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Weight Loss BMR and Calorie Count Jun 27 2008
16:36 (UTC)

That's interesting.  So it appears that Calorie Count software knows that you can eat less than your BMR, but CC allows its members to falsely preach the gospel that Thou Shalt Not Eat Under Your BMR.  Seems if the operators of the site know you can, in fact, eat less than BMR (THEY SUGGEST IT), they would stop fake 'experts' from decrying the practice on their site. 

Oh well, off my soapbox.  Thanks for the replies!

Foods Veggies/Fruits Feb 27 2008
03:38 (UTC)
Low Sodium V8 is great -- each 8 oz. cup is only 50 calories.  I eat quite a lot a peppers, mushrooms, onions, and asparagus too, but the v8 (make sure it's low sodium) is a wonderful way to make sure you get enough veggies.
Weight Loss 1000 calorie deficit? Feb 27 2008
03:18 (UTC)

"If you have more than 1000 calorie deficit, you risk sending your body into starvation mode. Your body will know it's not getting enough calories to support the exertion it needs to do, and will start holding onto fat."


I think it matters more that you eat at least your BMR more than it matters the deficit with regards to the dreaded "starvation mode."  On days I go to the gym, I frequently will burn between 4,000 and 4,500 cal.  My BMR is 2230.  If I eat 2630 calories (as I did today) and burn 4,290 (as is projected today), my body will most assuredly not think there is famine and start storing.  That is a 1,660 calorie deficit, but I'm getting plenty of calories.  

Fitness I'm starting gym tomorrow! Feb 02 2008
05:01 (UTC)
Original Post by spookychick:

less weight more reps is not the way to go (with all due respect to frehug). ever. ever. unless it is a body pump class, but that is no substitute for weight training.

search this forum and browse others posts for tips on working out with weights and the myths attached to womens weight training. like venice1 stated, threads on books others favor may give you an idea of what to grab from the library~ your muscles are already shaped and attached to your bones - built, toned or not - you cannot see the tone under a layer of fatty tissue. follow links and read articles posted by members~

after browsing here a little head over the www.stumptuous.com and read everything in the training (and eating) section.

if you told any guy to work out with less weight and more reps he would think you had broken your brain - why women believe this astounds me


 Gold's Gym's Quick Start Program has it's participants doing only 1 set of 20 reps for each of the exercises... I questioned the trainer and he seemed to think it was the best strategy.  I didn't follow it, and quickly left Gold's.

Weight Loss Who knew ironing comsumed so many calories!! Jan 31 2008
04:52 (UTC)
That's true; it does do that.  It takes into account what you would burn resting plus the extra.  But still -- eating in church burns more calories than vigorous sex, and way more than moderate sex?  So does driving, taking a shower, or eating while talking.  That's just stupid.
Weight Loss Who knew ironing comsumed so many calories!! Jan 30 2008
00:08 (UTC)
Eating in Church burns more calories than Vigorous sexual activity..... Off your back and into Church has health benefits.
Weight Loss The number represnting bmi and body fat percentage HELP Jan 29 2008
16:53 (UTC)
In fact, it was recommended to me that I eat half a cup of cottage cheese immediately before bed; the protein takes a while to break down, and the metabolism doesn't experience as much of a crash overnight. 
Fitness Elliptical Calorie Count - Is it Real? Jan 25 2008
21:11 (UTC)

I always put in what the machine says, which is still less than CC says if I report moderate.  I don't know why it's the opposite for everyone else -- maybe it's cause I'm fat... I don't know. 

Fitness Elliptical Calorie Count - Is it Real? Jan 25 2008
20:31 (UTC)

Or Check out these numbers:


Elliptical: 60 minutes, averaging 68-75 RPM level 6 with 10 HITT sessions of 30 seconds averaging 110 RPM -- for a 245#er:

 Elliptical: 1181 cal.

 Calorie Count: 1390.

 Heart Rate Monitor: 1217. 

So I vote add 100 calories to what elliptical gives you...  I guess it depends on the individual AND the brand of elliptical. 

Fitness Elliptical Calorie Count - Is it Real? Jan 25 2008
05:17 (UTC)

For me, it's the opposite.  If I do vigorous effort for 60 minutes, the elliptical at they gym gives me between 1050 and 1150 calories; Calorie-Count gives me 1328 burned.  I wonder why it's backwards for me.  My heart rate is always at least 80% or higher for 50+ minutes of the workout, and goes over 90% occasionally, so I'm definitely doing a vigorous workout!

 How about the calories burned through sexual activity?  Apparently if I drive a car or take a shower for 1 hour, I would burn 226 calories; Vigorous sexual activity only gets me 166... ?  Something is wrong with this picture.  Stuff like that makes me doubt any of CC's numbers.  I asked them about it in two emails and they've never replied.

Weight Loss Eating after workout Jan 18 2008
21:56 (UTC)
I did not know that -- thanks for the info and the timing; I've got an 8 oz piece of leftover pork chop in the micro. right now.  Cut that baby in half. 
Fitness Sub-Freezing Exercise Bonus?!?! Jan 18 2008
19:24 (UTC)

This PhD doesn't know me, apparently.  The gym I go to is kept cold, and I cannot do anything for any period of time if I'm cold.  I end up wearing a hoodie (hood up) while doing eliptical or running.  I work on the elliptical for 60-90 minutes at a time when warm enough, but right now even breathing hurts my throat because of the lower 60's temps.  It makes it extremely difficult to do HIIT workouts, because the colder air hurts.  My neck hurts also when running in sub-70s temps too, and I prefer 80s to 90s.  I cannot STAND fans on me while running or working out, and they frankly piss me off. 

 So that article is complete bogusocity as far as I'm concerned.