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Weight Loss please i really need help guys! :( Jun 24 2011
19:20 (UTC)

As a mental health professional/student, you need to seek immediate help from a licensed therapist or psychologist.

Fitness Insanity Jun 23 2011
17:53 (UTC)

I have been trying to do insanity for 2 years now.  6th time will be the charm...hopefully.

I danced for about 20 years from age 5 to 25 and was only 29 when i bought the dvd set...thought i would have to stamina and skill to do it but clearly i was wrong.  Insanity is insane and is by far the most challenging workout i have ever attempted.

Start with turbo jam or some other interval training workout...even after turbo jam, i still couldnt keep up.

Insanity structure is like running at a moderate tempo for 1 minute, a fast pace for another minute, then running at full speed for a 3rd minute, then walking for 1 minute...and starting over.  this is the format of the 30-60 minute workouts.  its insane and even during the warmup (in week 2) i still wanted to die!  Good luck!

The Lounge reading the bible... Jun 06 2011
21:22 (UTC)

Not sure if anyone posted this yet, but YouVersion, an app for your smartphone has been the best thing for me.  you can download all kinds of plans.  I love it.  I am never bored and I have no excuse for not reading yhe bible this year...when I am in a waiting room, open the app and read.  bored in class, open the app and read.  woke up too early, open the app and read. passenger in a car...you get my point!




Fitness Insanity Workout? Beyond p90x?! Oct 14 2009
20:50 (UTC)

Week 2 day 3 and DYING!  Damn you Insanity!!!

Fitness Insanity Accountability Oct 14 2009
20:01 (UTC)
Original Post by dinolike:

"I too was sweaty and I NEVER sweat!  I am always freezing but by the end of the warm up (yes warm up) i could barely finish."


It took me about 2 weeks before the warm up felt like a warm up.  Until then I was struggling.  My husband watched me to the end of the warm up one day and while we were strectching I mentioned that I was kind of tired and not looking forward to the rest of the workout.  He was shocked.  He thought the end of the warm up was the end of the workout.  If only...Laughing

 today...I needed to read this!  this made me feel better snce I am still struggling to finish warm up w/o stopping 10 times!  DIG DEEPER!

Games & Challenges Insanity group Oct 13 2009
19:22 (UTC)

I almost forgot - I lost 3 pounds last week but on my Monday weigh in for our office Biggest Loser contest- it said only 1 pound 2 days later!?!?!  PISSED!

I feel better though...(booby prize)

Games & Challenges Insanity group Oct 13 2009
19:20 (UTC)

OK - so I am on day 2 week 2 and i feel better than last week.

I cried during my workout yesterday bc i am ashamed i let myself get to the point I can't hardly keep up!  19 years of dancing and poms and I can't freaking run in place!?!?!?  I can't believe I am barely keeping up.  I momentarily thought about returning the dvds but looked at Shaun doing squats and dug deeper!!!  Tongue out

I am doing ok with the eating plan; had pizza for lunch today (3rd splurge in 2 weeks!) but it was thin crust and light on the cheese = 320 cals!  I added a side salad with lite ital so I am still way under my 400 cals.  All of my splurges have been "good" splurges.

Is anyone else having a really hard time keeping up; I have to take a break (or 2-3) during the WARM-UP!!!

Fitness Insanity Accountability Oct 06 2009
19:58 (UTC)

Day 2 and I feel like poo!  i always want to hurl at the end???

I too was sweaty and I NEVER sweat!  I am always freezing but by the end of the warm up (yes warm up) i could barely finish.

even though this is tough, it is easy to push play; the workouts are fun and he is easy on the eyes!  i did have to cuss Shaun out for making me work so hard today; the dog looked at me like "who the hell are you yelling at?!?!"

finally, i am sticking to the meals 99% (I am a vegetarian) and i hope to not feel as sore after this week and really be in my groove...i will let you know.

Fitness Insanity Accountability Oct 05 2009
22:43 (UTC)

OMG - my first day was today and I almost died!  I feel good now though but damn that was hard!  I can't wait for tomorrow.  I am sticking with the meal plan (easy since my grocery list is ONLY the Elite Nutrition Guide foods).  So far, so good.  I wil be taking an Advil daily even though I rarely take meds.

Weight Loss Petite Pear Shapes.... Oct 02 2009
19:00 (UTC)

Hey fellow curvy ladies.

I too am 5'2", waaaay heavier at 160 pounds, 36D, 20 something??? waist, and 44 or so hips!  i am in my 10s still but they aren't so comfortable anymore!

I start my Insanity dvds on Monday so I hope to get down to a size 4-6 again.

Wish me luck and good luck to you!

Fitness turbo jam!!!!! Sep 25 2009
16:27 (UTC)

i just found this post and I also LOVE turbo jam.  I danced for 19 years and this feels like dancing and it is still a bit of a challenge.  The fat burning one is my fav with the 4 turbos - OUCH!  You feel good afterwards but like you had a good workout.

mom2graceandclara - i laughed when I read your post bc i am totally OCD about stuff like that.  SHe also gets waaaaay off beat a few times and that drives me completely nuts!

Otherwise she is funny; i wake my fiance up with my laughing, clapping, and whopping and hollering at 6am some mornings!

Games & Challenges Insanity group Sep 25 2009
16:17 (UTC)

Hello CC Incanity lovers!  I just ordered my dvds and can't wait.  I will be amonth behind but your comments here motivate me and give me fair warning.  Ill be in touch!

Fitness Insanity Accountability Sep 25 2009
16:11 (UTC)

I just ordered mine yesterday.  I am soooooooooooo pumped about it.  maybe we do need a group to hold each other accountable...

Pregnancy & Parenting Tried to skip a period on BC...Now what? Aug 11 2009
17:04 (UTC)

I was skipping the fake pills years before it was cool and long before Seasonale pills were available and never had a problem.  i wanted to plan my vacations around my cycle and that was how i controlled it.  i never had any problems.  after a 5 year hiatus, i am back on bc pills and this Sunday I threw away those 7 fake pills and just started another pack.  My gyno says it is perfectly safe and for whatever resaon she never mentioned that i needed a backup method except when you first start bc pills or when you skip a day or two by accident.

my fiance is super geeked about me not having a period except for a few times a year...or when he pisses me off!

The Lounge My husband is a nasty old woman in disquise Jul 17 2009
05:53 (UTC)

ps-your hubby is probably depressed and feeling sorry for himself...

to that i say...we are all given the same 24 hours in a day.  Montell Williams has MS, Michael J Fox has Parkinsons, Brooke Shields had severe PPD...these people didn't feel sorry forthemselves...they are making a differencce, living thoer lives, and then some!

Tell him to MAN UP!

The Lounge My husband is a nasty old woman in disquise Jul 17 2009
05:48 (UTC)

LMAO...Sorry to laugh but damn.  ok...i say - bust him upside his head and tell him get his act together.

Future hubby says "tell him to be easy"

I say - tell him how you feel and point things out to him.  in the end, i would tell you to leave his trifling lazy arse but you won't so i won't!

future hubby says - ...never mind...i can't print what he says about your lazy husband...He also says to not leave him and try to talk to him...

have you seen Diary of a Mad Black Woman?   lmao...take notes!

Foods subway...watch out! Apr 28 2009
17:32 (UTC)


Health & Support edit Jan 21 2009
12:02 (UTC)

hey listen...shhhhh...do you hear that...its the WORLD'S SMALLEST VIOLIN!!! 

jcl76 i understood your point and the other whiners on here are the ones totally missing the point of your post. 

I will stand by the fact that I have made before (and people can't take it)...get off of a calorie count and find a pro ana site, ed recovery group, or a psychologist if you want somone to be sympathetic about your disorder you claim to be over.  "im a recovering anorexic...blah blah blah..."

stop playing crazy and asking questions like "i ate 1/2 a carrot and im soooo full but am woried about not getting enough calories" and expect people to not blast you.

I do however think that the opposite situation is true as well and people overeat and underestimate thier caloric intake.  America (and the rest of the world too) is a bunch of overweight, lazy sissies and we all need a hard kick in the tush...or maybe  triple bypass or heart attack will do before we realize how we are eating ourselves to death but no one will say anything because its not nice to pick on fatties.  I agree with you-stop babying the people who choose to starve themselves and not get the proper help and lets get a reality check to those overeaters people who need one.

There, I said it!

Foods Best way to store cooked pasta? Jan 07 2009
19:50 (UTC)
Original Post by mamabig:

This is one of the main reasons I've stopped posting on this site until now. Kelleigh asked a question about PASTA. She did'nt ask strangers tips on how to teach her 30 month old child patience. The judgemental attitude of people never ceases to astound me. You should be able to post simple questions without the unsoliceted advice on matters that are no bodies business but the parents.

 You are correct mamabig...Kelliegh i apologize (sort of).

Totally off topic here but as a society, a collective, we suck.  No one cares about thier neighbor anymore and it shows.  I personally don't see the problem with making a statement about the snotty culture of our kids today.   I am 29 w only a god-daughter, and please believe i hate my arrogant, ignorant, selfish, lazy peers and the subsequent generations and think someone should have told their parents what NOT to do before stuff hit the fan.  I look forward to the day when someone will tell my kids "no" or stop them from being a brat when I am not around.  If everyone stopped looking out for "me me me and mine mine mine" no one would feel like that comment was necessary.

I personally wasn't being malicious and I am sure the initial comment was not meant to be rude either...just stating facts and being helpful.  hopefully mamabig your neighbor won't let your kids run rampant while your back is turned...

Foods Best way to store cooked pasta? Jan 03 2009
17:02 (UTC)

From a self-proclaimed pasta fanatic (me!) here are some of my fav tips...

1-always cook the whole package/box.  heck sometimes I make 2 at a time and I am single so leftovers are a must!

2-take out the "leftover" portion about 3 minutes before it is cooked to the texture you want.  my mom says "this is crunchy".  thats so that when you re-heat it, it won't be mushy.

3-for use in a few days-put warm pasta tossed w a little olive oil or Pam cooking spray into a ziploc bag with s little bit of the cooking water.  This keep for about a week.

4-for the portion you will freeze-use plastic containers ($1 store or Glad or Ziploc brand) or even ziploc baggies and portion it out to what you will use for each meal.  No water or oil needed.

5-to reheat - drop your 80% cooked frozen or fresh pasta into boiling water or microwave it...boiling wtaer is best.

you save majorly on cooking time and it is still "freshly" made.  also you will teach your toddler a valuable lesson about patience and will hopefully avoid a snotty "I want it NOW" teenager later!