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Weight Loss would u consider bmi 20 thin Nov 03 2013
01:31 (UTC)
5' 6" 125 lb - is very thin.

5'6" 125 lb and pregnant more than a couple months - is child abuse.
Fitness Heart rate Nov 02 2013
01:00 (UTC)
220 - age is a very, very approximate formula. Big error range. For example, I'm 50 and have gotten my HR >190 with no ill effects.

Use perceived exertion instead.

Weight Loss Lowest calorie item on this menu? Oct 26 2013
15:17 (UTC)
Everything there will be pretty similar in calories (aside from a couple appetizer/sides like edamame). It is a noodle and rice bar; each of the main dishes is essentially a bowl of noodles or rice with some meat, fish, etching. Doesn't matter if it is ramen, udon, soba, rice, steamed bun - it is all roughly the same calories per ounce.
Health & Support damaged metabolism? Oct 26 2013
15:11 (UTC)
You should also make time for exercise. Being healthy is about more than eating and weighing a normal amount.
Fitness Exercise trouble please advise (Newbie please be gentle) Oct 24 2013
03:47 (UTC)
You probably have the seat too low on the stationary bike. Raise it until your leg is almost fully extended (knee has a slight bend, like 20-30 degrees) when the pedal is in the lowest spot. A too-low seat will exhaust your quadriceps (top of your thighs ) quickly.

Otherwise, just start small. If 5 minutes on the elliptical is all you can do, do 5 minutes until you can do 6, then do 6 until you can do 7, etc. After about two weeks of going every day, you will start noticing that you're getting stronger.

Since you've had a heart attack, you'll want to check with your doctor before going at this hard.

Weight Loss Anyone else trying the Fast Diet? Oct 22 2013
03:30 (UTC)
If you are eating under 1200 cal/day for 5 days of the week, you don't need to do anything different the other 2 days. You're running a big calorie deficit already.

I wouldn't keep it up for too long.
Weight Loss eat something or stay feeling hungry Oct 21 2013
02:20 (UTC)
Increase your calorie target.

An apple and a big glass of water make a good late night snack. Apple is only about 60 calories and is reasonably bulky (filling), water is also helpful.
Weight Loss Not trusting nutritional labels. Oct 18 2013
22:59 (UTC)
Soup is mostly water, and that is a small can. The calorie count seems reasonable.
Weight Loss How many calories should I be eating? Oct 18 2013
03:36 (UTC)
Eating too little for a 17 y/o who is normally active and not actually overweight.

Maybe eating barely enough for a sedentary 5' 0" 50 y/o woman - no, probably not even then.
Weight Loss Chewing and spitting out junk food....question Oct 17 2013
22:44 (UTC)
I think the problem is that, having reached 1,100 calories at 3 pm, you thought that you had no additional calories for the day to "spend" on the Reese's. How many calories are you trying to eat each day? Not 1,100 I hope?

Next time, eat the Reeses or half of it. Throw the rest of the junk food away. And eat a solid dinner.

Yes, chewing then spitting out means you have a problem. It means you have such a craving for crappy junky stuff that you can't not eat it. It also means that you have put yourself on such a restrictive diet that you can't eat even one piece of crappy junky stuff. Both are problems.
Weight Loss Not sure if I should start losing again Oct 13 2013
15:25 (UTC)
If your BMI is in a normal range (if you prefer to use body fat as the metric that is fine too) then there is no need to lose weight. (Assuming no medical issues.)

We can have normal BMI and still want to lose weight (to a still-healthy BMI) for vanity or athletic reasons. If you want to do that, that's fine. Make sure it is your desire and to please yourself, not someone else's desire or to please someone else. And I agree w / the first response. Sometimes there is no reason to lose weight. Which is great. There are a lot more important and fun things to do in life, than dieting.
Weight Loss paleo diet, is it as efficient as some people make it to be? Oct 12 2013
23:21 (UTC)
Any diet that has you eating no grains ( bread, rice, pasta) and sweets (pastries, candy) is going to be a big, big help in weight loss.
Fitness indoor walking? Oct 10 2013
22:38 (UTC)
Craigslist should turn up a used treadmill for $100-200. Have it demonstrated so you know it works smoothly. Check out some new ones at a shop, so you know how they are supposed to work and sound.

Not burning gas to get to a place to walk, able to walk any time, option of speeding up to a jog - all advantages.

Taking up space (though most do fold up), and only one person at a time can use it - disadvantages.

You can probably resell it for the same price in January if you don't like it.
Weight Loss Body Fat % Oct 10 2013
22:06 (UTC)
I think you should try other methods of body fat % estimation. Fat skinfold scales with a 5 or 7 point measurement system, and the visual estimators you can find online.

Reason I think the 33% reported by your scale could be wrong: you said you are dead lifting 140 lb, for a 5' 1" woman at 118 lb, that means you are not very likely to be skinny-fat in my opinion. Possible but I'm doubtful.

Weight Loss Body Fat % Oct 10 2013
00:07 (UTC)
How are you measuring body fat %? The common home methods all have drawbacks.

How long have you been keeping up the regimen you described? How many weeks or months?

You said weight training - how heavy are the weights?
Weight Loss When weight loss goes wrong? Oct 08 2013
03:57 (UTC)
You have been posting here for some time. You seem to know about BMR, net calories, logging, etc. Yet your log shows that on a recent day you were eating <1,400 cal/day yet saying you were in weight gain mode. You know (should know) how many calories you need to eat to gain weight, and you know (should know) it is more like 2,500 than 1,400.

So why are you posting this question? You know the answer. Eat a good deal more than you are doing. If you can't do that, get professional help.
Weight Loss On disability; Struggling to eat healthy Oct 07 2013
12:28 (UTC)

There are many ingredients that are calorie-dense, nutritious, and don't require (or don't have to require) much prep or labor-intensive cooking.  Chicken, pork, fish, rice, potatoes, pasta, most vegetables, etc.  

Cooking methods that require less time tending pots and pans include boiling, baking, roasting, steaming, microwaving.  And of course, putting everything in the dishwasher will be easier than handwashing.

A high stool at the stove and another at the sink - or a swiveling stool on casters  that you can scoot from place to place - should also reduce standing time.  

Sit at a table to do your prep (cutting, dicing, mixing, etc), put all the prepped ingredients into bowls, then stand only once to transfer those to the cooking container.

A thermometer with a remote probe will save repeated checking to see if meat is done.

Just as an example, you can put two halved lemons in a whole chicken and roast it in a baking dish with potatoes and vegetables, that is a complete meal and leftovers for a couple days, and would require little to no standing up.  Similarly for a pot roast, a stew, roast vegetables, etc.

As for ingredients keeping long enough, there is little to no nutrition lost in freezing.  There is nothing wrong with buying frozen vegetables, or buying the portioning and and freezing meat.  Or favoring root vegetables that keep for a long time.  Canned vegetables are serviceable too.

If you really want nutritious food with minimum physical work, and are willing to sacrifice some variety, then cook in bulk and freeze or refrigerate meal-sized portions.  I once knew a bachelor who did all his cooking on Saturday.  He boiled dozens of chicken legs and cooked a large pot of rice, and ate that cold from the fridge, with microwaved frozen veg, all week.  Totally dull and functional eating but it was adequately healthy - certainly better than a diet of McDonalds and other fast food.   





Weight Loss What is eating clean? Oct 07 2013
03:51 (UTC)
I think you need to be clearer about exactly what you mean by "eating clean".

Do you mean high quality, very fresh ingredients? Foods with low content of fat or sugar or salt or carbs or something else? Organic or natural? Locally sourced or sustainable? Vegan, raw?

Different people have different meanings for the term. Some people just have a free floating, unspecific, and uninformed anxiety about what they think they should be doing. And some people are just susceptible to fads.

Weight Loss On disability; Struggling to eat healthy Oct 07 2013
03:44 (UTC)
Why can't you cook?

Is it can't - or won't, or don't?

8 year old kids and 80 year old women can cook. People in wheelchairs can cook.
Weight Loss quality v. quantitiy Oct 07 2013
03:41 (UTC)
Eating chocolate usually means eating sugar. If you reduce the other sugar you eat, so that your total sugar intake is normal, then I'm not seeing why the additional cocoa would be bad. However, if you are going to eat a lot of useless sugar, then that is bad, even if your total calories are normal. It isn't the fat so much as the sugar. Do some reading about how excessive sugar consumption affects your metabolism, pancreas, and risk of diabetes. Further, by wasting calories on excessive sugar you are eating less meat, vegetables, etc which has what your body actually needs. So, bottom line, if you are nibbling a half-bar of chocolate each day, I wouldn't worry, but if you are eating much more, then stop or cut back on other sugar.