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Health & Support Recovery Question??? Oct 30 2013
15:16 (UTC)

its completely normal!! I definitely agree with super girl, you need to stop weighing yourself. In recovery i would sometimes fluctuate in weight around 7-10 lbs from day to day but it would always eventually drop again, however the mental stress it causes is not worth it. it definitely won't be real weight on only 1400 calories per day, keep doing what your doing! 

Good luck xxx

Health & Support not sure if this is the right place for me Oct 30 2013
15:09 (UTC)

Hi emily :-) no, I don't think 2500 will be too high either, you need your body to realise that it is constantly getting adequate nutrition in order to stop it from feeling the need to binge. The less you eat, the more inclined you will be to binge and give up. Right now, you should not be worrying about gaining or losing weight, you need to get control of bingeing and purging as it can be very damaging to your body, and the mental anxiety it causes is even worse. Even if you want to say you will eat 3000 calories per day, just set a number and try and stick to it, so you start to feel some sort of control over your eating habits. As the other poster stated, you are also very small so don't need to worry about gaining a few pounds, the relief you will feel in your overall life will definitely be worth it!

When going through recovery, the fear of what will happen, and the mental stress it causes sometimes feels unbearable, but i promise if you stick to it, each day will get a little easier, and it will be so worth it at the end! How are you doing today?

Good luck and stay strong xxx


Health & Support not sure if this is the right place for me Oct 29 2013
18:15 (UTC)

Hi emily02,

Im really sorry to read this, I don't have much advice to offer regarding bulimia, but i was suffering from anorexia for approximately 3 years and can relate to you feeling lonely and uncomfortable in yourself!

The only advice i could offer is to try and consciously eat 2500 calories per day, no more and no less, even add in a bit of exercise if that makes you feel better, but be conscious of the point of when you feel full and need to stop. When you feel like you are about to binge/purge, you could try and do something to distract you, maybe go for a walk? The best thing to do is get out of the house, away from the temptations and take time to gather your thoughts.

The reason you keep bingeing is because your body is trying to fight against the restrictions- 600 cals definitely isn't enough! when i was recovering i remember thinking i would never be able to control my appetite again, because i was constantly eating so much food- even when i wasn't physically hungry i was 'mentally' hungry if that makes sense. As soon as my body realised it was continuously getting enough food my appetite decreased and i came to a normal balance, without the constant desire to binge!

Have you spoken to your parents about how you feel?

Sorry i couldn't be of more help, but i know you can do this! once you start feeling more secure in yourself you will gradually become more confident in speaking to new people! Don't let this horrible illness take up more of your life!xxxx


Health & Support Advice needed! Oct 27 2012
18:10 (UTC)

Thank you all for your advice, it really helps :-) xxxxx

Weight Gain Give me strength......? Apr 20 2012
21:35 (UTC)

Hi nyankawaiicat! i can assure you now you definately will not gain pounds and pounds! you should be proud of your achievement and realise how much good it is doing you! i was exactly like you about a month ago, i would eat 3000 calories and then feel so bad about it! but eventually i realised you just have to take the plunge, it is now or never, and i can honestly say i have never felt better since i have been eating 3000 calories or more per day! i feel like i can finally see my body properly now, and am really wanting to get healthy! also i have gained weight at a nice pace, i havent gained a tonne of pounds really quickly like i feared! it is only you that you are hurting by not recovering properly! please dont limit tomorrow because of this, you are only hurting yourself! good luck :-) xxxx

Motivation I'm anorexic and need motivation :( Apr 06 2012
10:34 (UTC)

Hey! I am really sorry for how you are feeling, and i completely understand! You have to realise that you need to do this for yourself! by not eating you are only making life harder on yourself, by having no energy and feeling tired etc, it is just becoming a vicious cycle! Please dont detriment your own health for the sake of proving a point, make yourself healthy and happy...the only way to do this is to eat more! you are making yourself feel worse by not doing so! Hope you have the courage to continue to make yourself better, and well done on your recovery so far!xxxx