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Fitness Free yoga routine? Sep 27 2013
14:01 (UTC)

Blogilates incorporates pilates into yoga and that's free on youtube if you're interested in pilates also. There's some good routines on youtube, I forgot the name, that are around 30+ minutes long. I always put them on my playlist so I can find them later. Hope you find something good.

Fitness Worrying pain during jogging intervals.. Sep 26 2013
13:21 (UTC)

I have just gone out and jogged at a slower pace and I had no pain at all.


I phoned the doctor this morning and she suggested the same thing to me, to go at a slower pace and it seems to have worked. Also I took a water bottle with me and kept myself hydrated and I didn't do that last time. I think it might've been a combo of too fast a speed and my sports bra was too tight because it did leave red marks on my skin, so it might've restricted my breathing.


Thanks for your help guys!

Fitness Worrying pain during jogging intervals.. Sep 26 2013
08:04 (UTC)

dbackerfan, I don't smoke (save for a few times in teenagehood, which was almost a decade ago now!),  drink, no history of asthma and as far as I know, no history of heart conditions in my family. I've been going to the doctors back and forth this year because of something else and everything they checked there, including blood pressure they said was fine. Not overweight..I'm about 138 pounds at 5'3 so I don't think I'm at my healthiest weight but not severely overweight.


Thanks for both of your advice, it was really helpful!

Fitness Blogilates!!! :D Sep 25 2013
11:04 (UTC)

I'm going to bump this as I've been doing Week one and Day 5..almost killed me. I love her website and I bought one of those cute little yoga mat keyrings from her shop. I've read she has a pilates workout dvd coming out so it's worth a check out!

The Lounge The Tea Appreciation Thread. Feb 18 2012
11:11 (UTC)
Original Post by lysistrata:

Sure, you can find fantastic food in London.  In a french restaurant.  :P

British food is fantastic. Apple pies, toad in the hole, roast dinners, Full English breakfasts, cottage and shepard's pie, bakewell tarts, chicken casseroles, bubble and squeak, fish pie, Ploughman's lunch, spotted dick pudding, sticky toffee pudding, Eton mess, fruit much more to add.

The stereotype of our food being gross isn't right. The food is comforting and healthy and only someone who hasn't been to England very much would say something like that.

"Funny, I would have thought the reason that the Brits are so unhealthy is because they eat so much crap in such large amounts."

Uh, please don't stereotype and be rude about British people. I find that insulting and totally false. If you want to do that, please don't do it in my thread. It's unnecessary. I'm not automatically an unhealthy person just because I am British. How insulting.

This thread was about appreciating tea, yet it's become a thread about insulting the British?

The Lounge Help! My boyfriend has let himself go. :( Feb 17 2012
12:22 (UTC)

Physical attraction in a relationship is not that important unless that was the reason you got with him for. Which it sounds like from this post, it was. Just being honest. If that is extremely important to you and you feel it's not working out, honesty is really the best policy with this situation.


The Lounge Why are sisters so awful to each other? Feb 17 2012
08:49 (UTC)
Original Post by ignayshus:

All the sisters I know that aren't more than 10 years apart in age are or were pretty awful to each other growing up. My own daughters are starting to really get into this cycle of being really sweet and then without any rhyme or reason (as far as I can tell) being really mean to each other from one minute to the next.

Does anyone female here have a great relationship with a sister who is relatively close in age? How did it become that way or was it always good? Did your parents help foster this? What did you guys do together as sisters?

Me and my sister were never really close as children but it's natural to grow apart which is what we have done. We are hardly in the same room as one another anymore. Arguements usually ensue now if my family are in the same room as one another. I have one of those families, unfortunately.

The Lounge My bf does not brush his teeth Feb 16 2012
19:37 (UTC)
Original Post by bierorama:

Original Post by helpsue:

you better whatch not bathing and having sex BV will get you for sure

Do you have a link that proves this? I cannot find anything that says not showering + sex is a cause of bacterial vaginosis (I assume that's what you mean by BV).

BV is an infection caused by the bacterial balance in the vagina being disrupted so I think it would be possible.

The Lounge Nude Baby Pictures Feb 16 2012
19:33 (UTC)
Original Post by roxysparkles:

Posted on facebook by the new proud parent(s).

Does anyone have a problem with this? Yes, no? Why or why not? Don't care?


I would suspect most people from most countries are absolutely okay with it. Except in America, nudity seems to be forbidden and extremely frowned upon. No idea why. 

If the baby were posing with toy guns, I would doubt it would make as many people feel on edge like it would for me. I'm being presumptious of course, but that's just what I've observed from the American culture.

Nothing wrong with little baby bottoms and it doesn't make people freaks for thinking they're cute.

The Lounge The Tea Appreciation Thread. Feb 16 2012
18:21 (UTC)
Original Post by bierorama:

Milk in tea may be not be for you, but it's not "wrong." I like milky tea, without sweetners. Mmm.


Agreed. I love my tea milky but with two sweetners. Most Brits put milk in their tea but I know Americans find that weird! We find it weird you guys love iced tea. Blegh. :)

The Lounge The Tea Appreciation Thread. Feb 16 2012
15:39 (UTC)
Original Post by furrybelly:

I am sorry. ANYONE who is serious about tea will drink only loose leaf tea, brewed in a tea pot. Tea bags are foul inventions of the devil

Why? What is 'serious about tea'? Loose tea doesn't taste any different than bagged tea to me.

Yorkshire Tea is also another favourite but can get boring after a while. I tried Tazo Chai but it was too tangy for my mouth. Interesting blend though so I can see why people like it.

The Lounge I can't believe this just happened! Feb 16 2012
15:35 (UTC)
Original Post by amethystgirl:When I read her threads, they read to me like a 16 year old who has a new boyfriend.

You can't make that judgement from a few posts on a message board. It's rather silly.

The Lounge unable to accept a compliment Feb 16 2012
15:31 (UTC)
Original Post by ntesan:

It just hit me out of the blue.

One of my good friends just mentioned I was one of the prettiest girls in my workgroup at the university. I was taken aback a bit and ralized I've never heard anyone call me pretty. Well except my parents. Even my boyfriend stopped saying that I was beautiful beacuse it made uncomfortable. It's not that I think I'm ugly or anything like that. Usually I get comments about my hair, how I don't look 30 etc.

I also realised whenever I said to my girlfriends that they're good looking, they also get a bit weird. Like they're not really sure if I'm serious.

It's being pretty not really a compliment or we just have such high standards for beauty when we think about ourselves?

Maybe it's a cultural thing. Do you have the same experience?

I absolutely cannot take a compliment. It really annoys my boyfriend but I don't think it's normal for me to get compliments. That's the way it is for me.

The Lounge Celebrities you dislike and ones you admire. Feb 15 2012
21:35 (UTC)
Original Post by kathygator:

Worst attempt at a British Accent: Kevin Costner in Robin Hood.

Most American actors, to be quite honest IMO. Apart from Gwenyth Paltrow and Renee Zellweger who I found were extremely convincing..

The Lounge Do you believe a long distance relationship can work Feb 15 2012
21:33 (UTC)
Original Post by lostpumpkins:

No.  Never.  Not under any circumstances.

I dated a guy who lived down the street from me and it was nearly impossible, so I wouldn't recommend dating anyone you don't live with.

Ha...That's a joke, right? 


Absolutely. When your heart is in it, you can make anything work. I'm in one and have been since 2009 but you have to keep thinking the waiting is worth it.

The Lounge Celebrities you dislike and ones you admire. Feb 15 2012
18:00 (UTC)

Sigh. Why has my thread ended up in a slanging match between members? Come on peeps, this is a great forum. We don't need that.


Also forgot:

Zooey Deschannel for dislike. So so fake. Can't stand her 'Look at me, I'm sooo wacky. Don't you think I'm wacky?!' No, I think you're fake.

Angelina Jolie is also another one.


Micheal J. Fox. Love his work, love him. Julianna Margulies. So beautiful and talented.


The Lounge Celebrities you dislike and ones you admire. Feb 14 2012
16:13 (UTC)
Original Post by lostpumpkins:


Taylor Swift.  I am just getting tired of the cute, innocent little sweetheart act.  I don't buy it.

Tom Cruise.  I've never understood his sex appeal.  And I am always resistent to like things or people that are so universally popular.  Plus, his acting sucks.

Jay-Z.  If I hear "most talented rapper alive" one more time, I swear.  He is not that talented.  Even before I knew who he was or had an opinion on him as an artist, I disliked every rap I ever heard him on.  I see no skill there.

Cameron Diaz.  Rubs me the wrong way, eh.



Rachel McAdams.  Very talented and so gorgeous.

Agree with your choices. Rachel is so effortlessly classy and beautiful!


Taylor Swift is a weird one because I think she seems such a sweetheart but I don't like her image. Too sickly sweet to the point of seeming fake..

The Lounge Being rude on forums Feb 14 2012
15:14 (UTC)

Eh, I think if someone is being rude, they should be called out on it. However, no one should really care what is written on the internet 'cause it's never serious and they daren't say it to your face in person. I think it's funny.

Foods What did you COOK today? Feb 07 2012
13:57 (UTC)

I had roasted red pepper, vegetable rice, chicken and roasted tomatos. I only ate half of it but I love roasted peppers.

The Lounge What's your Myers-Briggs type? Feb 07 2012
13:54 (UTC)

I am INFJ with an 80% on Introverted. Don't know if that's a good or bad thing..