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The Lounge Generation RX Jun 08 2011
02:18 (UTC)

A diagnosis of ADD or ADHD puts the kid among the ranks of "special needs" students.  That means extra funding for each student with the diagnosis.  It is the school that most often requests that a child be checked out for the condition.  And lazy parents are more than happy to dope their kids up as an alternative to interacting with them.   Personally, I think that 25% over-diagnosis is too light.  Probably more like 90%.

The Lounge Raising gender neutral kids May 24 2011
23:16 (UTC)

If they really believe their own line about letting the kids be who they want to be, they would not force them to be poster-children for their own agenda.    

None of them are old enough to say, "hey mom, let's let a reporter into our personal space and give her intimate details of our personal lives for the reading pleasure of a vast audience of strangers - Because THAT is who I want to be.  The kid under the public microscope."

Weight Loss Gluten free? Apr 24 2011
23:51 (UTC)

I went gluten free for about 6 weeks, and then stayed low-gluten for an additional 6 weeks, primarily to get myself off starchy carbs, like bread and pasta.  For me they are my strongest cravings and hence, diet killers.   What I noticed was that I was more energetic, less tired, and a chronic gas/constipation problem that I have been dealing with for several years, just vanished.

Then I started allowing a little more back into my diet.  I mean 1-2 servings a day.  Gas came back and I was pooped out, but couldn't poop.  Now it is back to almost gluten-free for me.  I just feel so much better.  And cutting out bread and pasta did for me what no amount of yogurt or bean-o could. 

I will indulge in a sandwich or burger with a bun once a week or so, but otherwise I have learned to prefer barley over pasta, and lettuce roll ups instead of sandwiches, tostadas instead of fajitas.   I was never into baking, so that is not an issue for me.  I don't bother with gluten free breads, although I do enjoy rice pasta now and again.  I prefer to replace the bread and pasta with fruit or extra veggies.   It is a cleaner way to eat.  I really can't wrap my head around the idea of healthy foods with ingredients that I can't pronounce. 

Motivation What do you once with your clothes once you have dropped a size? Feb 13 2011
16:26 (UTC)
Original Post by kotov_syndrome:

.....I've still got a pair of size 16 jeans...I'm a size 12 now. O.o But I still wear them, with a belt :P, when I'm having a "fat" day. And I usually wear them with a hoodie. ..

Don't do that to yourself.  You deserve clothing that make you look good and feel great.  I know from experience that wearing big baggy clothing makes you look and feel crappy.  If you give in to that urge to slip on "fat cloths" in the morning, those fat cloths will weigh you down all day.  Dump them so you are not tempted.

The Lounge Cats or Dogs? Feb 13 2011
16:13 (UTC)

Dogs. No contest.

Cats are OK if they are hunting down mice in my barn, but I cannot abide by indoor cats.  All of their owners say "MY cat doesn't get on the counters and tables."  When truth is that they don't do it when people are around because they know they will get whacked.  They just wait until lights out to smear their litter digging paws all over the cooks prep surfaces.  Ack!

The Lounge How would you react? Feb 11 2011
00:52 (UTC)

I would do my level best to not let her know that I even noticed.   She wants a reaction from YOU.  In a similar situation some time ago, I turned and started talking with a nearby group as if I cared not at all that she was even there - or even noticed that she was rubbing on my man's arm.  Then she tried to be noticed by the whole room, but Hubs is too smart for that and he found somewhere else to be. 

Weight Loss Were you raised on a healthy diet? Feb 06 2011
22:43 (UTC)

From 1948 thru 1966 my parents had 8 kids.  By the time I came along at #7, she had the easy, fast, prepackaged and frozen dinner thing down to an art.  Sure she cooked Sunday dinner - usually a roast and potatoes or a casserole - something cooked to mush or brick dry.  I was not even aware that pork could be tender until my 20's.

All steaks were Salisbury, fish came in stick form and veggies were factory canned or starchy.

Weight Loss Have you ever thought about what a pound is? Feb 06 2011
21:30 (UTC)

I like to compare it to potatoes.  A ten pound bag of taters is huge!

The Lounge I Try to Be Compassionate and Caring... Jan 27 2011
23:41 (UTC)

The problem is that these days people think compassion means tolerance for stupid behavior. 

Weight Loss Newbie Clean Eater :) Jan 27 2011
03:56 (UTC)

TheHolla wrapped it up pretty well, as far as I can see.  Especially the part about the chocolate.  I also avoid soy products in all forms except fermented.

For the last month I cut out wheat and lost 7 pounds in 4 weeks, which is incredible for me.   It makes me swell and bloat.  God, I hated to admit that to myself, pasta and bread were my favorite foods, but I do feel so much better without it. 

Some quick tips:  Shop the periphery of the store.  Fresh foods, meats, dairy.  I now shop twice a week to keep up with my produce needs.  Green smoothies are making almost daily appearances in my brown bag lunches.  I make extra meat servings at dinner so I have a clean, lean protein for lunch.   Quinoa is actually better than rice.   

Welcome to the clean-club.  I think you're going to like it.

The Lounge "loose" is an adjective Jan 22 2011
00:38 (UTC)

Wow.  What an incredible amount of effort to say, "yes, we know."

The Lounge Appliances.... Jan 19 2011
00:43 (UTC)

LG has really  really good warranties.  10 years on many items.   The quality of the warranty says a lot about the quality of the product.

Also, it is a good idea to find out who does the local repairs for the stores you consider purchasing from.  Check into their reputations.  You often have no choice in who does warranty covered work.

Weight Loss How to deal with the friend who doesn't understand... Jan 14 2011
11:03 (UTC)
Original Post by theholla:

I'm very comfortable smiling and telling people, "sorry, I don't do shots," or, "thanks, but I'm sticking with wine for now," or whatever. If someone buys you a drink without asking if you want it, it's her problem, not yours. I'm too old to drink liquor I don't want just to avoid confrontation, and too cranky to hang out with people who'd get insulted by an honest "no thanks."

This.  The only times I have ever been confronted with pressure to drink was by people I did not know well, or had just met.  Jerks like that tend to be short-time transients in my life.

Weight Loss bloated..not eating enough? Jan 14 2011
00:07 (UTC)

It is possible that what you are eating, little that it may be, is causing the bloating.  Some common culprits are;

dairy, wheat, soda, raw veggies, legumes.

Foods Foods You've Given Up Jan 14 2011
00:02 (UTC)

Wheat and soy - for health and weight loss.

Soda pop - not intentionally, just lost my taste for it.

Weight Loss Why do you think people can do crazy detox diets but not simply cut out junk food and add veggies? Jan 13 2011
07:32 (UTC)

Another aspect may be that it takes the decision making process out of their hands.  For some, it is easier to do as they're told, than to decide on a course of action.  Which is why so many find success with meal plans.

The Lounge Please to settle an argument? Jan 11 2011
11:14 (UTC)

Both my sons trained out pretty much the same.  Shortly after they turned 2, I noticed that they often woke up dry and did not pee until they were up and about.  So, I started asking them occasionally if they wanted to wear big-boy underwear .  At about 28-29 months the answer was yes.  Within a couple of weeks they were accident-free.  It took another month to convince them that the toilet was safe to sit on for bowel movements.  They both preferred to change into a diaper just for that. 

I never made a big deal about it.  I did a lot of laundry that first week, but always made certain to act as if were no more important than a few crumbs on the counter.  And they never used a potty chair.  I just gave them a sturdy foot stool and let them use the toilet.  Why go through the hassle of cleaning those things?  ug. 


Weight Loss Has this ever happened to any of you even after losing 42lbs? Jan 05 2011
00:49 (UTC)

Also, there is the fact that clothing tends to stretch with age.  If it has been a long time since you purchased any new clothing, your old clothing may be stretched out, giving the impression that this size is looser on you than actually is.


Weight Loss Carbs are not evil! Jan 01 2011
23:13 (UTC)
Original Post by thhq:

Sorry that you believe carbs are evil kay_h.

See what I mean?  I never said that.  Did not even hint at it. 

Today I ate steel cut oats with pineapple, a grapefruit, pear and a pile of kale along with some lean protein and eggs.   More carbs are forthcoming in the home made navy bean and ham soup that is simmering on the stove.  (it smells so good).  I enjoy carbs.  I just want them in their natural, complex form. 

Heck, it's not that I don't think frankenfoods are yummy.  They were a huge part of my diet while I was on my way to fat city.  But when I don't eat it, I don't crave it, and can lose weight while getting all the nutrients I need.  It's easy.  Processed food makes it hard.


Motivation New Year...New Goals...New You! Jan 01 2011
22:42 (UTC)

This year, my NYR is to spend more time on the water in a kayak.  I'm always making excuses why I don't go.  No time, too busy.  The truth is the things that take up my time are house and yard work as well as other misc home and family obligations.  

Well, when I am laying on my deathbed, I won't regret letting the dust sit a little longer, but I may just regret not spending time doing the things I love.  Mopping is not on that list.