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Health & Support Medically Prescribed Diet- Not for Weight Loss Nov 06 2010
02:58 (UTC)

And theholla, thank you, too. I am on an SSRI and I would love to have an increase in mood and energy above what the SSRI has done for me. Thanks for the well wishes and your experiences!

Health & Support Medically Prescribed Diet- Not for Weight Loss Nov 06 2010
02:57 (UTC)

Molly and Muttlover-

Thanks guys :)

She did the blood test to check my lithium levels, as well as thyroid, blood sugar, cortisol levels. Basically, everything because I haven't been under the care of a physician outside of being treated for depression....I just got health care and it has been messy.

Anyway, she seemed to think that the sugars are making me crazy...adding to my mood stabilization problems. I think that is why she recommended no-carb. But the more I listen to y'all, I think she probably meant low-carb and cut out the processed sugars, etc.

Molly, once I get the final word from her I would love to take you up on your offer. It doesn't help that I packed on thirty pounds trying to self medicate with food, and now I am back at my highest weight of 240. So- she might have been advising me to do it to lose weight, but she did not verbalize it as that. Either way, I understand it not being healthy.

By the way, I really have a desire to get the benefits of cutting out the refined sugars, so I am on board with eating healthy. I just don't like drastic. Processed carbs, out? Fine by me. Just let me know I can eat my fruits and veggies that are a big part of my diet.

Health & Support Cipralex Nov 06 2010
02:47 (UTC)

Some antidepressants had a huge side effect on me, and I wasn't able to reach orgasm either. The one I am on now does not, though. But you know what? That is a side effect and I would mention it to your doctor if it is making it so that you don't want to take the medication. They would rather you be up front and honest so they can try something else, than to just give up on the medication...and negative side effects tend to cause that.


As far as doing it on your own, I wouldn't expect myself to manage any other disease on my own...from high blood pressure to strep throat...without meds! So I cut myself some slack on the needing medication for depression thing.



Health & Support Medically Prescribed Diet- Not for Weight Loss Nov 05 2010
15:27 (UTC)

Thanks for the responses and support!

My doctor is do I say this...busy? So she moves quickly and I always leave the office thinking 'dang, I should have asked'. I think I am going to call up there and ask the nurse to specify for me what exactly she means by no-carb.

I am thinking/hoping she meant no 'white carbs' and I can totally cut out breads and candies, but last night I just said 'screw it' because I was so confused and didn't see anything I could eat except for a chunk of meat! ;)

Drea, the psych med aspect makes sense. I am on a few, not sure how they affect my blood sugar, though. I like the sound of my mood improving due to diet, though, I can handle that!

Health & Support Medically Prescribed Diet- Not for Weight Loss Nov 05 2010
05:32 (UTC)

Yeah, she said none.

I kind of went into shock and didn't ask any questions.

I'm going to go as low as possible (no breads, candy, cookies, etc), but I am going to eat some veggies and fruits in combo with healthy fats until I can get back to her and ask more questions.

I was at the store tonight and had to be really aware of what I was buying, but if it means preventing diabetes I can do this. Ha. Ugh.

Health & Support Cipralex Nov 05 2010
04:12 (UTC)

First, I think it is important to acknowledge your courage- reaching out for help.

I have been dealing with depression for a while. When I was 18-19 and then again, starting a year ago (I'm 27).

The first time, I got on two different anti-depressants and I eventually just stopped taking them. I didn't get it, I guess.

This time, I am determined to find something that will help me, and I finally did. It took about four antidepressants this round before I got placed on the one I am on.

My doctor told me that finding the right anti-depressant is like buying a pair of shoes. Sometimes, you just have to spend some time looking and trying ones out for size before you get the perfect one.

For me, the side effects always taper off after a few days. Except for excessive night sweating (gross but true), that one seems to stick with me. The thing is, I'm not thinking about harming myself sweaty is okay by me.

"They" say it can take up to six weeks for our bodies to start working well with the antidepressants and for things to return to the way they should be. I would say by the time a month has passed, and I don't feel anything different, that is when I complain/ tell my doctor.

Make mental or real notes about where you are today so you can remember and notice progress.

For instance:

10/28 cannot go to grocery store

11/4 went and got gas by myself, paid at pump

11/11 will not go to the mall

11/14 went inside to pay for gas


Or however it really affects you. For me it was more like, want to hurt myself, don't want to hurt myself, etc.

Just hang in there, depression is a serious disease that responds well to treatment! I know, from experience, it gets better.


Weight Loss i want to fix this. any advice? Nov 29 2009
05:04 (UTC)

I have a lot of luck with not buying things that I overindulge in.

If you are a 'I have to have cereal' person, I like Kix (as corny as it may sound). The serving size (going by weight) is HUGE...and I snack on them dry.

The Lounge My sister steals from me. Jul 14 2009
05:08 (UTC)

Unfortunately, she is your sister. Your younger sister..still a child, really. You live at won't end until you have your own place.

I have three younger sisters. I speak from experience.

The Lounge Need a new Vaccuum - any suggestions? Jul 11 2009
06:15 (UTC)

If you really want a Dyson, wait around a little bit (maybe a month or so) for the next sale. I always see Target and Walmart offering $50-$100 gift cards w/ purchase. I bought my Dyson for $399 (I think) and then I got a $100 gift card for the store...which was really nice.

You'll like the Dyson, I do. And, I have three cats who shed like mad.

Pregnancy & Parenting How do you know if and when you are going to develop stretch marks Jun 21 2009
08:52 (UTC)

you know, my skin was stretched so tight that I didn't see them until after the baby was wasn't a good moment.

Pregnancy & Parenting Another potty training question...... Jun 20 2009
02:34 (UTC)

the only idea that came to me is sitting her portable potty in her 'alone area' and see if she will use it there. Of course, it kind of has to be her idea, to prevent any struggles and all...but maybe just seeing the potty there will make her decide to try it one day?

Pregnancy & Parenting things to avoid during pregnancy.. Jun 19 2009
21:00 (UTC)

Also, if you are at a pharmacy, you can always ask the pharmacist if something (cold medicine, etc) is safe to take while pregnant. They are usually a pretty reliable source, if you don't already know what you can/can't have before you get to the store.

Motivation My Ex Is Sabotaging Me... May 30 2009
09:01 (UTC)

It turns out he's still pretty manipulative and lies too much for me to date him, but we're trying to be friends. He's good company when we're not beating the hell out of each other (a tempestuous relationship to say the least). I don't want to give up his friendship.

People don't change :( I know you didn't ask, but once you move away from this (him, the 'friendship' of maniuplation and lies), it will be easier to take control of your self and avoid sabatoge.

Forget about the pie!!! Drink some water, and start over clean slate.

The Lounge allowances May 26 2009
08:19 (UTC)

My son is only three and I am trying to get him to help out with little things like carrying a small bag (grocery size) of garbage out, cleaning up, carrying the laundry detergent.

I think he is too young for allowance, I think four is too young, too. I don't know that they would really grasp the concept. What works with my son is singing about how he is being such a big boy helper, and praising him for helping me get things done.

When he doesn't want to help, I tell him 'this is your chore, you need to help me, it is your responsibility' and I don't back down, even if he whines and throws a mini-fit. Heck, if it went into a tantrum (which it hasn't) he would be punished and then he would help.

I think at this age they are striving to be independent, which leads to power struggles, but they also want to make us happy and be our helpers.

The Lounge horrible break up... need help;( May 15 2009
17:52 (UTC)

Well, lets see...just because the father of the child isn't ready to have a child, or because of the fact that they were only together 4 months...those both seem like idiotic and selfish reasons to have an abortion. As do, 'I don't want a kid right now' and 'now just isn't a good time'.

Caverlady, I know that it is a medical procedure. I also know that, in most cases, it is an elective procedure.

The Lounge horrible break up... need help;( May 15 2009
08:59 (UTC)
Original Post by cpontifex:

I think that it was pretty naieve of you to choose to have a child with a man you had only been dating for four months. You didn't really give him a choice when it came to being a father. Did you really expect it to end up happily ever after?

Like you said, you wanted to do it with him, or without him. Looks like you have to do it without him.

I think that it is admirable that she chose to have the child, even knowing that the father and her parents were not on board.

In this world of instant gratification, abortion is so quickly chosen for idiotic and selfish reasons.

He had every choice in the world when it came to creating this child: he chose to have sex with her.

This woman is going to nursing school and working to support herself and her child. Naive is not the word that comes to mind. Perhaps idealistic, but who isn't?

God works in mysterious ways and this baby (and all others) was planned and has a purpose!

Kudos to the OP: keep your head up and stay strong.

Pregnancy & Parenting To medicate or not to medicate? May 08 2009
17:08 (UTC)

Bier: I didn't chime in with any advice because I didn't really have any! I just wanted to tell you that I hope your little man is feeling better soon!

My son had a horrible chest cold when he was six months old and we did the Alberturol, too. I don't believe that it does anything to remedy the cause of the cough, but it is supposed to make their breathing easier for a period of time. The antibiotics should have him on his way soon :)


Weight Loss Lost 13 pounds/Still wearing same size. What's wrong with this picture? May 05 2009
20:31 (UTC)

But instead of busting out of a size 12, it fits sort of loosely, but not falling off. What is wrong?

The answer is kind of in your question. This happened to me, too. I was wearing a pair of Levi size 15 jeans when I was at my heaviest of 245. I was crammed into them, really. They were tight all the thighs and waist. I think they ran a little big, too.

Now those jeans don't fit me, but at 195 I am wearing another size 15 pair of jeans.

Fifty pounds later, the scale and the pictures are evidence that I have lost weight. So have you.

Have you had a kiddo since your size 6-8 days? Sometimes that changes our body composition, and it takes more time and effort to get back to were we want to be.

I have more fat around my midsection, but it is slowly fading away.

Give it time and keep up the good work! Your scale is not lying to you, I promise!

The Lounge Stepmoms and Mother's Day May 01 2009
17:07 (UTC)
Original Post by kthompson92:

I want to say, "Yes, and I'm the female who does more parenting than her mom."

Being a step-parent is a damn tough and often thankless job.

From what I have experienced, parenting in itself is a fairly thankless job. Any parent, biological or otherwise, knows that when a child throws up on you...they don't thank you for being there to catch it and clean up after them.

Part of being a parent is knowing inside how much you are worth and how valuable you are. Children would not make it far without us, but they don't always thank us verbally. The thanks we receive on a regular basis is more subtle, yet powerful. This sporadic hugs, hearing them use 'please' and 'thank you' unprompted, watching them laugh.

And I agree with gi-jane, you've got to drop the attitude about the kid's mom. No matter the issues with her, your step-daughter loves her. That is her biological mother. If she senses your dislike (which she probably does) she will end up resenting you for the simple fact that you don't like her mom.

Fitness New Runner May 01 2009
02:28 (UTC)

Thanks for that link! I did something similar to the C25k last January, but I didn't enjoy it much. I am actually having fun running now, which is really odd...but that is besides the point.