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Young Calorie Counters teen health SURVEY. Sep 14 2010
11:22 (UTC)


What's your name? Kat

How old are you? 16

What grade are you in? 11


How often do you wash your face? every night & morning

What facial wash do you use? clean & clear

What is your favorite hair product? shampoo & conditioner onlyyy

How often do you wash your hair? everyday

Do you shower every day? yup

What is your favorite soap or scrub? netrogena

Do you use face masks or facial treatments? sometimes

Have you ever whitened your teeth profesionally or unprofessionally? unprofessionallyyy, yes


Do you feel pressured by media to be:


[ ]curvy

[ ]over weight

[x]bigger chested

[ ]smaller chested

[ ]altered by plastic surgery

[ ]tattooed

What is your favorite magazine for hygenic tips? idk

Which magazine has your favorite health articles/tips? shape or fitness

What is your favorite magazine in general? seventeen and cosmo

What are your feelings on fashion models; should they hire heavier models, keep hiring too skinny models but just let us know that isnt normal, or something else? they should use real girls of all shapes & sizes

Has a book ever changed your views on weight? no

Have you ever gone on a diet supported by media? (ex: south beach diet, atkins diet, jenny craig, weight watchers) no

Do you or have you ever used work out tapes? yes

Does the media give you inspiration to be healthier or make you just feel worse about your weight? both


Do you eat the recomended amount of calories for your body weight daily? most days

 Do you take a daily vitamin? no

 Have you ever taken a weight loss medicine? no

What is your favorite snack food? fruits, popcorn, and so many moree

What is your favorite vegetable? broccoli, spinach, & asparagus

What is your favorite fruit? bananas

Do you drink V8 or another drink to get your veggie/fruit servings? no

What is your favorite guilty pleasure food? peanut butter, cookies, icecream, chips

How often do you eat sweets? twice a week maybe

Would you say that you eat more healthly or unhealthly? def more healthy


Do you excersize every day? not everyday

Do you excersize more atleast three times a week? yes

Have you ever worked out on an empty stomach? yes

What do you eat before/after workouts? before

Has excersize helped you lose weight or gain muscle? both

What is your favorite workout? i like cardio and stretching

What is the workout you do most often? cardio

Do you consider calm yoga a workout? yes i love it

Do you get excersize at work or school? in fitness class i will be


Have you ever lost more than ten pounds? yes

Have you ever gained more than ten pounds? yes over a period of time

Do you like your weight right now? yes

What is your goal weight? now

Are you looking to lose, maintain, or gain weight? maintain or gain muscle

Have you ever drank? yes

Have you ever smoked pot? no

Have you ever done any drugs? no

Do you dye your hair? yes

Have you ever been in love? i am now <3

Are your parents divorced? no thank god

How long have you been friends with your best friend? 4 years

Does your best friend eat healthy? no

Have you ever excersized with your friends or boyfriend? yupp both

Are you happy in your life? most days

Would you trade your life with any one elses? idk no

Who loves you the most? family & my boyfriend

Who are three people you look up to? mom, aunt, grandmas

Love Yourself. I try tooo

Young Calorie Counters Young People Like to Eat TOO--so Share meals HERE! Sep 12 2010
20:41 (UTC)

Not the healthiest day and my eating was all over the place.

Breakfast: Coffee wtih milk, 2 slices of whole wheat toast with pb and jam.

Lunch: Chocolate cupcake with choc. icing, a small banana and some walnuts.

Snack: Green tea and 2 handfuls of lays chips.

Dinner: Chicken (white meat), garlic mashed potatoes, and carrots. 

Dessert: Slice of home-made apple pie :)
Probably around 1700 calories.  

Young Calorie Counters Young People Like to Eat TOO--so Share meals HERE! Sep 11 2010
16:23 (UTC)


Breakfast: Instant oatmeal with peanut butter, walnuts and a banana. Coffee with 1 % milk.

Lunch: Ham sandwich with mozza cheese on whole wheat thin bun, red grapes, and broccoli.

Snack: Gala apple, vanilla yogurt & green tea.

Dinner: Chili, and white bread.

Snack: Peanut butter Oh Henry chocolate bar at the drive in.

Young Calorie Counters School Year Resolutions? Aug 26 2010
21:35 (UTC)

My resolutions are:

-Maintain a 90% average or higher all year
-Improve my body image and confidence
-Stop obsessing over food and working out!

Foods Top Ten things you eat the most often... Aug 21 2010
17:42 (UTC)

1. Peanut Butter
2. Bananas
3. Apples
4. Whole Wheat/Grain Breads
5. Yogurt
6. Coffee, Tea & Green Tea
7. Walnuts
8. Potatoes
9. Chicken
10. Wholewheat rice or pasta

Young Calorie Counters anyone from 15-17 5'3" ish. What is your weight goals?? Aug 21 2010
14:27 (UTC)

im 16 years old, 5'3 and currently weigh 103 lbs.
I've been working out a gym for the past 2 months trying to tone up and get in better cardio shape through running. So I don't worry to much about my weight as im just looking to tone up. As long as my measurements stay the same I am happy.

Young Calorie Counters Calorie Confusion! HELLPPP~ Jul 14 2010
21:14 (UTC)

Your measurements sound great to me!
I have a 24 inch wasit and only 33.5 inch hips. I have NO butt whatsoever and I don't like it that much lol
But being a teen you should not consume any less than 1500 calories. Since you are active you should aim for 2000 calories per day. You may gain a couple pounds at first because of how low you were eating before but just continue with upping your calories and don't weigh yourself for abit so you don't get all paranoid. Edventually your weight should even out and youll start to maintain.

Young Calorie Counters Whats your guilty pleasure??? Jul 14 2010
20:37 (UTC)

mmm baklava=love:)
I love pb & banana sandwichs.
Do you actually grill it like a grilled cheese?
Im so gunna try that.

Young Calorie Counters Protein Bars? Jul 10 2010
13:18 (UTC)

I do eat yogurt and snacks as a snack often but I just wanted something new and quicker that I can take with me to the gym. But thanks a lot guys! I was looking online and Lunabars sound like a good idea for me to try. Now I just have find to them as I don't like ordering stuff online. Anyone know where to find them in Ontario, Canada?

Young Calorie Counters Should I up my calories? Jul 06 2010
21:43 (UTC)

Okay thanks girls!
I havnt really been counting calories to much more just intuitive and eating good healthy filling meals and snacks. But I would say on average I eat 1800-2000 calories a day. So I will make sure I consume more calories by adding in some higher calorie foods likes nuts and drinking calorie drinks like milk.

Young Calorie Counters I just ate half of a cheesecake. Jun 30 2010
22:31 (UTC)

My advice is not to starve yourself for the rest of the day.
Wait until body is telling you it is hungry again. Then eat something light, healthy, and clean such as a large salad filled with veggies or even some low sodium soup. Do not freak out and think you will gain 5 pounds from this. Chances are you won't gain anything and if you do it will easily come off if you just go back to eating normally. So just relax and start over tomorrow :)

Young Calorie Counters Young People Like to Eat TOO--so Share meals HERE! Apr 24 2010
21:24 (UTC)

Breakfast: coffee, oatmeal made with milk and topped with walnuts, brown sugar, and raisons

Lunch: small sub on whole wheat with lettuce, mozza cheese, and ham

Snack: small apple and green tea

Snack 2: fat free vanilla yogurt topped with kashi go lean crunch

Dinner: 1 large shish kabob with chicken, mushrooms, peppers, onions, and zuchini, 3/4 cup of brown rice, and plain garden salad

Snack 3: decaf tea with 1% milk

Foods Which would be better? Apr 24 2010
02:21 (UTC)

I will defiantly go with the lays.
I am a plain chip kinda girl :P

Young Calorie Counters Thigh Measurements Anyone? Apr 22 2010
02:25 (UTC)


Bust: 31 (lacking in this area)

Waist: 24

Hips: 33

Thigh: 18.5

Young Calorie Counters Cheerleading Competition Tomorrow Apr 17 2010
13:23 (UTC)

Thanks alot girls!
My coach has made it clear that we are not allowed to eat anything from the venue till after we compete, and my team is one of the last teams so I dont have to worry about the junk food there. Im gunna rock the floor ;)

Young Calorie Counters Young People Like to Eat TOO--so Share meals HERE! Apr 13 2010
02:05 (UTC)

yess it is sorry i forgot i left out some chocolate and other snacks i had after dinner, it equals out to around 1600 calories thanks for the consern though :)

Young Calorie Counters Young People Like to Eat TOO--so Share meals HERE! Apr 12 2010
20:43 (UTC)

Breakfast: Coffee with 1% milk, whole wheat english muffin w/ peanutbutter & a small banana

Snack: A gala apple

Lunch: Whole wheat bun w/ half slice of mozza cheese, 1 slice of lean ham, & lettuce, baby carrots & raw cauliflower.

Snack: fat free vanilla yogurt, small banana, & 1 digestive cookie

Dinner: Homemade Quesadilla! (whole wheat wrap with mozza cheese, feta cheese, mushrooms, chicken & peppers)

Young Calorie Counters Young People Like to Eat TOO--so Share meals HERE! Apr 07 2010
02:08 (UTC)

Breakfast: Coffee, Shredded Wheat w/ 1% Milk & a small Banana

Snack: Grapes & a couple reese pieces (in science class)

Lunch: 1/2 whole wheat pita stucked with turkey, cheese, lettuce, and mushrooms, an apple, & baby carrots

Snack: Green Tea & an Oh Henry Easter Egg :) (yummy)

Dinner: Chicken Lasagna, slice of baguette, & salad

Young Calorie Counters Mini-Survey for Middle-High schoolers Apr 04 2010
18:14 (UTC)

First name: Kat

Country: Canada :)

State (If there is states): I live in Ontario

Favorite food: way to many! but i love greek food

Favorite actress/actor: katherine heigl

Favorite movie: most chick flicks and horror films

Siblings? If so, how many? one brother

How many parents live at home? both of them :)

Favorite class at school? english

Pet peeve[s]? really flirty girls

[I added this one on] Why are you on CC? to maintain my weight and learn about healthy eating

Favorite book? usually whatever I am reading at the moment

Do you have any allergies? nope

If you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? peanutbutter and bananas

Do you have a BF/GF? yess an amazing boyfriend:)

Do you play an instrument?  unfortantly no

Vegetarian, vegan, kosher, ect...? none

[edit] Favorite place to shop [clothes] I like hollister, americain eagle, a&f, bebe, forever 21, pacsun, macys, and a bunch others