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Foods Orginized Weekly Meal Schedules - Anyone have any? Aug 15 2008
19:08 (UTC)
no one?
Fitness Fun Situps Aug 15 2008
02:10 (UTC)
Has anyone else done these and seen results? Let me know. :D
Recipes What do you think of this Taco Salad? Aug 15 2008
02:07 (UTC)
Mmmm I am going to have to tag this board and try out this recipe as well as the Guac! It sounds awesome! :D

Thanks for the recipe!!
Recipes Share Your Healthy Crock Pot Recipes Aug 15 2008
01:24 (UTC)
My grandma bought me a crock pot when I first moved out of my parents place and went on my own. I love to make chili and spaghetti sauce in it!

I defiantly want to try this recipe now though! Fat Free Crockpot Ratatoille! It sounds delicious! :D
Young Calorie Counters Anyone aprox 5'6 in their 20's wanting to lose weight? Aug 15 2008
00:50 (UTC)
wow! I never expected to get so many replies! lol

Thanks to everyone who posted here! I am sure we can support each other and give each other ideas and tips on what helps us to loose weight.

Priceless7- You are not nerdy to have a ddr mat! I also have one..the only thing I find is I get really tired of the songs on my two games I have..I wish you could pick your own music! lol I find it gets me having fun and burning calories though for the DDR. Worth it! I actually heard of the DDR through here and decided to buy one for my PSP2.

So what does everyone do for working out? Also anyone have ideas on any snacks that are around 150 calories and less or meal plan idea's for weekly schedules?
Foods What kinds of fruit are really good to eat frozen? Aug 14 2008
02:44 (UTC)
Mmmmm this has made me crave some fruits now! :)

Thanks so everyone who have given me amazing ideas to do healthy fruity snacks! I am going to have to try them all out!

Oh by the way I love smoothies! Thanks mamamoosh! I am defiantly going to try that smoothie recipe you just gave me!

fallingupstairs: I know about the little pudding cups and freezing them already but thanks for mentioning them! It will help others out. They are so so good aren't they! :D Thanks for posting!

Anyone who has anymore ideas for perhaps smoothies or fruits please post. It will help all of us with ideas for healthy snacks!
Young Calorie Counters Anyone aprox 5'6 in their 20's wanting to lose weight? Aug 14 2008
02:35 (UTC)
Thanks for pointing out the spelling error! I feel like such an idiot! I must be really tired. I know I was writing to fast!

Thanks for posting on my board. :)

Do you have a set goal as to when you would like to have the weight lost? Mine is for next summer for sure. I have more then 15 so it will take me a bit longer. lol
Weight Loss competition- mother/daughter. Aug 14 2008
02:14 (UTC)
Hmm it seems to me that you area really feeling a bit bad about a competition between your mom and you.

This competition is supposed to help you both.

Ask her how she feels about it. If she seems to give off the same feeling as you then I would just try to loose weight together and not turn it into a competition. Just try to help each other out.

It's supposed to help you want to loose weight. Your not supposed to feel bad about loosing or lower your self esteem.
Motivation Chip remorse... Aug 14 2008
01:21 (UTC)
Don't feel bad over the chips. It's not wrong to have them once in a while as a treat. If you aren't over your points and you have allot left for your meal why are you beating up on yourself hun?

You will know for next time how you felt this time. You learned that you don't even like chips as much as you perhaps used to.

So look at it this way. You won a battle for the taste..not liking them overly to much and you will not go for chips next time.

But remember sometimes it is good to reward yourself. I don't mean having junk food all the time but if you are really craving it and you have points..then its better to satisfy your craving with alittle bit of what you are craving. If you don't you will probably really crave it one day and eat a whole bag full.
Motivation Issues Aug 14 2008
00:51 (UTC)
Don't be scared to jump back on that scale. It will only get worse..not better. The faster you start out again the better and more results you will see.

Just think, you will reach that goal if you start! You can do it!

Try to start with a friend or a family member who has the same weight goals as yourself. They will be able to motivate you as well as you helping them out.
Motivation Now able to give up chocolate! Aug 14 2008
00:48 (UTC)
Congrats! Chocolate is one of the hardest things to stop craving!
Motivation What are your reasons for wanting to lose weight? Aug 14 2008
00:46 (UTC)
I have a few reasons why I want to loose my weight.

1. I don't feel healthy anymore. I want to feel better. Have more energy and not tired all the time. Not to mention get rid of my heartburn that I got once I gained the weight. Also feeling bloated all the time is no fun.

2. None of my clothes fit me anymore! I really hate wearing any kind of pants and my big stomach bulges out in the front over my tight jeans. Even if my jeans are falling down when I am standing. When I sit it bulges out.

3. I want my husband to have the woman he married. I used to weigh allot less. I feel like a cheated him somehow. I don't want to be a fat wife.

4. I am starving all the time! I'm hoping that loosing weight and getting back to my old self will help me not adore food. I used to hate food.
Foods Frozen bananas Aug 14 2008
00:30 (UTC)
Hmm this is very interesting. I am going to have to try it.

So what I get out of this is you buy new banana's and freeze them. Eat them frozen as a snack?

This sounds really good.

I freeze my banana's to make homemade banana bread. I didn't know about this though. Thank you for making this board and giving me a new snack idea. :)
Fitness Help! Can't get my bum off the couch! Aug 13 2008
23:26 (UTC)
Wow! That is a really great workout that you did!

How about going for a walk with a close friend or family member?. Just walk around a bit. It doesn't have to be anything major. It will help you still work out and have fun with your friend or a family member.
Fitness Office Exercise Aug 13 2008
23:23 (UTC)
I've done lots of abs and legs routines at my desk.

When you are typing or just sitting down. Sit up straight. Inhale in bringing your stomach muscles in while you breath (sucking your abs in and making them tight) hold and then release. Keep doing this until you get tired. You should feel some soreness the next day to know if you are doing it right.

I have also heard of while sitting down you can do leg exercises. Leg lifts.

Basically. I would just try to keep as active as possible.

Perhaps at lunch time go for a short walk around the block and return before your lunch break is over. At my work we got a few people together to join in the walk. It was fun and a great power walk. It also relieves stress in the office and lets you relax and get away from your work. You will come back more refreshed and the day seems to go by quicker. I ended up looking forward to my lunch time break. It was very fun.

When you go to pick up something off the floor or close to the floor do some bends and touch your toes.

When you go to the bathroom do some touch your toes workouts or twisting from side to side.

You can always find stuff to do for work outs in the office.
Fitness Question about measurements... Aug 13 2008
23:15 (UTC)
Correct. Just above your buttocks and between your hip bones. Thats now I measure myself anyways.
Motivation Motivation quotes, fun facts??? Aug 12 2008
22:21 (UTC)
I love this board! Lots of good sayings and tips.

I am not sure who I got this saying from..but It is from someone on here. :) I liked it allot so I posted it on my lookup to remind me.

There is nothing that feels as great than loosing weight.
Motivation How to STOP being lazy May 15 2008
18:19 (UTC)
I also am like this! I love hearing others stories. I am going to start taking some advice off of this board as well!

I personally find that setting my alarm helps me. Go to bed earlier and get up earlier. Try to get atleast 8 hours sleep every night.

I do find that if I stay in bed for a long time that I am more tired if I wake up and then just fall asleep!
Games & Challenges Biggest Loser Challenge Thread - Part 6 - Final Results Posted! Apr 09 2008
00:15 (UTC)
My starting weight is 160 lbs. :)
Motivation Wives Improving their Lives Club Mar 29 2008
18:39 (UTC)
As you already know my dear friend, I am having the same obstacles. It just isn't as easy as it used to be to loose weight. Married as well now, my husband also sabotages me with eating junk food all the time and doing the groceries since he is the working one of the family at the moment he always buys junk food or very bad foods that are high in calories.

I am 5'6 - 21 year old. Stay at home house wife. Right now, I weight 160ish. I have been married for a little over a year and a half and in that year and a half I have put on about 30 pounds! I have always been 125-135 in weight all my life and now I am having a really hard time to get motivated, loose weight and eat right. Also working out is a really hard part for me.

My main challenges are:

1- My husbands junk food obsession. Eating it all the time in front of me or wanting to go out to dinner at restaurants all the time.

2- Not getting enough work outs. I am used to living always with a couple of girls in the house. So we used to walk, work out all the time and watch what we ate. Giving pointers to each other on what and what not to do. So now that I am married, I am having a really hard time being the only woman in the house. My friends/Family are very far or have very busy lives as well so we don't get together as often. This is my second biggest struggle.

3- My third biggest struggle is not eating right. I tend to wait till I am starving and then do something really fast like opening a box of KD. (Kraft dinner) Not good at all I know! I used to be always starving and eating all the time but now I am the opposite. I don't know what it wrong with me lately. Now I hardly eat anything! I started eating breakfast now in the mornings but then I won't have lunch and i'll be hungry for supper and have a big supper! or like I said in the middle of the day at around 3pm I will make KD and eat that..then won't be hungry for supper until 8pm. I hate eating to late because I know its bad.

So thats it for now. Thank you for making this board. I hope we can all give each other pointers and motivation. :)