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Young Calorie Counters For all the teens Jul 02 2009
20:04 (UTC)

You know, I'm really tired of people saying that teens need a 2,000+ diet.  I'm 16, 5'6'' and my mom is always saying that I need more to "grow". Once you enter highschool you stop growing.  I'm not getting any taller, I've already gotten my monthly, and all my body parts are "situated".  What else in my body is going to change????

Young Calorie Counters Isn't life funny sometimes? (A Post About Body Image) Jul 02 2009
19:55 (UTC)

Yeah. This is definitely true.  It's ridiculous! I hope you're right about guys wanting heavier girls as they get older because I am tired of being a size 4 and considered "chubby".

Young Calorie Counters *Young Calorie Counters ~ POST HERE TO FIND A BUDDY OR TWIN* Jul 01 2009
06:22 (UTC)
Original Post by namaqlin:

hey Im Lindsay, im 19 and currently a college student

i would like to find a weight loss buddy who loves to work out... so we can both stay motivated


CW: 125

CH: 5' 5

GW: 115


 Hi. I'm not sure if you have a buddy yet but I think we're very similar. Would you like to be my buddy? So you don't have to scroll:

Age: 16 (in 2 weeks....)

CW: 126

GW: 115


I also love to work out. Just message me! (or reply to this)

Young Calorie Counters *Young Calorie Counters ~ POST HERE TO FIND A BUDDY OR TWIN* Jul 01 2009
06:05 (UTC)


Age: 16       & nbsp;      &nbs p;

 Height: 5'6''

Current/Starting Weight: 126  

Goal: 115

Anyone wanna be buddies?

Motivation Here's to the underappreciated, UNnaturally thin Jul 01 2009
06:01 (UTC)

Oh my gosh I this thread.

I'm constantly worried about my weight.  People (especially those heavier than me) give me daggered eyes if they catch hint that I'm thinking about what I eat.  It is SUCH a struggle.  I constantly think about food and I am such a binger. It's 1 am right now and I'm on here to keep from eating some pretzels downstairs. 

It's rough and I had no idea that it was rough for other people who are also average weight.  Overweight people who learn this don't understand people like us.  Whether we have more willpower or the urge isn't as strong (how it could get any stronger I don't know because now my thoughts have moved over to leftover pizza) I'll never know. But it is still a struggle.

Oh and I have a friend who is naturally skinny. I know it for a fact. And I secretly hate her for it. Haha

As for food porn. The local hibachi restaurants. Haha

Recipes Low Cal frozen treats Jul 01 2009
05:08 (UTC)

The only thing that I eat is sugarless popsicles. They're 15 calories each and they taste awesome (I can't tell the difference between them and reg. pops).

Strawberrys are also great, especially with some whipped cream.

There's recipes online for chocolate chip cookies that use oatmeal instead of flour (or more oatmeal than flour). It's low calorie, you can't really notice the oatmeal.

But if I'm feeling in a really cake-ey mood and I just want to pig out I make Russian tea cookie dough only with much more sugar in them (like 2 cups more--opps!). Because I don't bake it. I eat some of it and then store it in the freezer for those days. Haha