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Motivation Stay positive, make progress and see results*Inspirational Group* Mar 21 2012
03:53 (UTC)

Hi!! I know I've totally dropped off, I find now that I almost HAVE to be at the computer a good part of my work day, that I don't want to sit at it when I get home so I stopped posting. Totally lame excuse I know. I still read this though because some of the other threads make me giggle and a laugh is always good at the end of the day. Nothing new with me here anyway, just working. Looking forward to hiking with the girls tomorrow!!

Take care ya'll!

Motivation Stay positive, make progress and see results*Inspirational Group* Dec 30 2011
01:02 (UTC)

Merry (belated) Christmas and Happy (almost) New Year, haha! How was everyone's holiday? Did you guys do anything fun?

Angela ~ Love your comment about having troubles with work mode, I totally am that too! I guess I was cut out for a life of leisure, lol :) Sounds like you are already getting back to it, I say anything is better than nothing at this time of year. From Thanksgiving to Christmas is just so crazy! Totally agree on the new gym-goers, when I was a member it was always insane right after the holidays but then hardly anyone actually stuck to it so by Feb is was empty again. Your double date sounds interesting, can't wait to hear the story!

Mandy ~ Did the girls have a fun Christmas? Sounds like you got a lot of good stuff! Thought you were going to Nevada for New Years but Arizona sounds fun! Can't wait to hear how it is!

Stefanie ~ Sounds like a fun night! I am not a drinker either (if I am going to ingest calories, it's going to be on dessert!) but I bet you'll have a great time. For me, it's interesting just to watch other people get drunk and be stupid :)

Me ~ Had a great time with my family. I went to see a mortgage lender and I think home buying is more in my immediate future than I thought! That was super exciting for me so it's major savings time for 2012 then maybe....woohoo! Otherwise, went to work today and will go tomorrow. It's quiet there which is nice. Really looking forward to my 3 day New Years weekend!! Don't have any plans, I usually used to work on New Years but now I can just hang out and enjoy like everyone else. I love my work weeks being broken up like this.

Have a great rest of your week and be safe on New Years!

Motivation Stay positive, make progress and see results*Inspirational Group* Dec 21 2011
05:06 (UTC)

Stefanie ~ Wow, prosecuting a thief! Go you! I'm with Angela on being curious about it, fill us in as it goes! Hope the leg is doing ok!

Zima ~ Thanks for stopping in! Glad to hear you are doing well and cool about the house! Fill us in when you get some time.

Hi to everyone else!

As Mandy said, we went to dinner last night to celebrate her birthday. Yay for a birthday month! It was good food as always and great to catch up. Otherwise things have just been busy here, seems like from Thanksgiving to Christmas it's just one big ball of craziness. I can't believe it's the end of the year. I love the holidays but it will be nice to have January and (hopefully) some normalcy again. I am going up to my parents place on Thursday for almost a week so looking forward to that!

Not sure if I will have a chance to check in again before I leave so Merry Christmas to you all!! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday :)

Motivation Stay positive, make progress and see results*Inspirational Group* Dec 07 2011
01:07 (UTC)

Hi girls! I am such a slacker for not replying for so long, sorry about that!

Angela ~ Nope my job still deals with lighting, it's just a different type now so at least my diploma is good for something, haha! I did go to my family's for Thanksgiving, it was so nice!! I didn't do Black Friday really, we went out a little later and looked around but I didn't see anything that was worth braving those crowds! I haven't done any of my holiday shopping, eek! Goal is to finish it this weekend!

Mandy ~ You are a spinning goddess! I know it's super busy for us now so maybe we'll shoot for January to start a new exercise class. I hope you have fun in SD! Say hi to Craig for me, lol.  That is so cool that you are doing whale watching! I didn't know you could do that this time of year. I want to go!!

Stefanie ~ Did you change your username or am I just crazy? Wow that is great that you finished New Rules! More muscle is good stuff I say.

Doing the normal work schedule here. Having to give myself an attitude change since I've never worked a normal schedule before!! I really miss having time off for me. I live for weekends now! Going to try to do all my holiday shopping this weekend and just get it done, only a few more weeks!!

Motivation Stay positive, make progress and see results*Inspirational Group* Nov 21 2011
05:12 (UTC)

Mandy ~ No problem. I think it's supposed to stop raining but be super cold tomorrow, yuck! Since it poured all day today I didn't get a chance to do laundry or anything else I was going to do today unless I wanted to get soaked so maybe I'll do that stuff tomorrow after work. Have a great week with the girls!

Motivation Stay positive, make progress and see results*Inspirational Group* Nov 17 2011
05:35 (UTC)

I've been MIA too but partially because I am too lazy to respond...bad me! But I do check in every day to see what everyone is up to.

Zima ~ Hope you are able to enjoy yourself sometime too! Let Mandy and I know if/when you are free and we will get together.

Angela ~ I always figure if you just end up maintaining by the end of the year it's good! I don't see how people can diet during the holidays, turkey and stuff is too hard to resist! Hope you are enjoying the holiday season (crazy that it's already here!) in the midst of your busyness.

Stefanie ~ Figuring calories in/out is always challenging. Sometimes I think calorie counters overestimate how much we burn but it's so individual to each person that it's hard to know. Wish there was a way to find out too! Love the picture by the way!!!

Mandy ~ Thanks for hanging out the other night! Loving my leftovers! We'll have to figure out something for next Monday if you are up for it.

Me ~ Not much here, getting used to the new job and regular hours. Coming from a completely open schedule I could manipulate to my liking, having set hours is kinda weird but it'll be ok. I love the holiday season so am looking forward to Thanksgiving next week, it's officially the holidays once we hit that in my mind. What are all of your plans for that day?

Motivation Stay positive, make progress and see results*Inspirational Group* Oct 26 2011
21:50 (UTC)

Angela ~ First off, congratulations on all your weight loss success!!! Those numbers are super! You are totally right that it's time for you to start the self acceptance process, I bet you look fabulous and you have to remind yourself of that every day (or every hour if need be)! Keep up the good work and let us know what your new, not related to weight, goal is. Very cool about the soccer game tickets too! Sounds like you've had a great week. Let us know how it all went!

Zima ~ Since this week didn't work out, let's shoot for next for happy hour. Tuesday or Wednesday would be great for me. Have you figured out costumes yet?

Mandy ~ Sorry to hear about the weight...I thought it went down last week? I hope the healthy weekends works for you!

Me ~ Heading out again tomorrow to go visit my family up north. My brother from the East Coast is coming out for a visit so of course mom wants the whole family there for pictures and such. October's been busy, can't believe it's just about gone! November is going to keep me busy, I start a new job so no more lazy days off for me. But it should be a chance for me to start exercising regularly, Mandy and I are going to find other classes to try out once Cardio Barre ends.

Have a great weekend and a happy Halloween everyone!

Motivation Stay positive, make progress and see results*Inspirational Group* Oct 21 2011
20:36 (UTC)

Afternoon everyone!

Zima ~ Hoochie fake nails? HAHAAHA! That sounds so funny. As long as you didn't get them 8 inches long they shouldn't be too hoochie. Good job on getting back to the gym! I second what Mandy said, let's get together for happy hour!

Karey ~ You are super busy! Good luck with everything and try to pop in every once in awhile with an update!

So I guess it's just us chickens...everyone must be busy!

Me ~ Made it back from Hawaii on Wednesday night. BOOOO! I love that place, as soon as I get there I just relax and don't think I thought about anything back at home the entire time (except to check on the kitties).  Now just bumming around for a bit, going to crash Mike and Mandy's night as the third wheel on the haunted hayride, should be fun!

Motivation Stay positive, make progress and see results*Inspirational Group* Oct 10 2011
21:27 (UTC)

Stefanie ~ I am excited! It's going to be nice to get away. I totally agree about the new people. It's like you want to be welcoming but seems like 95% of them leave a single, sometimes odd, message and they are gone. Hope your sons tonsil surgery goes well!

Angela ~ Have you heard about the volunteer thing yet?

Karey ~ Sounds like you have a lot going on! No wonder there is stress, I'm a stress eater too so I know how it is. Less than a month before your Autumn Mix disappears! lol I haven't done New Rules so can't answer on the calorie thing, though I know Stefanie and Zima have done it.

Mandy ~ Yep I will be there! Gotta see what she has in store for us today :) Sorry about the funk...that is so weird about the weight. I wonder if it's your body just getting used to the new exercising you are doing? Hopefully within a week or so it'll start going back down.

Me ~ Getting ready to fly to Hawaii tomorrow. Still have to pack but I've got everything laid out so I'm pretty ready. Going to hit the cardio barre class again tonight with Mandy so I'll be nice and sore for a long plane ride tomorrow, lol. Trying to get out and do a little something every day, even if it is just a walk around my neighborhood. Now that work has slowed a little I have time and there isn't any excuses!

Hope you all have a great week!

Motivation Stay positive, make progress and see results*Inspirational Group* Oct 05 2011
14:24 (UTC)

WOW ZIMA!! Congratulations to you and Paul!!!!!

Motivation Stay positive, make progress and see results*Inspirational Group* Oct 04 2011
17:35 (UTC)

Angela ~ The weekend with my friends was good! One of the girls is sometimes hard to be around for long periods but I ended up really having a good time! We went to the fair, had dinner and drinks, saw a movie and went shopping so had a lot of fun and some much needed girl time. Yay about the clothes buying! I bet it felt good to clean out your closet and replace some clothes with nice new ones that fit.

Mandy ~ Yep that class was intense! I am not as sore as I thought I'd be but we'll see how the day goes, I bet by the end of it I'll be feeling it more.

Me ~ Like Mandy wrote, we went to a cardio barre class last night. It's sort of like ballet/dance moves at a rapid pace so lots of somewhat awkward positions (if you are not used to it) and leg lifts, arm raises, etc. I hope it'll help with my coordination, I am definitely not graceful! It was pretty full but we weren't cramped which was nice. We'll see how the next 9 classes go! Otherwise I have work here and there this week then I am getting ready to leave for Hawaii next week, yay!!! Going to be a busy travel month for me!

Motivation Stay positive, make progress and see results*Inspirational Group* Sep 29 2011
22:00 (UTC)

Afternoon ladies!

Mandy ~ Dang girl you are working out a lot! 2 spin classes and now cardio, that is great! I can't wait to check it out with you, I need to get my butt in gear so hopefully this will help.

Zima ~ Aww boo on your excuse! It would've been fun to do it together :) I saw a lot of people bought it but I have a feeling probably half won't ever redeem it and the others that go will either go on a weekend or try it out and think it's too hard and never go back. So hopefully it won't be too bad.

Stefanie ~ Your poor kid! I had to have them do that too, it actually didn't really hurt too much, it's just annoying and feels weird. Bummer about his tonsils but hopefully that means he won't get sick so much! Totally agree with you on not drinking calories, I'd rather have water and eat cookies than have a soda or daiquiri or something. Your tacos sounds so good! I want those

Angela ~ The low weight stayed, yay! Your dinner sounds do you make it?

Me ~ Everything good here. Worked at a wedding in Palm Springs this past weekend, it was totally crazy and busy but it went well which is good. At the end of the reception the bride and groom jumped in the pool and the groom broke his ankle! So instead of a honeymoon they spent their wedding night in the ER and he had to have surgery too. Otherwise I have a few days off here so cleaning and stuff around the house. Two of my friends are coming for the weekend so we'll be having girl time which will be fun. Don't know what's for dinner tonight, since it's just me I usually wing it and defrost something when I'm ready to make it. All of your stuff sounds so yummy, I want to come for dinner! :)

Motivation Stay positive, make progress and see results*Inspirational Group* Sep 21 2011
19:11 (UTC)

Mandy ~ Glad you are really liking spin! Supposed to be an incredible workout from what I hear. The fair sounds fun, I want to go but don't know if I'll have time or not. Hope you had a funnel cake for me!

Angela ~ It was fun to see my friend but yeah, it is sort of weird to see them all with babies and kids I think mostly because I am nowhere near that stage of my life so it doesn't seem 'normal'. lol whatever that is! The mentor program sounds interesting, maybe it will lead to a paid position, you never know. At least you are doing what you are interested in and it seems like employers see that and are more willing to hire.

Stefanie ~ Belated welcome back! It's so cool that you got to go there, what neat memories! Was it just you and the husband or the kiddos too? That totally sucks about the Ipod, so sad that you can't trust anyone anymore!! Did you report it to the gym?  Maybe (and this is the optomistic part of me) someone turned it in...?

Karey ~ Happy belated birthday!!! What did you end up choosing for your birthday dinner? Did you do anything else fun?

Welcome Jennifer! You've done a great job with your weight loss, keep it up!

Zima ~ You busy girl! I hope work settles down for you, seems like there is a lot of craziness going on. Did you and Paul do anything fun this last weekend?

Me ~ Had a nice time visiting the family, it's always so relaxing to go hom and be taken care of :) I'm back now and have had most of this week off but I am prepping for a wedding I am lighting in Palm Springs this weekend then have more work next week. Been nice to have time off!!

Motivation Stay positive, make progress and see results*Inspirational Group* Sep 13 2011
05:27 (UTC)

Slow around here, everyone must be busy!

Mandy ~ Cool that you are liking spin now! Does Mike go with you? I really do want to find a yoga class or something for Mondays and I am making you my partner! :)

Karey ~ You make me laugh when you say you have "episodes" with the Brach's! LOL I know it's your weakness so STAY AWAY but it just made me giggle :) Ugh, I have a hard time with friends who are always so down like that, life is so short we should be enjoying it, not looking at the dark side so much. Sorry to hear she got you down too but yay for the candy resistance!

Hi Angela!

Zima ~ Have you been keeping up with the Crazy? Geesh, it's like a new soap story every week!!

I'm headed out of town for the rest of the week, going up to my parents house to visit with the family. Been awhile since I went up so figured I'd take a little time away. Going to visit some high school friends, they are all married with kids (going to meet one's brand new baby actually), it's so weird to think everyone has grown up. It has been 10 years, just doesn't feel like it! Anyway, trying to stick with the hiking, did it this weekend but have had 'episodes' (haha Karey!!!) with cookie dough, oops! I love that stuff. Hope the rest of you have a lovely rest of your week!

Motivation Stay positive, make progress and see results*Inspirational Group* Sep 06 2011
01:18 (UTC)

Happy last day of Labor Day weekend...sigh...

Mandy ~ Thanks for hosting the awesome bbq! You and the Mr always make such good food soooo, when's the next one? LOL! Sorry you had to work today though!

Karey ~ Ahh, I remember you and the Brach's addiction! It's the worst time of year for that but thankfully it's only really through Halloween...right? I don't really see it around much after that. Good job on the healthy eating, hope school is going well!

Zima ~ Good to see you two this weekend! How's your car?

Me ~ Had a great long weekend, I could use at least 10 more! Went to Mandy's bbq on Saturday all day, Sunday I cleaned like crazy and got my apartment back to looking good, cleaned out my car, paid bills, scrubbed the kitchen, etc. It wasn't the most fun but I love a clean house so it was worth it. Today I went hiking for about 1.5hrs then came home and steamed cleaned my carpet. Another fun day, haha! But it was so nice to get this stuff done that I've been putting off so now it's chill time this evening. Trying to get back into doing physical things, even if it is just a hike in the mountains or something.

So what'd everyone do this weekend?

Motivation Stay positive, make progress and see results*Inspirational Group* Aug 31 2011
00:04 (UTC)

Hey everyone!

Zima ~ Oh I know the Ace hotel. I am lighting a wedding there at the end of Sept, definitely the trendy place to be for now. You can tell Paul there will be cheesecake brownies present at Mandy's bbq, along with a few other things from my kitchen.

Angela ~ Congrats on the clean bill of health! I hate going to the doctor but it's always nice to know all things are in working order. Yes, you need to find something fun to do over this Labor Day weekend. I want reports!

Karey ~ Yep, I have that same self control problem. Unfortunately limiting yourself totally seems to be the only solution but it's definitely no fun! You sound super busy now with work and school! Glad you took a bit of time out for youself, it's so rejuvenating.

Stefanie ~ No worries, we all get crazy busy. You must be so excited for Paris! I can't wait to hear all about it. Good luck with getting prepared!

Me ~ Just work as usual. I did my last outdoor concert this past weekend and now it's all over until next year, hooray! This is my last week of the 2a at Disney too so double hooray! Just gotta make it through Friday and I am (hopefully) cruising with some more time. I bought a ticket to go to Hawaii in October with some of my family so really looking forward to that. Otherwise it's just work work work. Mandy is having a bbq on Saturday which I am really looking forward to, she makes excellent food!

I hope you all have a great's almost Wednesday anyway! That's the one nice thing about this 2a schedule, I end up sleeping half the day away so it makes things go faster!

Motivation Stay positive, make progress and see results*Inspirational Group* Aug 18 2011
22:48 (UTC)

Karey ~ Happy anniversary! That sounds like a nice date night and Italian, yum! I think a splurge is worth it every once in awhile, especially for an anniversary! Yep, I am still in lighting. The 2am is me putting in new lights at a Disney attraction I've been working on for the last 8 months. Yes it does get quiet here, we have our busy times and then slow times as everyone seems to get crazy at the same time! Oooh I love DQ! There isn't one near me that I know of but we have Foster's Freeze which is pretty much the same thing. A soft serve dipped in chocolate is wonderful :)

Angela ~ How fun to go to the Grand Canyon! I admit I've never been but have always wanted to go. Seeing some of those natural wonders are a must! Can you go down into the canyon or did you guys stay at the top? My "wedding friend", as Zima calls him, was the single groomsman in their wedding and me, being the obligatory single bridesmaid, were paired off to walk down the aisle and were the target of all the little girls' interest as to why we were not dating. It was cute and he's nice but I told him I had dated 2 guys with his same name so his chances weren't so good! LOL He appears to be a serial bachelor anyway but it was nice to have someone to entertain me while everyone else was with their significant other. Oh and by the way, being tall isn't all it's cracked up to be! I'm 5'9" and do wish I was a few inches shorter. Oh well, the grass is always greener right?!

Welcome back Mandy! Have you guys gotten back into home life yet? I know that's so hard after a vacation! It was great to see both of you the other day! I think the hike thing is out for me for the next few weeks, this schedule is totally throwing me off. I should be done the last week of August though and am hoping for a little down time so we will definitely hook it up then.

Zima ~ LOL Yes I saw that too. I don't know about rekindling a spark, I pretty much told him he's lost too much ground just by his name! Where do you and Paul go when you stay in Palm Springs? Did you do anything exciting or just relaxed?

Stefanie ~ Wow, Paris in 2 weeks! How exciting! I can't imagine all you have to do to get ready, I'd never thought about a will or anything but you never know. Sorry to hear about the zip lining but you'll get to do it! Yum on the fondue, there is a restaurant here called the Melting Pot that has the most amazing dessert fondue.

Me ~ Working crazy hours, 2a - 6a so it's throwing me all off. I don't know how people who work overnight shifts do it! I have a couple days next week and then the week after and I should be done thankfully. That's really all I've been doing, so sad! Please tell me  you all have something exciting for the weekend so I can live vicariously through you!

Motivation Stay positive, make progress and see results*Inspirational Group* Aug 10 2011
21:22 (UTC)

Hey girls!

I've been a little remiss in posting, partly due to laziness ha! But I've been following along with everyone.

Karey ~ Welcome back!! That is awesome that you are going back to school, no time like the present I think since time just flies as it is. I think that's right up your alley! Good luck on those last 10lbs, you are so good at working out and eating that I am sure you look fabulous right now!

Zima ~ How's the new boss working out? That is cool that you are going back to school, I know you've always wanted to go to law school, you'd kill it there! Hope things calm down for you so you can get back into working out (famous last words said by me, haha!). I hope you have a great weekend in Palm Springs!

Stefanie ~ Did you win anything in gambling? Anything fun planned for this weekend? Oh and did you go zip lining?

Like I said above, I've been a little lazy about posting. Last week was all work but I actually made a conscious effort to not work this week. I've been super busy doing house cleaning and errands and appts but hoping the next few days will be quiet. I start really early the next few weeks with work down at the park (like 2a!) so that for sure is going to throw me all off so I wanted some down time before that. That's my story! Anybody doing anything fun for the weekend?

Motivation Stay positive, make progress and see results*Inspirational Group* Jul 25 2011
17:55 (UTC)

First off, congratulations to Mandy on her wedding! It was a beautiful ceremony and reception and now she is officially a Mr and Mrs! Yay Mandy!

Stefanie ~ 115lb is great! What is the max you have done? Did you go zip lining?? How fun would that be!

Angela ~ Another dough addict...I'm with ya! How was the soccer drill class? I think that's cool that you are finding classes that aren't in the norm, I bet it's fun just to try stuff like that out.

Me ~ Had a great weekend in N. California for Mandy's wedding. She was gorgeous and it was such a fun time! Now it's time for Zima's wedding...haha! All the little girls at the wedding were telling her she had to get married next, it was very cute! My work schedule changed which gave me a few days off here and there, yay! This week should be pretty light I hope which will be very nice.

How was everyone's weekend?

Motivation Stay positive, make progress and see results*Inspirational Group* Jul 18 2011
02:21 (UTC)

Sterfanie ~ Hope you enjoyed the concert and a long weekend!

Angela ~ I baked good ol' chocolate chip cookies. I am sooo addicted to the dough! Yeah you definitely need some time off, seems like you did just fine and now you are back at it. Awesome!

Zima ~ Hope you and Paul had a nice time in Palm Springs!

Mandy ~ Hope this week goes well for you...almost marriage day! Thanks for inviting me to the bachelorette party, all the girls were so nice! I had a great time and the Hummer limo...sweeeeeeet! I hope you and Mike have both recovered :)

Me ~ This is going to be a crazy week! Lots of work going on and then Mandy's wedding this weekend. We had a great time at her bachelorette party, she made lots of new friends with all of the "accessories" her sister had her wear/use, ha! It was a good time and nice to get out. How were the rest of your weekends?