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Weight Loss Feeling Shaky Oct 18 2007
19:50 (UTC)

Go to the doctor. Do NOT, under any circumstance ignore it.

It is a problem I've had for two years now (assuming it is anything similar to what I feel - lightheaded, dizzy, the need to hold onto things?), I was originally diagnosed with vertiginous migranes (migranes with no headache - with only dizziness and lightheaded feeling) but now the doctors are looking at diagnosing me with epilepsy.

It could very well be vertiginous migranes, you fit the description - most common in females in late teens early twenties.

Weight Loss What did you have to eat for breakfeast Oct 18 2007
18:22 (UTC)
A Large banana ( I need potassium because of my new medicine) and a chocolate chip granola bar.
Weight Loss Do cats cause weight gain?? (tongue in cheek) Oct 18 2007
18:18 (UTC)

I am known to be a huge cat lover. We did own four, and had to get rid of two because of my sister's asthma....and it isn't until now that I try to lose weight. Hah, you could be right. I surely agree with the above stated in helping burn calories though.

At night though, I always have one 15 pound growth, and the occasional 7 pound growth.

Health & Support So much for counting calories... Oct 18 2007
17:10 (UTC)
I am weighing in at 149.8, two days ago, I was at 152 even, yesterday, I was at 151.6...not gonna lie, this is a little bit scary.
Health & Support So much for counting calories... Oct 17 2007
20:16 (UTC)

I talked it over with my doctor, and she said that most on this medicine, meaning 99%, do lose weight, fast and drastically, it's a fairly newer medicine, an alternative to the others who are prone to cause weight gain.

It's sort of a two sided deal, I either can handle this one, and lose this way, or switch to another one, and face possibly gaining even more. I know I might not lose as much, but I'm still expecting a lose of some sort....I just didn't want to do it this way, ya know?

All I know is that this is all so new, and so stressful.

Health & Support weird issue Oct 16 2007
03:53 (UTC)

I have the same problem, and also have lost the same amount of weight as you... :)

I was just venting to my fiance about I HATE forcing myself to eat when I'm not hungry, so I usually reward myself that day with a food to fill the void, something I try to restrict, but mossy, I like your idea so much better, thanks for the idea.

Vegetarian Are Vegetarians smarter? Oct 16 2007
01:22 (UTC)
Original Post by trhawley:

I don't know if vegetarians are any smarter then non-vegetarians but they think they are.

That is a mighty nice generalization you've got there.

And I found the articles interesting, thanks for posting them guys.

Weight Loss major chocolate cravings Oct 15 2007
04:19 (UTC)
Try to increase your protein intake, works for me.
Health & Support I know this is a thought that I shouldn't be having....or is it? Oct 15 2007
04:06 (UTC)
I did it! I ate foods I have not had in forever, but I did it.
Health & Support I know this is a thought that I shouldn't be having....or is it? Oct 15 2007
00:56 (UTC)

I'm eighteen, so a legal adult, but still growing, I know that much.

I know that food has always been a part of my life, a friend of mine has even stressed her concern on me one day developing an eating disorder of some sort (as of now, I'm "slightly overweight" and looking to lose about 15 pounds from where I am now) has just always been an aspect of my life, I've been a vegetarian fro 2.5 years, have to restrict my diet because of medical problems (I have vertiginous migranes - certain foods provoke them) and I'm starting culinary school in two weeks, I've always felt I've been on "the edge" of an eating problem - close several times, then batting it away at the last second. I suppose I'll work toward batting it away again, one day at a time. Tonight, I will get 1600 calories.

And thanks muttlover

Foods whats YOUR weakness?? Oct 15 2007
00:37 (UTC)

Chocolate. TONS of chocolate. I'm the definition of chocoholic....and I'm not even allowed to have it due to a medical condition. >_ But that doesn't stop me....

Weight Loss Does anyone else sleep as if they are in a coma while restricting calories? Oct 14 2007
19:43 (UTC)

Right here! That's me!

I've always been one to love my sleep, but before, as long as I got 8 hours, I was set, happy actually - the perfect amount, now, I sleep like a lazy cat. Take last night for example, I was knocked out by midnight and didn't get up til 10:15. The night before, another 10 hours, then another 10, then the night before 12 whopping hours. I know I'm getting ample amount of food, but not too much.

The thing is, is now...I'm actually rested, I don't yawn all day, or rub my eyes as the sun starts going down. But yea, you are not alone.

Vegetarian Favorite Items to buy at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods? Oct 13 2007
23:40 (UTC)
Semi - random! - There is a Trader Joe's like 3 minutes from my campus, which I leave for in two weeks...and we don't have one around yay! I'm pumped :)
Vegetarian Odd Topic - Binging and Vegetarianism Oct 13 2007
23:37 (UTC)

Hm, no, I don't really think I have any episodes like that - I might do nuts on sweets for a few days, but that is about it (I'm fighting off one now, ha).

Maybe it happens because your body is low on something(like possibly...protein lol), and maybe it's just instinct kicking in. Huh, that is really intriguing.

Vegetarian Odd Topic - Binging and Vegetarianism Oct 13 2007
22:28 (UTC)
I'm a vegetarian, but I don't think I really understand your question....?
Vegetarian Facing a problem Oct 04 2007
19:28 (UTC)
Oh, no problem! Glad that in explaining to one, I could show another.
Vegetarian Facing a problem Oct 04 2007
18:03 (UTC)

I would entirely agree with you, as I would. Let me explain it this way. And I understand that an explanation is needed, you're not the first I've explained this to ;-)

Humans have their hardships, rape, murder, losing a loved one, divorce, etc. When a soul is recycled, it does not recycle in the same form, what may be a cow now, could have been a blade of grass (hardships you ask? dry seasons, and being cut) before, and a woman before that. The idea is that all hardships that are happening (modern or not, they are natural hardships that patterns of life have achieved) are to allowed to happen in freely. If I buy non free range eggs (the hardships that happen with the animals although awful, are bound to happen, I can work with compassion to stop them, but allowing it is natural), or tuna (I have very limited means) therefore giving into the harshness of the world, I must in turn compensate for it with a positive act (yin yang affect), such as volunteering. (I am an active volunteer, everything from working with children with needs, to adults with needs, helping cleaning up a park - planting, being teaching assitants in classrooms, helping with educational fundraisers, helping paint tenament housing for the homeless etc - you get the point). I myself, could have been a cow in my past lifetime, and what I did not learn, or could not do to balance before has led me to be human this time of round - I must acknowledge that my means of help can only go so far.

The idea does not just hold for animals, if I even eat a piece of broccoli, I have to compensate with a good act, or it may delay my balance. So I limit meat not because I see their soul more vauable than that of the broccoli (just an example) but because it is the "path" I see that will take me closer to my balance.

And trust me, it is not as if I eat the tuna without any error in thought, when I first began eating it again, it would take me three hours to eat one can (no joke) but as somebody with limited means (income, nagging from my mother whom I still live with, etc), but regardless of what I eat, if it is a living object, I still must compensate, if not fully, to an extent, to get me closer to the balance.  

Vegetarian Facing a problem Oct 04 2007
17:34 (UTC)

 I believe in the writings of Lao-Tse, along with a mix of my own personal beliefs ( I do not buy into all the customs and beliefs of Taoism)

I only eat fish when I have to. I don't always have means to be picky and choosy, when I do, I play a piece of work  in my head written by Lao-Tse to achieve my balance, and as for the dairy, milk is a product of the living animal, not directly killing the animal (there is no "heaven" -"heaven" being the balance with the universe, in what I believe until the soul has achieved it's potential knowledge, and balance with the universe - the milk being taken from the animal teaches the animal a lesson that animal needs to get into "heaven" - therefore I am assisting that animal, just as if I were to take in an animal in my home, and provide it with an easier life, that would bring me closer to my goal of resoulution and balance). The idea being the whole universe must achieve balance. As for the eggs, it depends on the individual person, I see it as just taking the egg from the chicken, thus teaching the chicken, versus eating an alive soul - it is the balance, the egg did not fully develop, in my mind, until hatched, no soul is in existence.

As for the leather, by me purchasing it, not only am I no longer teaching the animal or helping the animal reach it's balance, but I instead am cutting the llife before it could meant to be cut, thus possibly making the soul going through another life, which would mean that soul takes longer to reach balance, learn to its potential/go to "heaven" -possibly affecting when I achieve my balance.

Confusing at first, I know. And I know you weren't trying to be rude, it is a belief that most in the North American culture do not know of - let alone the fact that my personal belief has affected it greatly.

Foods Sodium Oct 04 2007
16:29 (UTC)
Thanks for the help guys
Vegetarian Facing a problem Oct 04 2007
03:33 (UTC)
Thanks sooo much justlaura, your post was a really great read....makes me feel not entirely alone in this. I'm just imagining harsh comments and such, I've already been questioned by some, and to hear something neutral/positive for once, versus negative or full of concern is great. Thank you.