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Weight Loss Lighter Life....Anyone? Feb 22 2010
19:49 (UTC)

My friend did this diet. He is now a spokes person for the Lighter Life people since he lost around 10 stone on the diet. He is now doing very well and hasn't really gained any weight since being off the diet. It was over approx 9-12 months

Weight Loss Looking for my CC twin, 25, 5'3 and weigh 123lbs Oct 24 2009
13:23 (UTC)

Hey I'm pretty close too. 5'2.5 - CW 124, GW 110. trying to do it the healthy way this time :)

Health & Support Gained a much needed 10 lbs in 4 months, now want to lose again! Jun 01 2009
21:00 (UTC)

Thanks so so much for all of your supportive replies. Gaining weight has been a very confusing experience, on one hand I've been so happy about it, but there's always the dark side of it, where I remember being thin and loving it, but also remember the pain I went through, it's a messy situation to be in!

I need to remember that I am still not over weight, and am healthy again, which is the most important thing! :)

Foods Been veggie for 3 years, want to start eating meat again - how!? Mar 05 2009
20:37 (UTC)

I ate a scotch egg today :) Anyone from the UK will know what I'm on about, if you don't, Google it... mmm yummy! :D


I'm sick of thinking about everyone else, whether that's humans or animals, I want to eat food I want to eat! That means yummy nutritious animals! I want something to chew on for the first time in 3 years! So there :p

Health & Support Using anti-depressants? Mar 04 2009
21:52 (UTC)

I've been on a very low dose of anti depressants (citalopram) since just before christmas because of my eating disorder, and they have helped me so much.

Before I was a wreck, I was constantly on edge, my fists were always clenched and couldn't stop beating myself up about food. My head was a bit of a mess. After taking anti depressants I feel way more in control of my own thoughts and feelings, and am back to the calm fun person I used to be. They have simply restored what was. Don't be scared to give them a try if you really are struggling. If your doctor is good like mine, I get checked up on every 4 weeks.

Foods Been veggie for 3 years, want to start eating meat again - how!? Mar 04 2009
21:40 (UTC)
Original Post by vancouver_girl:

I'm sorry, but I agree with Pumpkin.....WHY GO BACK TO MEAT?!

 Because I want a burger :D

Foods Been veggie for 3 years, want to start eating meat again - how!? Mar 02 2009
22:08 (UTC)
Original Post by gi-jane:

It's not illegal to eat meat and it's really unfair and unsupportive to try to guilt-trip the OP back into her ED.  Your choice is your choice...  but if the OP is struggling to get back to health, what's more important?  Her life or a chicken's?

 Thank you for your support. I had the exact feelings that you have mentioned. I am starting to think of my OWN health and nutritional needs whilst trying to overcome my disordered eating, and not that of the chickens'. It's hard for me because I do have a strong opinion on animal rights, however I feel as though right now my body needs the protein gained from eating meat again. I am very grateful to the chicken though for supplying me with these nutritional benefits!

I had the chicken and it was yummy with no bowel misbehavior! I may buy some more tomorrow! :)

Foods Been veggie for 3 years, want to start eating meat again - how!? Mar 02 2009
14:02 (UTC)

thanks so much guys :) I'd bought some pre cooked chicken breast and really wanted some advice before tucking into it later! I'll take my time on it! I'm actually quite looking forward to it! The taste and the idea of protein! Woo!

Health & Support weighing at the doctor Oct 21 2008
12:53 (UTC)

If your going to the doctors because of your weight, I'm pretty sure he/she will ask you to take your shoes off. If it is just general they may not, unless you're wearing Doc Martins or something!

Weight Loss sugar or no sugar? Oct 10 2008
13:00 (UTC)

I'm currently cutting out sugar and snacks (eg chrisps, biscuits, chocolate etc), it's been about 2 weeks and I feel really good.

'Im having sweetner in my tea, and still eating fruit, but feel a lot less bloated, heavy, guilty, and feel happy and have lost a couple of pounds in the process! I used to eat a LOT of sugar, e.g 2 tea spoons of sugar in tea, at least 4 times a day, also having biscuits with my tea and so on! So probs having about 40g of sugar a day! I don't crave it as much anymore at ALL! So yeah, it's good. kind of like a mini detox. Keep it up! :D

Health & Support Xylophone Jul 06 2008
21:28 (UTC)

During a pub quiz recently there was a question asking how many ribs human beings have. All my friends looked straight at me and said 'Kat can check, she's the one who will be able to feel all of her ribs'. I didn't think ANY of my friends thought I was skinny enough for that, made me very very embaressed and upset, but I'm sure my friends wouldn't have purposefully made me want to feel like that. Lots of people have no idea how that type of comment can effect you, you just have to let them know nicely.

Foods subway cookies= pure evil. Jul 06 2008
21:23 (UTC)

I don't think 200 calories for one of those big cookies is a lot. You could fit that into any healthy diet every now and then easily.

Foods ideas for lunch at work Jul 06 2008
19:48 (UTC)

I had a struggle thinking of things for lunch at work. I've settled on a basic salad of romaine lettuce, cucumber, red pepper, tomatoes, carrot and then add different things each day like sweetcorn, sala, tinned mixed beans or chick peas or tinned tuna. You could add boiled eggs or some kind of sandwich meat. I also take a container of cut up fruit like melon or apple, it seems more appealing when it's all cut and ready to eat :). I cover it in lime juice to stop it going bad, and also because I love limes! hehe. I some times take tinned fruit.

Other good ones are rye bread or cracker bread and take laughing cow low fat mini cheese triangles to spread on them. Cereal bars are also good! And wraps instead of a sandwich. In the UK you can also buy mini individual lots of hummus which are good with cut carrot and cucumber!

Hope I've helped! x

Health & Support Eating too little and losing nothing Jul 05 2008
13:54 (UTC)

Tattooed kitty that is a poor response.


Not everyone needs a therapist

Weight Loss Best way to burn calories? Jun 30 2008
22:30 (UTC)

this thread makes me sad :(

Maintaining Anybody want to join me as a healthy eating buddies? Jun 28 2008
13:25 (UTC)

That website is pretty cool! But it is a shame they only have a few vegetarian recipes.

Anyone got any good vegetarian/pescetarian websites which have good recipes or meal plans? I'm starting a new office job on Monday and never usually eat 3 meals a day, i never usually eat lunch! So I need some good ideas!

Health & Support Gross question... Jun 28 2008
13:14 (UTC)

I don't think it's cool :s

Weight Loss A bad start to the day Jun 27 2008
08:56 (UTC)

Get rid of any cookies you have left in the house so you're not tempted. Eat sensibly the rest of the day, don't starve yourself, then carry on as normal tomorrow. Don't beat yourself up about it. It's only one day of your life :) x

Health & Support why am I feeling this way!! Jun 26 2008
18:07 (UTC)

Just sounds like you're pushing yourself a bit too hard

Health & Support is this normal? Jun 26 2008
16:57 (UTC)

When I wasn't eating my stomache would bloat severly. I think it's acid and gas build up because there is nothing in it. The only resolution is to eat. Now I eat around 1000-1200 cals a day my stomache is always flat, even after eating.