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Fitness Skinny Fat Female - Looking to gain muscle :) Mar 18 2014
00:40 (UTC)
"Excess flab" - still in ED? What is your self assessment?

Weight Loss Useful Things To Eat Mar 12 2014
20:02 (UTC)
There is also the spaghetti squash as a substitute for, well, spaghetti.
Weight Loss I gained 8 lbs in 5 days? Mar 10 2014
21:54 (UTC)
It is mostly water retention, maybe 1-2 lb of waste, and certainly less than 1 lb of actual fat gain.
Weight Loss Useful Things To Eat Mar 10 2014
15:48 (UTC)
Original Post by jamiesvb:

Original Post by john_liu:

I'm experimenting with different things to eat.

It turns out that rutabaga, peeled, boiled, and mashed with butter and a little cream, salted to taste, makes a nice substitute for mashed potatoes.

Try roasting cauliflower and mashing it with garlic and a bit of oil or faux mashed potatoes EVER
You can also try making pizza crust with it :) 

Google Broccoli Protein Bread recipe..also awesome

Do you make cauliflower gratin as well?  I like that even better than potato gratin, believe it or not.

Weight Loss Useful Things To Eat Mar 10 2014
15:28 (UTC)

I've never tried that brand.  

I have done a little bit with gluten-free baking using non-wheat flour (Bob's Red Mill brand, I think it is a mix of almond, garbanzo bean, etc flours) and xantham gum as the gluten substiture.  I found that a decent soft/dense"sandwich bread" can be made that way, also things like pie and pastie crusts.  I hear good gluten-free cakes and brownies can be baked too but I don't make those things.

Those non-wheat, gluten-free breads still have a lot of calories and carbs, though.  

There are also "thin breads" which are maybe one-third the thickness of a typical slice of sandwich bread.  Or you can use pita shells or tortilla wraps or slice a bagel very thinly (1/4" thickness).  Those are all strong enough to make an eatable sandwich that doesn't fall apart in your hands.  

The lettuce tube idea sounds great! 



Weight Loss Useful Things To Eat Mar 10 2014
03:31 (UTC)
Also, if you're making creamed corn, which is traditionally a terribly high calorie dish, you can heat corn (canned or frozen works fine), melt in just a few ounces of soft cheese (cream cheese, Brie, etc), then just a small amount of cream, or half and half, or even sour cream. This won't be "creamy" enough. But take about a quarter of the mixture and purée it in your food processor and mix that back into the rest of the dish. Salt, white pepper, maybe a little nutmeg is desired, It'll be tasty and have the right creamy texture.
Weight Loss not noticing any change Mar 10 2014
03:24 (UTC)
I don't know what your target weight is. But if it is 150 lb - hypothetically - then you are one third of the way there. Think about it - that is huge progress!
Weight Loss not noticing any change Mar 09 2014
23:03 (UTC)
Just keep doing what you are doing. You've lost 10% of your starting bodyweight, which is a great start. By the time you lose 20% (175 lb), you will definitely see a big difference.
Weight Loss Lose 80 pounds by June 1st. Mar 09 2014
22:56 (UTC)
Think slow(er) and steady. Like 2 lb/week.

Losing 80 lb by June 1 would be 1 lb/day. It is not actually possible to lose 1 lb/day of body weight. (Fluctuations in hydration can change your weight by 1-2 lb/day but that's not actual weight loss.)
Weight Loss meal plan, or count as you go? Mar 09 2014
22:51 (UTC)
Review what you've been eating, if it is the calorie level and proportion of fat, protein, carbs that you want, then why change what's working?
Weight Loss 56 years old--does age affect CCing? Mar 08 2014
23:51 (UTC)

As we age, retaining muscle mass becomes increasingly important.  It might not seem so at 40 but at 60 or 70, having stayed strong will be very important.  For men and women alike.

If you lose weight solely through calorie restriction, about 2/3 of the weight loss is muscle, and only about 1/3 is fat.  That is based on experiments with females but the same is true for men.  If you add cardio exercise to the calorie restriction, the proportions of muscle and fat loss do not change much.  If you add resistance exercise - lifting weights, machines, or bodyweight - then mostly fat is lost and muscle is mostly (not entirely) retained.  

So as we get older, it is important to do resistance exercise at the same time as we diet.  That is one difference between calorie counting at 26 y/o and at 56 y/o.

Another issue as we age is bone strength, and this is especially so for women.  So be mindful of your calcium intake and other nutrition as you diet.  Note that resistance exercise helps maintain bone strength.

Weight Loss how do you ignore junk food cravings? Mar 08 2014
17:54 (UTC)
Can you get rid of the junk food? That would be the easiest .

The other way is, log your food before you eat it. So before you eat that bag of chips, enter it in your Calorie Count log and see if you can "afford" it. You may see "yes, I can eat those chips but that's all I will be able to eat for the rest of the day" and there is no better way to realize how much of a waste junk food is.
Fitness Women's Difficulty With Pull-Ups Is About More Than Biology Jan 12 2014
14:53 (UTC)
How much upper body muscle do you reckon the average woman will have to put on to be able to do pull-ups, and how much weight will that average woman have to lose? Wild guess, 5 and 30?

Fitness Stationary bike Watts and RPM's Dec 14 2013
03:49 (UTC)
You can roughly estimate your calorie burn from your heart rate, weight, age, sex, and duration of the exercise. I don't have a link to a calculator handy, maybe someone else does or you can search for one. Be sure to calculate net calories, not gross calories.

Weight Loss always over sodium allowance. Nov 28 2013
08:09 (UTC)
Less packaged, pre-made, commercially prepared foods. More cooking your own food from basic ingredients.
Weight Loss How do I actually find out my daily caloric needs? Nov 07 2013
05:28 (UTC)
The calculators are just estimates. They should get you in the ballpark. Then you have to find your individual level, which will depend on your body and activity. If your weight stays stable for a few weeks, how much you're eating is your caloric break-even level.
Weight Loss would u consider bmi 20 thin Nov 04 2013
00:00 (UTC)
Sorry. Most people who post here, who have a history of eating disorders, don't seem to register anything that is said. They return over and over, just as disordered as before, with the same saddening topics.

If my message got through to you, I'll gladly confess to making a disturbing post.

I hope your posts in the coming months won't indicate that you are very underweight during your pregnancy.
Weight Loss would u consider bmi 20 thin Nov 03 2013
15:18 (UTC)
10 ght-gain

If your normal weight is 105 lb then I suppose 130 lb is an okay weight during pregnancy. But as you are 5'6", not short, that is not the case.
Weight Loss Question- close to goal weight Nov 03 2013
04:14 (UTC)
Oregonlakes, how are you doing? Any update?

I am interested because, personally, I get to about 10 lb of my stretch goal (which is 170 lb, so I get to 180 lb) and then can't go any further.

So I would like to see how you solve the problem.