that is entirely too much. You cannot afford to lose more weight and that will not solve your"muffin top" issue.

Weight Loss What's the 1st thing you will do for yourself when you hit your goal weight? Jan 24 2008
09:57 (UTC)

I am on my way to my goal weight. I am about 5 lbs off so, it won't be long. But I want to maintain it forever. After a month of maintaining it I am heading home to see my family and friends. But mostly after maintaining a healthy lifestyle for one year, I am going back to Greece. Next step, aquiring my Personal Training Certifiacate. That is the ultimate goal.

I am doing this for myself and for no one else. I just want to be healthy and strong physically as well as emotionally! That is the reward!

Weight Loss Dieting or smoking Jan 24 2008
09:28 (UTC)

Quitting smoking gets my vote. I quit for four years and started again socially two years ago. I have battled more with leaving the lighter behind than losing weight. I am still very physically active and love running as my release!

My goal this year is to quit smoking and conitinue to live my healthy lifestyle. I have decided to give it up for Lent this year. I believe I can do it because I have done it before. And most importantly I want to! It is a bad habit that I can overcome!

Motivation Calling Autumn 08 brides Jan 17 2008
08:55 (UTC)

So you know the old saying, "Always a bridesmaid, never a bride." That is me! I have two weddings in which I am a bridesmaid this fall and would love to be a part of this! Weddings are always great motivators for weight loss and beginning a healthy lifestyle forever!

My sister was a size 14- 16 before she was married. She changed her eating habits to healthier foods and actually included exercise in her day to help accelerate the weight loss. It did not happen overnight or without a few setbacks but, she wanted this for herself and that is what motivated her to keep at it! Not only did she lose the weight, she has kept it off three and a half years later. She is rejuvinated because she is active and healthy!

Who cares about the smaller sizes at the dress shops! You fiance is marrying you for who you re today, now in the present. He obviously loves you as you are not as you will be! That is something you should always remember!

Games & Challenges Lose 5-10 pounds by Valentine's Day Jan 17 2008
08:45 (UTC)

I am 26 , 5' 6" and am just trying to drop between 5 and 10 lbs. Nothing more otherwise I look ill! Believe me I have been 120, and I did not look healthy or attractive to anyone but myself! I have been back tracking through pictures and videos at that time which shed a whole new light on agreeing with those I did not agree with before! Anyway I think this would be a fun challenge and a great motivator!

CW: 140 as of Monday Jan 14

GW: 130- 135

Foods Best Foods to Eat Jan 17 2008
08:29 (UTC)

First thing is first you should not keep temptation foods in the house. It makes it hard at first to resist and in my experience leads to binging when you get frustrated. With that said, load up on fresh fruits and veggies. I really like crunchy veggies like carrots, sliced peppers and broccoli with salsa or spicy mustard as my dipping sauce! Fruits I enjoy bananas because the creamy, soft texture is great and they have loads of beneficial nutrients. I also like apples for snacks, grapes(frozen for a popsicle type treat), grapefruit, kiwi and cherries. I try to avoid dried fruits because they tend to have high sugar contents!

 For breakfast make sure you get some protien (2-3 egg whites) with healthy whole grain, high fiber carbs! When it comes to dairy I like yoplait light yogurt or I opt for Stonyfield fat free plain yougurt and flavor it with splenda or low sugar red raspberry preserves. I add Fiber One or Kashi Go lean for some crunch and they pack loads of fiber. I also eat oatmeal, high fiber cereal with skim milk.  Do not skip breakfast because it leads to crashing and binging later in the day.

I have a mid morning snack, usually an apple, but not more than 100- 150 calories. See below for more recommendations.

Lunches are ususally salads loaded with veggies and a little protien like tuna, chicken or hard boiled eggs and a slice of whole grain bread. If I want a sandwhich I will have a slice of whole grain bread with turkey, mustard, lettuce and tomato. I sometimes put pickles on there too! Soup low in sodium is also a great option! Tomato soup or vegetable soup like minestrone are very filling and satisifying. And I usually have a piece of fruit for dessert.

I look forward to a mid afternoon snack wheather it be pretzels and mustard, yogurt, fruit, veggies or an energy bar! I try to limit this to 100- 150 calories. Jolly Time kettle corn minis are great! I add cinnamon for an extra bit of flavor.

When dinner time arrives, I again opt for salads(veggies), chicken breast, salmon, white fish like halibut/ tilapia paired with whole grain couscous, brown rice, a sweet potato or whole grain pasta. If you are craving something sweet, wait 20 minutes afer dinner before you have it. You will recognize how full you are and better know what will satisfy your craving(which might even subside).

Sweet treats fo desserts: Special K chocolate drizzle bars, fiber one bars, real fruit popsicles, yogurt, fresh fruit with fat free whipped cream, a low fat/ fat free latte, or even a bowl of cereal!

 The common theme is whole grain, high fiber, high water content fruits and veggies and lower calorie/sugar foods. Frozen veggies are great in the winter when selection is not so great in the produce section. I drink LOADS of water and green tea rather than soda like diet ccoke! I limit myself to one cup of coffee in the morning too! Try to avoid high sodium contents which lead to bloating. You can do it and there are so many options out there! Good luck and welcome to Calorie Count!

Weight Loss Lose 10 lbs by July 4 Challenge May 31 2007
08:14 (UTC)
this is a great idea and gives plenty of time to shed those ten pounds healthily! I am in. I really just want to be down between 135 and 130. Currently I am at 138/140. 135 is ideal but, I try to remember I fluctuate a lot. I feel great currently but, a few more lbs won't hurt! so let's take the challenge!
Weight Loss Hi everyone! May 29 2007
13:13 (UTC)
hi cakesandpies! you are going to love this site! i have been a member for almost a year now and it has guided me to a healthier lifestyle. everyone on this site is very encouraging and you are hopefully going to find this to be true. so forget the cheeseburger eaters out there and enjoy the creamy richness your yogurt has to offer!

welcome and good luck!
Weight Loss 9 Weeks to Summer Weight Loss Challenge - final weigh in May 29 2007
12:45 (UTC)
Starting Weight: 149

This Week: 138

Last Week: 138

Total Loss: 11 lbs

I feel great and have reached a healthy weight thanks to this program! Maybe a Keep It Up Summer Challenge would help all of us stay healthy all summer long? It is a thought! Have a Great Summer and you should all be proud of your accomplishments! I am proud of you!
Weight Loss what size at what weight? May 23 2007
14:56 (UTC)
this is a great question! the most intersting thing to see is the relation of clothing size to different weights. it isn't just your weight that can determine the size, as we all know. it also has to do with height and body shape.

i am currently 138 and can wear anything between a 4 and an 8. sizes vary based on designer and the cuts of clothes too. but i am usually a 6. i am also 5'6" and carry a lot of my weight in my booty and legs!
Weight Loss 9 weeks to Summer Weight loss weigh in: Mon May 21st, 2007 May 22 2007
11:08 (UTC)
Starting Weight: 149

This Week: 138

I am not weighing in this week. I havve been really sick and I am confident my weight is not correct. So I am just posting what I did last week!

Hopefully I will be better soon and can get back to my healthy lifestyle!
Weight Loss Anyone else seriously hooked on Starbucks...HELP!! May 15 2007
21:15 (UTC)
i have a slight addiction just to their coffee. i drink it black with a bit of splenda. i used to be hooked on the non fat chai tea lattes but, those are only for special occassions; like when i am visiting my sister and mom! it's kind of a ritual. so my suggestion is to make them a treat! or just avoid the place all together. maybe even buy the beans and make your own at home and take it in a to go cup so you still have the yummy starbicks to go experience without the hit on your wallet
Fitness Recommendations for walking and crosstraining shoes May 15 2007
21:08 (UTC)
check out a running magazine like runner's world. in the back you will find several running store ads and these usually have employees that know what type of shoe to fit you in after a series of questions and a look at the wear pattern onyour shoe.

i would avoid retail stores in malls because the employees are usually not as knowledgeable as you will be led to believe! good luck!

by the way i am from st.louis and get my shoes from a running store called fleet feet. they are great and really know their stuff!
Weight Loss 9 weeks to SUMMER Weight Loss Challenge 7th OFFICIAL WEIGH IN: 5/14/07 May 15 2007
20:59 (UTC)
Start Weight:149

Weight today 5/15/2007: 141

Weight last week 4/30/2007:  144

Pounds Lost this week: -3
Total Pounds Lost: -8

I did a great job exercising last week and was within my calorie restrictions. I did indulge yet again over the weekend but, I am still seeing the weight drop.

Goal this week: Continue working out and stay focused on good food choices over the weekend!

And please come back KitKat. We haven't given up on you so you can't give up on yourself! You are a huge motivator to all of us! Please comeback!
Weight Loss 9 weeks to SUMMER Weight Loss Challenge 6th OFFICIAL WEIGH IN: 5/7/07 May 08 2007
21:11 (UTC)
Start Weight:149

Weight today 5/7/2007: 144

Weight last week 4/30/2007:  146

Pounds Lost this week: -2
Total Pounds Lost: -5


I kinda went on a binge saturday night. it was cinco de mayo and i celebrated too much! so, if i wouldn't have done that i probably would've lost more!


I went out and binged saturday night for cinco de mayo and still managed to get back on track the next day for a two lb loss!
Weight Loss 9 weeks to SUMMER Weight Loss Challenge 5th OFFICIAL WEIGH IN: 4/30/07 May 02 2007
10:33 (UTC)

I know how you are feeling. I gained 15 pounds from September until  two weeks ago! I had a bad winter and just let myself come undone. I reached the point where I didn't care anymore and stopped trying. Your challenge is what motivated me to get back into the game and take care of myself! Forget about the past 5 days! We all need to let our bodies take a break. You can do this and already have made great accomplishements. You have motivated so many of us and we will do this together! You are not terrible and don't let yourself feel sad! Be proud of the wonderful things you have done and will continue to do! I promise it will get better! Just keep going!

Start weight: 149 pounds

Weight last week: 149 pounds

Current Weight: 146 pounds

Lost this week: -3 pounds

Lost so far: -3 pounds

What I did well this week: I ate a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and drank plenty of water. I also got back to my exercise routine that I know works for me9weight training 4 days a week plus and hour of cardio a day)! And even better, I read a book which helped kept my cravings manageable. FYI the book is "The Starter Wife" by Gigi Levange. It was fantastic!

What I need to improve on: I need to stop feeling guitly about taking two hours out of the day for myself to exercise. I also need to celebrate the body I was born with and make it the best it can be! ( I can't change my bone structure without surgery and that is just crazy! ;) Oh yeah and when I have a cheat day, I need to keep it under contrl and not eat the whole bag of pretzels or cookies or whatever!
Weight Loss 9 weeks to SUMMER Weight Loss Challenge 4th OFFICIAL WEIGH IN: 4/23/07 Apr 24 2007
15:49 (UTC)
So, I am just jumping on the wagon here. I am  few weeks behind all of you but, I need someone(thing) to commit to so I can really motivate myself! It already looks like youa re all doing a great job!

Name: Kelly (Kelly1029)

Starting Weight: 149

What has been your biggest frustration in these 4 weeks?

Since I have just officially started I am just going to look back on the last four weeks. I have been a crazy night eater. I sneak down to the kitchen just so I can have one more cookie or anything sweet for that matter. It only happens when I stay up after 10:00 so, I guess I should try to go to bed around that time to avoid the munchies!

Oh yeah and not being able to fit in my "skinny jeans!"

What behavioral modifications will help you conquer this frustration and turn it into a success?

1.  Go to bed by 10:30 at the l;atest.

2. Avoid habits I attatch the word "sneak" to immediately!

3. Continue work out program and add more weight training.

3. Choose fruits to satisfy my sweet tooth!

Will you commit to these steps that you outlined above to yourself and this board?!  
Absolutely. Now that it is written down I will commit. Thanks for starting this awesome forum!

Good luck to all of you!
Foods Estimated cals?? Oct 25 2006
11:17 (UTC)
i agree with red_hering. i usually break things down when i can't find tehm excactly in food search. you should be okay with the lettuce, tom and onion. the 10 inch tortilla is appx. 140 cals.

 As for the chicken, how much  did you have? 3oz., 6oz, etc. And ask the dining hall coordinator/ manager for the info on the honey mustard sauce. is it recipe made? pre packaged? they should have all of this info available for you! it sounds like you had a pretty healthy and balancedulnch!
Foods Drinking and weight loss. Any alternatives? Oct 24 2006
20:28 (UTC)
i am a big fan of wine! also if you are margarita drinker, switch your rita mix for a fresca. fresca and a shot of tequilla is very tasty and the fresca has zero cals. i even use it as a mixer with vodka!

i LOVE a good beer! i have recently developed a relationship with stout beer ( guiniess) and i don't drink as much and half a pint is 84 cals. it is really filling a very tasty!