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Weight Loss Has anyone tried Curvelle Nov 24 2007
16:34 (UTC)
I had heard about Curvelle too and I wanted to know if it worked.
Weight Loss ugh, need to be in some serious fighting shape pronto Nov 20 2007
01:04 (UTC)
i have read about curvelle and i see that you are taking it. Is it actually a diet pill or more like a supplement. From the information I read it looked more like a supplement. How is it working for you? I am interested to know.
Motivation When people notice... Apr 17 2007
01:34 (UTC)
CONGRATS on the weight loss! It is so rewarding when someone notices all of the hard work you have put into it. People had been commenting on my new "skinniness", but i just had prom last Thursday and everyone noticed my 25 lb weight loss. It was great to finally feel like I looked good and it was good motivation to lose another 20. I hope those compliments show you that pain eventually pays off. KEEP Up the good work guys!
Motivation Teen weight loss group? Apr 14 2007
17:18 (UTC)
I'm 17, 5'3.5" and I weigh 141. I used to be 165, but I have lost 24 lbs since January. My goal weight is 125, but I might stop earlier. I would really like to get into a 6 and I am now at a 10. We had prom Thursday and I got to show off my new HOT body in a killer dress. Yeah, just kidding but I did get a lot compliments about how good I looked so it is some good motivation. I wish you guys the best of luck and I know ya'll are gonna do awesome.
Weight Loss Watching my calories Apr 11 2007
18:23 (UTC)
Oh I know how you feel. Since I started counting my calories, I am always planning my next meal or snack, even if I am eating. I seem to notice the hunger and being full more too. Maybe you should add more little snacks like nuts or yogurt to make sure you aren't famished when you eat a meal.
Motivation A New Group For Us Youngsters Here On CC! Apr 05 2007
02:20 (UTC)
I'm a 17 year old high school junior. I'm 5'3.5" and I now weigh about 143. I started off at 165, but joined calorie count when I was 152. My goal weight is 125 or a size 6, whichever comes first. So I'm excited because it's only like 17 pounds away. I normally have a hard time staying motivated, but this time I'm going to do it. Oh a GREAT milestone today was that I ran a mile without wanting to puke, no huffing and puffing, NO side cramps or calf pains. It's definetly a miracle. Now I'm working on getting the time down and running like two or three miles. Wish me luck and I know ya'll can all do it!
Weight Loss Binge relapse Mar 31 2007
14:40 (UTC)
Oh i know how you feel. I binged yesterday after not having done it in a long time. I ate over 3,000 calories and I feel disgusting today. But today is a new day and you can start over. I binge isn't going to kill me or you. If you are feeling the urge to binge go do something where food isn't involved. Go walk in the park, go get your nails done or go to the book store. If I want to binge I like to go clothes shopping because then I no longer want to eat because I have been doing so well. DO ANYTHING that will keep you busy. Good LUCK I know you can make it without another binge.
Weight Loss Probably the biggest challenge I'll ever have Mar 30 2007
01:10 (UTC)
I have a lot in common with you and I really know where you are coming from.  I am 17 and at my biggest I weighed 170 lbs. I have been the big girl my whole life too. I would say I was fat, but most others would say that I was chunky. I had a lot of muscle and I was good with weights, but not so good with cardio. I think the only cardio that helped me stay in the 150's was volleyball, but after last year I quit. I didn't exercise and got up to 170. I had tried diets for at least 3 years, but I always gave up after 3 weeks. But things changed. I got tired of being the fat girl and decided that it was time to lose weight for real this time. I have now been on a diet almost 3 months and I have lost about 21 pounds. My goal is to get to 125 by June or July.

The hardest thing to do when dieting and losing weight is to start off. Trust me it was hard, but it feels so rewarding when you finally lose some weight. With exercise you can start off small. I hated running and would die after a half-mile, so I started off with the elliptical. It burns a lot of calories and can be more of a workout than running. Now that I am in better shape I am starting to run, which isn't so bad. Kick boxing is a great workout too. It wears you out, but it feels really good. And exercising helps relieve stress. I know, cause I get stressed easily and exercising really helps that. Jus remember you don't have to run to get in a good cardio exercise.

As for the diet, you just have to learn to control your portions. You don't have to deprive yourself of everything, but you do have to learn to know when enough is enough. I find that calorie counting is easiest for me, but that's my preference. Since you seem to have hard time knowing what to eat this might be a good thing for you to do. Also, I found that Weight Watchers was really good. You can eat everything, but you control your portions. You just need to find a something that works for you.

Coming from experience I know you can do it. You just have to decide that you want it and really go for it. Don't forget to be patient with your weight loss. You seem like a beautiful person and I wish you the best of luck. I know you can do it.
Weight Loss 20 or less challenge Mar 27 2007
01:15 (UTC)
I would like to join also. I am looking to lose 15-20 lbs. i'm kind of on a plateau right now so maybe this will get me back on track. i might try adding some calories also.

sw: 165

lw: 145.0

cw: 144.6

gw: 125
Weight Loss calorie intake Mar 25 2007
15:40 (UTC)
i'm 17 and 5'4" and i'm trying to get down to 125