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Vegetarian Vegetarian foods that are high in fiber and/or protein? Jan 10 2013
19:00 (UTC)

well if you have dairy then how about the good ol' standby: milk! 

i think it's 9 grams per 250ml serving which isn't too shabby.

also, nuts and seeds are great in the protein department and they come with a lot of healthy fats! 

as for fiber, so long as you're eating plenty of fruits and veggies and whole grains, you'll be covered 

Motivation [Closed]10-25lbs for Summer, Starting Apr 1st to Jul 1st [Motivation Group/Challenge] May 07 2012
02:52 (UTC)

woah haven't checked in for a while. i had the stomach flu so i've been zoning out to some cartoons in bed. anyway, i'm feeling better and hoping to start fresh again tomorrow. hope you all had a better week than me :P

Health & Support 21 days of binge-free... who's with me?? need support please :( Apr 28 2012
16:41 (UTC)
Original Post by neltuneliel:

Sorry you didn't make it, bulu. Just try again. 

I failed last night too, lol. I mean I set myself up buying cookies and a bag of chips. But I seriously thought I could do it. But by bedtime, I wasn't tired and I felt very hungry. I tried drinking water but it didn't help. So I said I'll just have one more cookie...then next thing I know I've eaten the whole box...and then I moved on to the open bag of chips. Sigh. I'm disappointed in myself but I am glad to say it's not the worst binge I've ever had. I'm not sure what I did wrong to make me feel so hungry. I ate a couple of meals but also did a lot of snacking. So Maybe instead of snacking I'll just try to have more filling meals. Gluck to everyone and have a good weekend!

agh me too. i keep screwing up some how. i also tried buying foods that i liked but i ended up binging on them D: it's hard to find that balance between enjoying the food and eating what you like and going overboard. 

i also happen to get hungrier at night... is that normal? i always eat a light breakfast though so maybe i should try having more in the morning to see what happens. alright back on the wagon! this time i won't restrict to make up for the binging cause we all know that goes nowhere good. 

Gluck (haha was that intentional or a spelling mistake?) to you all too!

Health & Support i want to binge soooo bad rite now... someone help me stop the urge? Apr 26 2012
01:05 (UTC)

julie: yes my period is still absent :/ i had an ultra sound and it said all my hormones are fine. my doctor recommended i gain a bit more and see what happens. however, that was months ago and i am now bmi 23+ (i was bmi 20 when i was weighed by my doctor the last time) so i don't know what to do....

i did follow Hedgren's advice and that's why i allowed myself to binge/reactive eat while i was gaining since i was always hungry despite the calories i consumed. now though, i'm healthy so why am i still binging?

recoshel: same problem here. i try to go with carrots and fruit but i always end up drifting to the instant noodles and chocolate.... 

and i also happen to know the calories in a lot of food though i don't count :B we're like twins. oh but i was overweight before ED so i'm not sure where my natural set point is. i realize it's not going to be bmi 19 or even 20 since i'm quite muscular ... but i'm Asian and being smaller is like... expected D: 

Young Calorie Counters Was hoping I was young, Apparently I am not Apr 25 2012
21:09 (UTC)
Original Post by NeverEatShreddedWheat:

Theres lots of ed recoverers here but we get all sorts, sure there's some your age driftin' round here abouts... Also, thank Canada for me for producing Michael Buble!

... But we're not happy about the Beiber fever. -.- couldn't you... You know, CONTAIN HIM?! D:

20 and Canadian right here! i thought i was old at 15 which makes me an absolute fossil by now :> 

and i apologize on behalf of Canada for producing the Beaver... and for Celin Dion (she's okay in small doses...)

now... Tokyo Police Club anyone?

Foods Will complex carbs like this cause me to gain weight? Apr 25 2012
21:01 (UTC)

are you eating this way on purpose? i mean, i remember when i was restricting i would eat tons of carrots and beets to fill my empty stomach. it seems like you're trying to get a minimal amount of calories with the most bulk. try eating stuff with fats and proteins which will keep you fuller longer! you're young so having a balanced diet with all the nutrients is very important because you're still growing.


Health & Support 21 days of binge-free... who's with me?? need support please :( Apr 25 2012
16:12 (UTC)
Original Post by headlessqueen:

Of course it's not late!! You're more than welcome :) Yesterday night I guess I had the first real urge to binge in those days. After dinner I was still hungry, or, better, I didn't feel full. It was like the food I ate was not filling even a quarter of my stomach, though it was a quite high calories dinner! I wanted to eat more, so I took a banana and made me a cup of tea with some milk . Anyway I wanted something else and i took some dark chocolate, leftover of easter eggs.After the tea i went in the kitchen again and took some milk chicolate that I received from switzerland. I gave half to my bf. It tasted sooo delicious... I would have eat it all it my bf didn't stop me! I felt like a little baby who cries when somebody take his game. And in the morning i woke up with the very obsession for food.I guess I have exageraged a bit with milk and buscuits... Ate around 5 big biscuits and 350 ml of milk, almost double of what I eat normally for breakfast. Anyway I don't feel that guilty, I have done even worst sometimes! Do you think I can classify this episode as binge or just overeat? I just hope I will not overeat for lunch again!! Any advice how to overcome this? I don't want to start over!!!

well if you consciously wanted the biscuits and was able to stop yourself from grabbing more than you wanted/needed? then it wasn't a binge. haha i find it hard to classify binges as well. sometimes you're just hungry :B for lunch maybe make something with set portions so once you finish that you stop. unless you're still hungry of course, just make sure you have ENOUGH, not too much, not too little. once you're full, stop! 

anyway, i'm back on day 1 .... ugh i can't seem to stop restricting when i don't's a horrid cycle. any tips to avoid restriction? 


Health & Support binge help Apr 25 2012
13:58 (UTC)

that was me in recovery as well! and to this day i still binge like crazy though not to the point of feeling like exploding. i don't know what to say, apparently the binges should subside after you've continued to consume enough for your body ... 

 i do agree with delaneia, your body wants to get better as soon as possible by whatever means necessary. also, do you have trouble feeling full? and when you do eat, is it out of hunger? 

Health & Support Anyone here never get the "full" feeling? Apr 24 2012
20:09 (UTC)
Original Post by stargazer1:

Original Post by sneakyninja:


What I'm asking here is this - will my stomach naturally shrink in size as long as I don't eat massive quantities and stretch it more? Or is this some kind of permanent damage?

I'm pretty sure that stomach stretching is a myth.

well the stomach doesn't actually shrink when you restrict, it's just the passage of food slows down so you feel full faster. i'm not sure about stomach stretching. i think that once you eat massive amounts, you override your fullness signals which over time translates to you losing that sensation all together (just like you stop feeling hungry when you starve since you no longer listen to the signals) 

it's possible to get it back though! just eat structured meals at appropriate times and sooner or later your normal fullness signals should return 

also i remember someone on here actually posted about competing in eating competitions - since they never felt full - to win massive amounts of cash :B 

Health & Support i want to binge soooo bad rite now... someone help me stop the urge? Apr 23 2012
14:41 (UTC)

to be honest, i don't count calories so i can't really tell you. i gained to bmi 23 eating about (estimation) 5000+ calories a day because of the binging. the exercise i did was walking about 45min on days i felt like exercising (i never had an exercise addiction, even during the worst of my ED) sometimes i feel like the freak anorexic who hardly counted calories and never over exercised :/ 

could it be i need to gain higher? i'm already way past my comfort zone though.... 

Weight Gain Should I Gain Weight? If so--how??? Apr 23 2012
14:32 (UTC)

aw you're not a freak! some people just have faster metabolisms and have a very hard time gaining weight. i know a guy who can eat crazy amounts of food and he's still thin as a rail. also, my sister had a hard time gaining weight when she was younger and my parents started giving her appetite stimulants. 

anyway, if you want to gain try increasing to 2500 or even 3000 cals a day and see if that works. if you get full easy, add healthy fats like nuts, avocados, oil. they have very little bulk for a good amount of calories. a nice amount to gain is 1-2 pounds a week :)

oh and have the desserts! they make gaining a lot more fun 

Health & Support i want to binge soooo bad rite now... someone help me stop the urge? Apr 23 2012
14:03 (UTC)

i'm sure it has everything to do with anorexia. i never binged before i restricted down to a bad place. binging is probably like a survival mechanism or something. i wish i knew how to shut it off now that i'm healthy though :C or seemingly healthy.... 

and yeah, Hedgren mentioned how it was normal and that we still need extra energy sometimes to fix everything... but it's really hard to deal with binging on top of life stuff 

Health & Support i want to binge soooo bad rite now... someone help me stop the urge? Apr 22 2012
21:46 (UTC)

oh man, i'm going through the same thing! recovered from anorexia, we even have the same BMI. and i've also been struggling with binging.

what i'm doing now to overcome the urge is chewing gum. it keeps your mouth busy and you get that sweet taste.also try distracting yourself. i've been watching youtube videos like crazy. or you could go for a walk or read or something. 

let me know how you do :) you can get past it

Motivation [Closed]10-25lbs for Summer, Starting Apr 1st to Jul 1st [Motivation Group/Challenge] Apr 22 2012
16:36 (UTC)

i know i haven't weighed myself in ages but i keep running into walls. either i binge or i drink (i lose a lot of water so my weight goes lower than it actually is .... temporarily) 

hopefully this week goes better. today started off bumpy since i was up at 4am (my sister found two spiders in the house and refused to sleep until i got rid of them... i don't kill them :) so i went back to bed at 6am-ish and got up at 10 D: 

i'm also getting my first haircut in years! hope it goes well

keep going guys! summer is on the way! even though in Canada, it's cold and cloudy outside.... 

Young Calorie Counters So dissapointed with myself. Apr 20 2012
22:59 (UTC)

didn't you post recently about being 5'5" and 109lbs? :/ maybe it's your body trying to tell you something? 

Motivation [Closed]10-25lbs for Summer, Starting Apr 1st to Jul 1st [Motivation Group/Challenge] Apr 20 2012
22:16 (UTC)
Original Post by hollowness:

Also this was shared today about water weight/retention, this may help those with current fluxes and help with hope :) with-water-retention-part.html

oh man thanks for that! so reassuring. as i said, i recovered from a restrictive diet and so i'm retaining water like a madwoman and this article really made me feel like things might actually get better. :) still waiting for the 'whoosh' though.


Health & Support 21 days of binge-free... who's with me?? need support please :( Apr 20 2012
21:56 (UTC)

well yesterday was day 1 :D hopefully it only goes up from here! 

@sulfyr: ohhh yyeeeaaaa. i was so tired by the time i got home i just zombie-walked to the kitchen and ate a ton. then went to bed. ugh that's what walking around all day in high heels will do to you >:C 

i loved your stuff too! especially the spice girls. paprika was my favourite. love red-heads <3 

Health & Support Character Changes during an ED (survey) Apr 19 2012
22:22 (UTC)

to be honest, the depression, the anxiety, everything got amplified as i gained to a healthy weight. i was depressed and developed anorexia because of it but once i became underweight, all the feelings disappeared. 

restricting was my way out. some people do drugs, some drink, i starved. that was and still is how i deal with stress. until binging came into the equation... there's only so much a body can take :/

Health & Support Social Anxiety? Or just recovery remorse? Apr 18 2012
13:46 (UTC)
Original Post by delaneia:

Hey :)

I felt the same way. People saw you at a much lower weight before you started recovery and you're afraid someone will say something to you that may be a trigger

Lemme tell you..the reaction you will get will be positive. And no one will think anything other than "Omg..she looks so much better. It was gross how bony she had gotten."

I can see an anorexic from a mile away (of course I don't say anything) and when I see them again after recovery (just out and about) it's a beautiful thing. Skin all shiny again-smiling without looking like a skeleton

It's good to be nervous-you need to get used to walking and working with your new body-your stronger body. It'll come. It did for me..little by little ♥

oh i know that feeling! i had a friend who suffered with AN and we kinda went through recovery together and seeing her get better was one of the best supports for me. and she looks so much more beautiful now not to mention her art! 

@swantears: it's frightening i know, but you have to risk it! you'll never know how people will react unless you actually go out and see them. i sound like a hypocrite now since i'm having the same fears. i'm afraid to see my relatives who always used to tell me to lose weight. until i got an ED when they started begging me to gain weight D: ugh. people are only human though and you're going to have to forgive them. i dunno, if you can't go out and meet people, can you at least call them? it's a step and they won't see you and during the conversation you could slip in the fact that you're healing and they may get the gist? afterwards, you could arrange to see them and by then they'll know that you're not looking like death anymore. 

also, i think Hedgren recently posted on her blog about Social Anxiety and ED... maybe it's worth checking out