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Motivation The Darker Side of Losing Weight? Oct 20 2011
12:48 (UTC)
Original Post by mparkhill:

I'm afraid of two things:

1.  I won't be able to keep the weight off and will have to restart the process every few months/years.

2.  I won't be happy with my goal weight and will just keep trying to lose...thus, I will be addicted to losing weight and get myself into a whole different set of health issues!

 I have these same two fears.  Maybe 3 people in my life have made fun of my weight, so that's not really an issue for me. 

The relationship stuff isn't an issue right now, either, though I'm worried that when I start dating again the calorie counting and my outright refusal to eat certain places might come off as "controlling", which I've had issues with before. 

I think that the clothing thing is becoming an issue: my current set of clothes is starting to look comically oversized (well, at least in my head), but the local stores don't quite have my (hopefully) intermediate size at any kind of reasonable price.  Still, I don't need suits or anything super formal for my job, so I can get away with WalMart and Target chic, so that part isn't bad.

The Lounge When you finally see that he doesn't care Oct 18 2011
02:32 (UTC)

I apologized.  I saw "drunken text" and that's what I focused on.  It hit a nerve.  "Whatever works" was my point.  This has been a horrible experience.  Think I'll never post again here.

The Lounge When you finally see that he doesn't care Oct 17 2011
15:20 (UTC)
I guess there's not. Sorry. That's what worked for me.
The Lounge When you finally see that he doesn't care Oct 17 2011
15:06 (UTC)
Original Post by phanatical:


Perhaps you should reflect on some of your drunken moments, as I would bet that there have been some things you have done or said that were just silly. 

I once was so drunk I went #2 in my girlfriend's closet.  Needless to say, that relationship ended the next time we talked.  Sure you don't want to judge?

I've said things I didn't mean and meant things I didn't say.  I've destroyed all but three relationships due to alcohol, and ended up hooking up with people who were never a realistic option for any kind of long-term relationship.  Alcohol kept me in those relationships because I could forget what was happening emotionally.  I've put up with mental abuse and have mentally abused b/c of booze.  Add to that the fact that the lowest caloric content is 66 cals per beer, and it tastes terrible, and shots are around 100 cals.

I was never an every-day drinker, but when I went out I'd usually have a minimum of 4-6 drinks.  I'm only three weeks sober, but I don't miss it.  I recommend quitting the drinking.  Get on some anti-depressants.  Talk to a shrink.  But quit the drinking.

Health & Support Feel insanely full for no reason? Oct 17 2011
05:25 (UTC)

I've found that since eating healthy that I've been eating about 4 times as much food by mass and am never, ever hungry, and oftentimes full to the point where I don't feel good.  I'm not sure what that's about, but I've started trying to eat crappier foods again just to make sure I don't go below 1500 cals.  That's a reeeaaallly low amount of cals for me, but at the end of the day I just find I can't eat anymore.  I'm also exercising fairly intensely, so I think we're in a similar situation.

Does anyone have any advice???

The Lounge When you finally see that he doesn't care Oct 17 2011
05:05 (UTC)
Original Post by kotov_syndrome:

That sucks. I wonder if there's anyone having good luck in the dating world right now?


Heck no! and and I just meet people that I have NO spark with.  Total waste of time and money.  I'm going to focus on stamp collecting (and staying healthy) for a while...

Weight Loss Exercising on an empty stomach? Oct 17 2011
05:00 (UTC)

I've tried going right after work to the gym without eating anything, and I can only do about 15 min of cardio before my body aches horribly.  If I eat anything with just a few carbs (usually some brown rice, as I always have some in the fridge), then I can do my full 60 min cardio and 30 min weight training.  I've not noticed a difference, either way, as far as weight loss, and am losing probably a little too rapidly right now.

Calorie Count This is not a dating site...but some people choose to ignore this. Oct 13 2011
12:48 (UTC)

Whoa!  I clicked on the link and it went to my profile, lol!  I was like "what?! I never did any of that!" then I read on and saw that it wasn't me!  Stressed me out for a hot minute...  I don't think I could function without this site!


Foods What to eat when on the road? Sep 30 2011
12:24 (UTC)

LOVE turkey burgers...  Clarification for where I'm at, though: southwest Oklahoma, and typically travel to Houston, and eventually will be down in Houston in Q1 2012

Foods What to eat when on the road? Sep 26 2011
15:08 (UTC)

Thanks!  All great stuff...  I do hate celery, though.

Foods maintenance Sep 26 2011
13:22 (UTC)

I like the idea of "listen to your body".  My body lies, though: I have to use this website or else I end up doubling my caloric intake without even realizing it.  I'm horrible at choosing foods.  If you feel like you're good at that aspect, do that.