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Journal Im back again again...
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Journal Im back
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Journal BAd, Shitty Weekend!
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Journal craving fat
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Journal Excuses, but also not excuses
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About me.. I am smart, kind, generous, honest, patient . Also i am fat. Whats that mean i am fat? No it isnt who i am, I have fat.  I think the term i refer myself as.. of all the things that are true above, how can one part of me be all of who i am.  Yes time to hit that light switch and see things for what they are. 





6/12/2008     266lbs starting weight


7/11/08   -10lbs   256lbs  COMPLETED

  -6lbs       244.        9/18/08    completed!

  -6lbs        238       1/19/09    complete!

 -6lbs      232

  -6lbs    226

 -6lbs     220

  -6lbs     214    

 -6lbs    208

 -6lbs   202

-6lbs   196.      Under 200lbs.     71lbs loss.               -





  • May27,2007                                                                                                                                                        

Arm... upper 17  lower 11.5

leg ... calf 18.5  upper leg 27.5 both legs right under butt 42

stomic around bellybutton 41 under boobs 40 above boobs 41.5

wrist 7, ankle 11

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Interests 6: and walking, cooking, learning, onlines games, raising children, teaching
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