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The Lounge if you were going to open a restaurant... Aug 22 2008
00:46 (UTC)

Sounds good.

Can you put a soundproof ball pit in the very center that is visible from all tables?  I need that restaurant to open so that I can have a peacefull meal for once.

The Lounge Updates? Aug 21 2008
20:00 (UTC)

zenasavvy-  How's the relationship? 

The Lounge My poor Zeusy might be going blind or something :( Aug 21 2008
19:49 (UTC)

We thought our dog was going blind for a while.  It seemed like his vision would come and go.  During that time I did a lot of reading on blindness and dogs and the general consensus was that you will take it a lot harder than the dog will.  He will cope and go on with life with very little change, once he gets used to it. 

It turned out that our dog wasn't going blind, but was instead having mini-strokes - so, that's a completely different issue.

I hope the vet is able to help Zeus.

The Lounge Updates? Aug 21 2008
19:46 (UTC)

Yes, it was definitely you I was thinking of.  Sorry I couldn't remember your user name.  I'm glad to hear things are okay-ish.

The Lounge Updates? Aug 21 2008
19:22 (UTC)

Okay, I'm scanning the board for other threads...

Schnooder, is your friend still engaged to the fart bag?  Did you ever say anything to her?

Pregnancy & Parenting Confessions.... Aug 21 2008
18:25 (UTC)
Original Post by flgirl:

I wish Tropical Storm Fay would kick into gear in my area a bit more so I can go home.


 No joke!  My husband doesn't have to work today.  My daughter's out of school.  I'm still here.  :(

I just ate a 10 piece McNuggets.

Health & Support what is better for helth ? Aug 21 2008
16:41 (UTC)

Seriously though, what kind of meat are we talking about?  A rib-eye?  Ground chuck?  Meat loaf?  I think that makes a huge difference.

And the ham, are we talking salt cured ham?  (Is it all salt cured?)  Honey glazed?  Or, are you referring to "pork" rather than ham specifically.  Pork chop.  Pork loin.

I will need details before I could even begin to seek "scientific" answers for you.

Health & Support what is better for helth ? Aug 21 2008
16:27 (UTC)
Original Post by trhawley:

What color is the Ham?  (If it's green, don't eat it.)

 I would eat it with a fox and I would eat it in a box, and in a car, and in a tree.  It is so good, so good, you see.

The Lounge Help with clothing for the made of honor, make-up and etc. ? Aug 21 2008
16:16 (UTC)

I agree with sarah about shoes number 3.

I'm no help with hair and makeup since I typically don't do any of that.

The Lounge Help with clothing for the made of honor, make-up and etc. ? Aug 21 2008
16:14 (UTC)
Original Post by babyboo-kate:

Original Post by juliemae2:

Is that the same dress you are wearing in your av?

Yup, it is :)


Why? lol

 I was just having a hard time imagining what it looked like on.

When I opened the link I was sure it must be the wrong one, since the dress looked toddler-sized.  Okay, I'm going to look at the shoes now.

The Lounge Any Onion Readers? Aug 21 2008
16:01 (UTC)
Original Post by coffincritter:

I love the Onion, though I can't really surf it for favorite articles at work...

 What?  You mean they expect you to work all day?

The Lounge Any Onion Readers? Aug 21 2008
15:38 (UTC)

Hilarious! phelps_returns_to_his_tank


The Lounge What's your favorite *excuse*? Aug 21 2008
15:34 (UTC)
Original Post by santonacci:

It has oatmeal in it!

 I use that one all the time.  Oatmeal cookies are diet food, right?

The Lounge Help with clothing for the made of honor, make-up and etc. ? Aug 21 2008
15:31 (UTC)

Is that the same dress you are wearing in your av?

Pregnancy & Parenting Pregnancy/Infant Loss But Still the Weight Gain Aug 21 2008
15:07 (UTC)

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss.

Good luck losing the weight.

Pregnancy & Parenting Getting pregnant after the pill Aug 21 2008
15:04 (UTC)
Original Post by ehs1146:

We've been trying to conceive for a year now with no luck.  I've been tracking my cycles, using ovulation sticks, etc.  I will say that I am super irregular so it's really hard to guage when I will be ovulating and honestly the sticks don't work well for me - sometimes I'll never get the indicator that I'm about to ovulate but then I'll have a period, so obviously I did at some point!

 What time of day are you testing?  Some say it's better to test in the afternoon or evening.  Some suggest testing twice a day, since by testing once a day you can miss the surge.

Honestly, after a year of trying I would seek the help of a reproductive endocrinologist (fertility specialist).  You didn't necessarily ovulate just because you got a period.  Even if you detect an LH surge with the test strips, you didn't necessarily ovulate.  You can confirm ovulation by temping.  But, after a year, you might want to confirm that your tubes are open.  This means having an HSG procedure.

I went through many years of ttc and have spent months and months on message boards devoted to getting pregnant.  The standard is to seek an RE after 1 year of trying, unless you are over 35, in which case you should seek help after 6 months.

Good luck to you.

Weight Loss Would you be offended? Aug 21 2008
14:52 (UTC)

It wouldn't be offensive to me, because I think I would see that -in his own misguided way- he was trying to help.

Now, if the announcement came in front of a group of friends, it would piss me off.  Like he was trying to take credit for my weight loss.

I'm glad you got it sorted out.

The Lounge Do you tend to gain weight while in a long term relationship?? Aug 21 2008
14:45 (UTC)


I definitely describe myself as someone for whom "monogamy does not come naturally."  It is a very tough road for me.  Temptation's everywhere.  Fantasizing absolutely makes it worse.  Things that might vent the pressure - like on-line chatting/flirting with someone far, far away who has absolutely no relationship potential - also make it worse.

It is sort of like being trapped in a box, but we go into and stay in that box willingly.  I love my husband and I never want to do anything to hurt him. 

For me, the only thing that seems to help is to make a conscious effort not to flirt or even have flirty thoughts about someone who might even possibly be available to me.  I do sometimes flirt with men I know with 99.9% certainty I will never see again (the key to this is to NOT give them your phone number or any other way to contact you).  I always talk to my husband about that when it happens.  He is fine with it as long as I'm coming home to him.

The other thing that helps is to stay very busy.  Not only does that eliminate the oportunities to stray, it eliminates many of the opportunities to eat.

Weight Loss how many calories do you all eat in a day?? Aug 21 2008
14:31 (UTC)

I stopped counting a while back as well.  But, back then, I was targeting 1800ish and often going over.

The Lounge What's your favorite *excuse*? Aug 21 2008
14:30 (UTC)

I got this one from my mother:

As you are eating the dessert, the calories are running away from your fork.  Eventually, they all become concentrated in that last bite.  As long as you leave the last bite, you didn't eat all those calories.

This has become a family joke. 

"Are you going to eat that last bite?"

"NO WAY!  That's where all the calories are!"