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Health & Support = May 19 2012
17:19 (UTC)
It's water weight Hun! Don't worry I'm in the same position as you :)
Health & Support recovery May 17 2012
18:38 (UTC)
Thankyou so much! I'd say I've been in recovery for about 3 and a half weeks so it seems like its never going to end! I've started eating intuitively but I'm not sure of that will affect anything? I would also like to start excercising again as I definitely don't feel too thin! Hahah x
Health & Support Message me if you need support <3 May 15 2012
16:05 (UTC)
Hi! Could I ask how long your bloating took to go down? Thanks! Xx
Health & Support thank you!!!! May 06 2012
16:20 (UTC)
That's amazing well done!! Just starting to feel a little better about myself and the whole thing about 3 weeks in, do you know how long it took before the bloating went down? And when did you start to feel hungry? I feel as though in eating because I have to then getting full reeeally quickly x
Health & Support recovery Apr 19 2012
18:22 (UTC)
Thankyou so much! I'm definitely going to stick with it, I'm going to be healthy and get my period back! Have you recovered yourself? Do you know how long I'll be at this stage for? And that is such a horrible story but hopefully it will be a sign for everyone else, definitely shocked me back into recovery!! X
Health & Support Doubts with mainteance calories and BMR calculators! Apr 12 2012
05:51 (UTC)
Hey! I have practically same measurements as you! Been eating roughly 2000-2500 everyday keep me updated on how your weight gain goes!
Health & Support Anorexia Recovery - Binge Eating Apr 11 2012
05:57 (UTC)
Hi same problems here! Bmi of 16.2 so have to get it up to at least 18 in a few months! I too have massive binges especially with Easter! But just wondering if any of you feel sick or get tummy cramps? Also how long do you think it'll be before my period comes back? Been trying to eat mostly fats as apparently that helps it! Well done to everyone here x
Weight Loss Binging please help! Apr 08 2012
06:18 (UTC)
Don't worry you're in the same position as me! I've upped to 1500 and I know I'm gaining but barely anything it will soon level off! Keep me updated x
Weight Loss Gaining Weight Trying to Come out Starvation Mode - Please read Apr 02 2012
17:00 (UTC)
Omg been looking for people in the same situation! Been upping my calories for the past 3 weeks but my stomach is just getting bigger and bigger so embarrassing especially as its bikini season here! How much longer till it goes down? :(
Young Calorie Counters High Metabolism, 16 years old, but Dieting :( Mar 19 2012
12:29 (UTC)
I know exactly how you feel! Just upping my calories to 1500-1800 everyday for a week then will go back to 1500 will tell you how it goes
Young Calorie Counters what's happening?! Mar 18 2012
14:32 (UTC)
Okay Thankyou!! Are you back to normal again? I miss a normal metabolism hahah!