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Foods coconut oil.... Mar 11 2013
03:53 (UTC)
Original Post by carmenxox:

Original Post by erin865:

coconut oil is supposed to be really good for you BUT super high in fat. is this a good trade off?






This exactly. Fat is good, your body needs fat. I love coconut oil.

Weight Loss topamax. medication input Oct 11 2012
15:12 (UTC)
my 2 year old has epilepsy and was taking it. it really killed her appetite and made her lose weight, she had to quit for that reason. its a very good appetite supressant, and it does cause drowsiness and makes certain foods taste weird.
Weight Loss I regularly have a deficit, but not losing weight--HELP!! Oct 11 2012
01:02 (UTC)
1000 calorie defecit sounds like alot, maybe its too much? idk but it seems like alot.
Weight Loss UMM... Is this normal?? Oct 11 2012
00:56 (UTC)
are you keeping track of how many calories youre taking in?
Weight Loss breakfast ideas Oct 10 2012
18:43 (UTC)
oatmeal with berries, greek yogurt, toast with peanut butter, smoothies
Weight Loss What weight loss myths do you hate? Oct 10 2012
16:41 (UTC)
that fat free or low fat diets will make you lose weight. and if you're a woman lifting heavy weights will make you too big and bulky.
Pregnancy & Parenting Breastfeeding and trying to lose weight Oct 08 2012
22:12 (UTC)
If you want to keep your milk supply, put off trying to lose weight. Losing weight too fast or too early and restricting your calories will make your milk dry up. For what its worth, i ate ALOT after my daughter was born, no exercise whatsoever, and i was exclusively breastfeeding and lost 40 lbs in 3 months. just from breastfeeding- it burns a ton of calories. So it's good for baby AND you!
Pregnancy & Parenting Life after breast feeding??? Oct 08 2012
22:02 (UTC)
I am breastfeeding my 2 year old and I'm still losing, it is slower I guess bc I can't go too low with calories or I stop making milk. But definitely when you wean you will require a few hundred less calories a day so plan for that if you don't want to gain.
Foods Help!! Sugar or Artificial Sweetener?? Oct 08 2012
21:17 (UTC)
xylitol is an option. although if it were me and i wanted to cut sugar i'd eiher drink coffee without it or quit drinking it altogether. i use 4tsp in my coffee and just have 1 cup a day.
Fitness 30 day shred? Oct 08 2012
20:54 (UTC)
I have it, and I love it. I don't do it everyday, because of the soreness, so I alternate between that and cardio. I don't know if it burns all that many calories by itself, but I think its a really good workout and easy to modify for beginners.
Fitness What's wrong with the people at my gym Oct 07 2012
18:07 (UTC)

Is this post a joke? Sounds like YOU are the one f-ing around in the gym instead of focusing on your own workout.

Motivation I can't wait until... Oct 06 2012
21:13 (UTC)
I can't wait until I no longer have a "muffin top"!! yuk. also i'd love to be able to fit into all of my pre-pregnancy clothes in my closet.. i am barely squeezing into a sz 8 jeans now and want to get back to a 4.
Weight Loss How do you control your sweet cravings? Oct 05 2012
17:03 (UTC)
i have read that certain cravings can be attributed to mineral deficiencies, might be worth looking into! also, i know that lots of people will do a sugar 'detox' because its so addicting, they just cut it out entirely and their cravings go away. i have never tried it, i don't have a big sweet tooth, but you could probably do an internet search for those things and find loads of info. good luck :)
Weight Loss is there anything you can't seem to give up? Oct 05 2012
16:56 (UTC)
I do this too, I just figure it's my treat for the day. I'd rather use real sugar than artificial sweeteners. same for creamer, i use half and half instead of artificial creamer which is full of chemicald. Brown sugar isn't any less refined than white sugar, its just white sugar with molasses added. Sugar in the Raw is the more natural kind but seems to have the same calories anyway.
Weight Loss Feeling like you need less sleep when you are losing weight? Oct 05 2012
15:09 (UTC)
could it be that exercising is bringing your energy levels up? i feel like i have more energy when i work out
Weight Loss things will NOT change overnight Oct 04 2012
14:39 (UTC)
Haha i have to tell myself this every day! If i expect quick changes i get discouraged and give up. It is definitey what has sabotaged me in the past.
Weight Loss hello! Oct 04 2012
14:36 (UTC)
Good luck! I started back up same day as you, going to try and stick with it this time!!
Weight Loss Question for ladies around 5"4? Oct 04 2012
14:30 (UTC)
I'm 5 1" and at 130 lbs I wear a sz 8, but lost 5-6 lbs and I'd fit into a 6 and around 118-120 I'm a 4. so it doesnt take much for me, but all of my weight goes to my hips and butt.
Weight Loss laxatives v fiber supplements Oct 02 2012
21:14 (UTC)
laxatives are for constipation and are not to be used on a regular basis, but fiber supplements are fine to take daily. fiber helps bulk up your stool so that it can come out easier, and it helps you feel full. hope that helps!
Weight Loss negativity Oct 02 2012
20:58 (UTC)
I thought these forums were for support, why is there so much hostility here? I didn't know weight loss was such a controversial topic..