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Weight Loss Do men really prefer curvier girls? Apr 13 2008
07:23 (UTC)
There are men who like skinny women and then there are men who like curvy women. I've always been curvy, and haven't had a problem. ( Another thing is highschool, of course, where the rules are different from the real world.)
Vegetarian Unsupportive family. Jan 07 2008
11:35 (UTC)
OK, somehow I can't immagine you don't have the money for 2 cans of beans, some lentils, some chickpeas and such.

Go out with 10 $, I assure you you'll be back home with a back full of alternatives. If noone wants to cook for you, just prepare a batch of chickpea nuggets, or whatever, to heat up whenever you want.

other really cheap stuff:



1 pack of veggie burgers

Weight Loss alcohol revisited Jan 07 2008
11:25 (UTC)
BUMP! coming out of longtime lurkerhood lol.

Most skinny people I know don't cut out anything. They just automatically censor tehmselves. I think 1 glass of red wine with dinner when you want it shouldn't be a metabolism stopper. How about not drinking anything when you're at home, and enjoying one or two glasses when you're going out?
Vegetarian competition: atkins vs veggie... veggie lost! Sep 02 2007
16:23 (UTC)
on atkins you cut out the carbs and eat meat fat and some veggies, but not all that much. usually works like a charm the first couple of weeks ( unless you go nuts) and then when you start eating carbs again, you bounce right back.
Weight Loss Serious problem!! Sep 02 2007
16:19 (UTC)
well, I mean,  it's a well known fact that food and eating calms you down. The trick is to try and learn to eat the healthy stuff. I realise few things are as calming as a pizza, and sometimes, have the pizza. On the other days, have a nice cuppa tea........
Health & Support Chemotherapy and Food Aug 23 2007
14:11 (UTC)
*huggles*- cancer treatment is worse than anything on the planet. stage 2 sounds not to bad, maybe they'll still put you on hte easy cocktails :-)! Letìs hope so. Try not to drop under a certain weight, even if it's very difficult. Not everyone suffers from the same level of nausea. If you go too far underwieght , ask your concologist for help.
Vegetarian competition: atkins vs veggie... veggie lost! Aug 20 2007
16:14 (UTC)
You shouldn't be rude to your aunt. Maybe there is some way of cooking together? and adding more veggies to the table? I mean, she's practically paying rent by helping out, and she's doing the best she can. Next time, when it's shopping time, go along, and add stuff you like to the cart. She can make you a veggie burger and a veggie sausage, right?
Health & Support Blood pressure question, can it be reduced in a week's time? Aug 20 2007
16:07 (UTC)
if his BP is high, just get a betablocker ( like atenolol) from you local pharmacy and a bp measurer. start with 1/4 pill and measure morning and evening for 2 days. then see the result. In the UNLIKELY event, his bp is still high, go for 1/2 pill one day and 1/4 the next. Just get him the immigration visa, and then make him eat better.
Vegetarian Was I so wrong here? Aug 19 2007
11:10 (UTC)
Now that you've probably calmed down, ask youself if you were really correct. If the answer is yes, you were 110 % correct, write to the manager right away. I've been working in the hospitality industry for approx 14 years, and let me tell you this:

the customer isn't always right. as the matter of fact, most of the time, they're wrong.

But working in this field means smiling a lot at people you don't want to smile at. That girl should have been polite with you, even if she was just probably stressed to death by the granny with the fat kids.

If she can't keep her temper, she should get another job. And your request was perfectly reasonable.
Health & Support feel ill...Making sure this isn't serious. Aug 19 2007
11:02 (UTC)
No, it's not. low blood sugar makes you feel sluggish, nauseated, and gives you blurry vision. Personally I tend to completely angry as well. I always have a banana with me.

Try eating some salted crackers or some bananas next time it happens. DO NOT eat candy or chocolate in that moment, it will make you a lot better instantly, but then the sugar level plummets and you'll feel even worse.
Weight Loss Woooohooooo finally!! Aug 19 2007
10:59 (UTC)
Vegetarian 'Vegansexuals'??? Aug 16 2007
15:18 (UTC)
Garlic and asparugus? ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*VIPES TEARS AWAY*.  Personally I find liqorice very unsexy.... artichokes kinda fall into the above cathergory as well. LOL. Red beats ........ *snort*lol*
Vegetarian Yummy Veggie Wrap Aug 16 2007
15:08 (UTC)
300 cals for a meal is not very fattening!!! It's pretty normal to low. I mean, the minimum here is 1200. which leaves you with 900 cals at least for the rest of the day. 300 cals for lunch is good.
Health & Support Montezuma's revenge Aug 16 2007
14:59 (UTC)
Be sure to drink enough water to keep hydrated. If it keeps on, tke the immodium.
Weight Loss Does faster Heart Beat Rate = faster Metabolism? Aug 15 2007
16:39 (UTC)
I don't know about the heart rate, but excercise gets your body going. If it keeps up all day, I don't know....
Weight Loss Don't you hate it when you lose some lbs and people treat you differently? Aug 15 2007
16:38 (UTC)
The point about high school is more or less to survive it. You pick some math up and stuff as well, but the things you learn are interpersonal skills and dealing with life. My mom used to say that the best time is university, because people are a bit more mature, you can choose your interests and the ones who where the IT crowdgirls are pregnant, unemployed  without a husband. Now my mom sometimes is a bit extreme, but more or less, she was right.

In highschool there are so many hormones flying around everywhere that straight thinking is difficult. Boys are very much more imature than girls, and the maturity difference is at its peak in the later teen years. It's a biological thing. They'll come around somewhere in their twenties.  They're worth the patience, lol!!

Now I do know what you're talking about, because I wasn't in the IN crowd in school. I just carved out my own little angle, and stuck to it.  Worked nicely.

Life is out there. It's frustrating right now, but very soon, you'll be having a nice guy to call you own, an education better than most and hopefully a job to go with it.

Health & Support Girls only please...embarassing question :) Aug 15 2007
11:43 (UTC)
At 13, it's no big deal. I suddenly stopped having my periods at 14, to have them come back a couple of months later. When did you have your first menstruation? If it was fairly recent, then your body is prob in the "starting up" phase.  Wait for a couple of months, and then if you feel the need, go see a doctor. In the meantime, don't worry. However I do believe 1200 cals for a teen is not enough.  There are lots of threads about teen cals around here, please look them up. CHerio!
Weight Loss Question concerning after effects of weight loss Aug 14 2007
12:23 (UTC)
I don't know if there is any other way than a skin tuck, or what it's called......