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Weight Loss Alcohol calories Jun 13 2011
16:28 (UTC)

Thanks for the replies.  As far as how much I am eating, I haven't been weighing and writing down everything.  I had an ED before which lead to many years of bingening, I have finally broken free of that - haven't binged in about 2 years.  When I quit the drinking, I though of maybe going back to counting calories etc, but the thought of that brought up those feelings again and gave the urge to binge, so I decided not to do it.  After years of dieting, I know pretty much what I have to eat and I am conscious of everything, I just don't write it down.  I know I won't be counting calories my entire life, so now that I'm within 5-10 pounds of my ideal weight, I think now is the time not to count.

jjen151798955, thanks for those points.  I suppse you are right.  I guess the thing that is baffling to me is that I really was consuming like 1500 calories of alcohol a day and my weight stayed the same with how I was eating (and it wasn't healthy all the time).  I just figured I have eliminated the 1500 cals, started working out again, eating much healthier and I'm stuck.

Weight Loss Alcohol calories Jun 12 2011
20:54 (UTC)
Original Post by kotov_syndrome:

It's not a theory that alcohol is empty calories. It's fact.

How many calories from food were you averaging a day while you were drinking? I lost a ton of weight while being dependent on alcohol...because I was starving. What calories I got provided no nutrition

I eat less now for sure and I eat better....I was eating fried, fatty stuff before without thinking about I'm eating healthy things and have cut out the fatty not so good things and here I am.  Plus, I didn't exercise before.  I'm baffled.

Fitness Belly pouch: is it like the roaches of fitness? Can it survive a nuclear holocaust? Jun 03 2011
16:14 (UTC)

I'm wondering the same thing :(  I remember my dad when he was skinny skinny in his 30s and he always had some lovehandles.  Maybe it's just the way it is.  I guess the only thing to do would be to get body fat down as low as possible/healthy?

Health & Support why do i keep doing this Aug 20 2010
18:16 (UTC)

Oh man, I feel for you.  How old are you?  I struggled with bingeing from when I was about 15 to 28...which is how old I am now...They say that you never really get over it...but you find ways to deal with it.  The biggest thing for me was to stop deeming foods as can have anything...just not boxes of it.  I've been to OA and their biggest thing was eliminating triggers...which DID NOT work for me...made me want it more.  I'm sure that you are somewhat depressed and the big thing for me was when I started to snap out of my depression, I didn't want to binge anymore.  Listen to your does send you signals...don't beat yourself up.  Try to be more social...get new will soon start to see that there is more to life than your "perfect" weight.  Focus on work, school, friends and family (not in that order LOL).  It may sound stupid, but I stopped bingeing completely twice...both times it was b/c I fell in love...there is no better focus on the inner you...because being depressed and sitting home bingeing and feeling guilty about it...doesn't make you attractive to other people...or to yourself.  And finally, I don't know if you have negative influences..(one of mine was my mother)..but try to get over them. 

Fitness Runners: What's On Your Playlist? Aug 18 2010
18:19 (UTC)


Fitness I HATE the it OK I don't do it anymore? Aug 18 2010
15:49 (UTC)

Thank you for your replies...I'm glad that others share my sentiments.  Lately (and pretty much always before) the elliptical makes my feet fall it cuts off the blood circulation.  I don't know...I just can't stand it anymore.  My knees are fine (for now)...I like the treadmill because you can do intervals and sprints and stuff...just more fun than the elliptical.  I'm usually outside rollerblading and biking, but I just moved to Orlando and its HOT.  It's just that I used to be so gym obsessed...I mean OBSESSED...that I feel guilty for skipping out on an exercise...I'm used to working out 2 hours a day and going down to an hour 5 days a week is a change :-/

Weight Loss How does one "Restart"? Aug 18 2010
12:54 (UTC)

OMG, reading your post was like reading what is in my head.  I too took a break and it was working for me...I stopped obsessing, stopped having my life revolve around food and exercise...stopped stressing.  This happened to me b/c I found someone who made me extremely happy and all that other stuff just went out my mind.  I lost the remaining 15 pounds I had with little to no effort.  Its been a year and a half and I guess maybe part of the honeymoon stage wore off...the stress kicked in and now I'm 5-8lbs over where I want to be.

The first thing is if you dieted before, you know what its like.  You know the calories, the exercise etc.  I don't think it's about that this time.  The weight came back for a reason (yes the obvious is that you were eating more than what you were expending).  However, as you say time and stress got in the way.  The reality is that, I'm assuming you are younger than me (I'm 28), these issues are not going to go away...they are going to get worse.  You will be more stressed and have less time EACH DAY!!!  Oh so sad :(  SO, as some of the other posters said, I think the focus this time around should be inner exercise that you like, try new might be surprised, indulge once in a while and don't worry about the number (keep an eye on it, but don't make it rule your life).  I find what helps me is to do things for other people or self enriching activities for myself.  I'm going back to school in two weeks that feels good...volunteer on the weekend....find a new hobby...

I think as we get older, we need to focus more on inner peace and happiness and the life that is happening around us.  Dieting (I had an ED before) and having my life revolve around food/exercise has taken a lot away from me...and from this point on, I refuse it to take anymore.  Yes, I would ideally like to be 122lbs...and I know what I have to do to get there and stay there...but I also know what I would  have to give is short.

Weight Loss Alcohol and Weight Loss - Weird Aug 18 2010
12:27 (UTC)

Well I know that I gained the 5 pounds because of the new job...its stressful, far from home and I don't like it I was eating more during the day...but like junk...made me feel better about being here :-/  I also started eating more desserts...which I wasn't doing before.  I realize all this and I think I'm over the "hump" but the 5 lbs is still there.  I'm not worried about losing it...I know that if I do the gym about 4 times a week and watch my intake during the day and my sweets that I'll be fine...I'm  just confused why before I would gain like 5 lbs a week when I would go off my diet and now nothing happens, even if I drink and eat what I want...which I've been doing for over a year now...with little to no exercise.  Is it possible that after years of yo-yo and now about a year and a half relatively steady (+/- 5 lbs), that my metabolism is back "normal."

Motivation How to not fall off the wagon...? Jan 18 2009
18:21 (UTC)

Yeah, I think it really has to do with the "all or nothing, black and white" thinking.  I always think , "well I ate that on Wednesday so the rest of the week is shot and I'll start again on Monday." Come Monday though, I think that my entire plan is shot, so what does it matter, I might as well eat what I want.  I can't get over this thinking. 

I am trying to set less agressive goals.  Goals that I know I can reach even if I have a few "bad" days.  And I'm trying to look at it as this is my life, not two months in my life where I will suffer and come two months it will be over and I can eat and enjoy myself again.  When I do what I've done in the past, I get depressed, withdrawn and angry.  This makes me binge and lay around the house all day and get more depressed.  I wish there was a pill or something LOL.

Weight Loss I Never Heard This Part About Losing Weight... Jan 17 2009
18:29 (UTC)

Splittrail, yes, the summer is better.  Without all the fat you just don't get as hot.  However, when the temps get up to the 30s or above, I don't think it matters, its HOT.  Also, I'm used to cold climates so the heat depresses me and makes me wanna hide too.

Health & Support Need help with my OCD.... Dec 17 2008
18:32 (UTC)
Original Post by pgeorgian:

first - DON'T DO RESEARCH.  people with OCD are highly subject to suggestion, and reading about it is likely to make it worse.

 Ain't that the truth LOL.  I have a therapist, I guess I should talk to her about my obsessions more.  I've been dealing with other problems with her.

Weight Loss Can't work it out... Dec 17 2008
15:15 (UTC)

I think that you are overestimating your exercise calories.  You burn the most amount of calories when you increase the intensity.  Unfortunately, walking doesn't burn many cals.  The cross trainer can, but you have to keep the intensity high and vary it over time - try doing intervals.  Also, I don't think your swimming workouts burn 1000 cals - I would give you half of that so like 500.  Finally, make sure you're counting your food calories accurately.  Weigh the food for a while to get an exact idea of how many calories are in what.

Health & Support Need help with my OCD.... Dec 17 2008
15:07 (UTC)

Thanks for the replies everyone.  I don't know if I actually have the medically diagnosed form of OCD.  I just know that my mother has always told me that I tended to obsess over things when I was a child and I know that I continue to do so now.  I'm a perfectionist as well so that plays into it.  The fact is that I've had an ED in the past, so food has always been a sensitive topic.  I would like to finally get over the weight and the food controlling my life and have some sanity.  I thought that I would just relax, take it slow, focus on other things in my life (like grad school) and it should be OK.  But I'm starting to obsess over the calories, exercise, food etc again.  I figured not counting calories and weighing the food would tame some of these thoughts and behaviors, and it has, but as the weight comes off, I'm getting more inclined to return to what I used to do and that always backfires.

Weight Loss Biggest Loser Finale!! Dec 16 2008
18:48 (UTC)

Definitely looking forward to it.  I love the transformations at the end.  And  yes, I would rather have Ed in the finale, b/c I've hated Heba from the beginning - she's such a b*tch.

Weight Loss Does anyone here NOT count calories? Dec 12 2008
14:14 (UTC)

In terms of carbs, I think that some people just get cravings when eating carbs and that's why cutting them out would lead to weight loss as the cravings wouldn't be as strong.  Also depends on the type of carb.

I actually started the weight loss thing again in November and decided that I would not count calories.  Granted I still have a ballpark figure in my head, but I don't go crazy like I used to.  Its such a relief not to have to do that.  Counting became a problem for me, b/c if I went over, I would get annoyed and depressed and that would lead to bingeing.  Plus it was outrageously time consuming and especially  problematic when I would have meals with my parents or in restaurants.  Now I just go with the flow, I've been doing this for a long time, I know what I should be eating, and I keep a close eye on the weight.

Weight Loss Eating a lot and exercising Dec 10 2008
01:52 (UTC)

I would say that the easiest way to get an answer to your question is to do some trial and error.  Keep doing what you're doing and monitor your inches or weight or both.  You'll eventually get stuck, then you'll need to cut the calories or up the exercise or both.  Also depends on how much weight you have to lose.

Fitness Just registered for my first ever 5k!!!! Sep 12 2008
21:40 (UTC)
7 has great training plans!!
Fitness 15 Minutes Everyday? Or 30 minutes 3 times a week. Aug 29 2008
17:12 (UTC)
I would go with 30mins 4-5 times per week.  But, anything you do is benefitial.  Is there an activity that you do like doing??
Health & Support a nutritionist and an overeating problem Aug 29 2008
12:51 (UTC)
Hi Safina,

As we've talked before, I have the same problem.  I also thought about working with a nutritionist but it was just too expensive - about the same that you say.  I just can't afford that right now.  However, I have been going to a new therapist since February and I think its finally starting to click.  She also recommended some books to me, which have been helping.  I also got a book on depression.  Its going to take time and you're not going to feel better overnight.  I have to fight everyday, but each day it gets easier.  Of course there are those days when you want to throw in the towel but like some of the other posters said, you just need to distract yourself for like 20mins - the urges to overeat do pass.  I find it really helpful to have someone to call or I have some people that I communicate with that I found on this site and I just type them an email about whats going on.  It really helps.  I know it may seem helpless right now, but you just have to take it one day at time.  Forget tomorrow and don't worry about yesterday - trust me, each day does get better. 

What I meant to say was, I think you're better off with a therapist.  Find one that you like and that maybe has some experience in this sort of thing.

Is it possible that you can be depressed?  Maybe you can try drug therapy for that.  I also started that just recently, but it will take a few months to see if it helps.
Weight Loss Has anyone had success not counting cals Aug 27 2008
17:28 (UTC)
Cosmogirl82, are you having success at the weight loss?