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Weight Loss I lost weight on YAZ birth control! May 02 2008
19:08 (UTC)

that's good to know... i've heard mostly good things about YAZ.  i'm on loestrin now though and i love it!!!!!!!  no problems at all.  i had all sorts of issues with other ones. usually i had teh complete opposite things happen (good to not gain weight- gain a ton of weight, good to clear up skin- break out like crazy, etc.)  you really don't know until you try them.  just like someone above said they hated loestrin i loved it.  depends on your body and how you will react to it. i reacted horribly to ortho and it's one of the most popular ones cuz most people love it!


Foods Pizza Calories?! May 02 2008
13:59 (UTC)

hmmm..... i was wondering the same.  i always had about 200-250 in my head for being an average size slice of plain pizza.  buuuut.... i guess i'm thinking now it could be more.  i know one serving of shredded mozzarella cheese is about 70 or so calories.  and i'm thinking a slice has ATLEAST 2 servings.  then sauce. oil. and the bread.  my guestimate would put it around 350 i think....

last night i had 2 plain regular size slices of pizza and i really was full the entire rest of the night (and i was up late last night!) so that means 700 calories probably is more accurate... if i'd had a 400 calorie dinner i think i would of been hungry by the end of the night :/


Recipes soy milk vs. regular milk Apr 30 2008
03:09 (UTC)

there are various reasons people don't drink milk... for ethics, lactose intolerance, health (whole milk is far from extremly healthy), not liking the taste, etc.... i personally avoid it for all those reasons...

for a long time i didn't want to try soy milk cuz i thought it sounded gross, but i finally did and realized i like the taste a lot better than milk, and i just feel better about drinking it (think milk is produced by cows to grow thier baby cows into 2000 pound adult cows, we don't drink our own breast milk after a year or two why would we drink a cows?!) 

i'm not sure if the 2 can be switched back and forth in recipes, i guess that would depend on the recipes. 

Recipes Delicious Vegetarian Omelet Apr 28 2008
21:27 (UTC)

that sounds pretty good!  i dont' eat eggs, but i think i could use this recipe with a substitute for a pretty good breakfast thanks.


Foods is Greek salad that bad?? according to CC it is. Advice? Apr 25 2008
16:13 (UTC)

i think it's the olives.... they are high fat... i don't like olives anyway, so i just don't get them... maybe instead of their dressing ask for a light dressing and try not to use all of it....

Vegetarian some questions about being vegan.. Apr 25 2008
12:53 (UTC)
Original Post by shiremancer:

Jmc1221 and gi-jane, I find it really offensive that you're connecting veganism and vegetarianism to eating disorders. This is what doctors and other **** of the like do. Being a vegan or vegetarian is mainly for morals, the environment, and one's health. It has nothing to do with eating disorders. There are plenty of things to eat. I'm overweight and I'm a vegan, so not that hard. There are vegan desserts and peanut butters and the like. Imagine the possibilities and don't be so narrow-minded.

 the op has said that she is recovering from an eating disorder, so i wasn't "connecting" it on my own.  it is true and i've seen it many times before where people use vegetarianism, veganism, raw food diets, organic diets, etc. to further feed their eating disorders in perfectly "acceptable" ways.  if you read my post i said that if you are going to go vegan you should expand your horizons as far as possible within the limitations of veganism.  it was the op who said her diet was fruits, veggies, nuts, and whole grains... not me.  a vegan/veg diet is very expansive, for someone who has a healthy focus on eating. someone who is recovering from eating disorders (which is restricting their diet) might not expand so much and should be focusing on expansion not any thing that might further convince them to restrict. 

i've been a vegetarian for almost 15 years, and i'm somewhere close to being vegan (although far from close enough to use the label). i highly support it and i know for a fact that it can expand your possibilities if your open to it. my concern was for someone with an ed, they have to be much more careful to really expand their diet and seek out alternatives, because it can be restrictive if you don't really expand and seek out.

Foods 150-250 breakfast! Apr 25 2008
00:57 (UTC)

my "usual" for breakfast is 250 cals and has me filled until lunch: 1 soy sausage patty (morningstar farms), 1 slice of 2% american cheese, 1 mini whole wheat bagel.


if i'm not having that i'll have oatmeal and fruit or soy milk and cerreal, but neither fill me up as much... a whole grain english muffin with peanut butter would be good too.

Foods any other chip addicts? Apr 24 2008
21:16 (UTC)

surprisingly i don't  have much interest in chips, but anything else salty and i lose it!!! pretzels, cheese doodles, chex mix, ok maybe doritos... i think it depends, i just stopped buying chips a while ago so i don't think about them much anymore... but i'm still a salt fiend... especially if it's cheesy and salty (oh cheese fries mmmm) the biggest thing is to just not buy them.  if i buy them, they're gone.


Foods I'm low on calories for the day! Apr 24 2008
21:14 (UTC)

you can eat some veggies or fruit, but if you not even hungry for one day i wouldn't force it... i know for me there's enough days i go over, so a day under won't kill me and that "starvation mode" doesn't kick in immediately.

Vegetarian Been a veggie for 2 weeks and have not lost an ounce..... Apr 24 2008
21:05 (UTC)

are you eating enough? it doesnt' look like that would add it up to too much, but i dont' know your portions... also vegetarianism does not GUARANTEE weight loss. it's more likely, but if you were already eating meat and eating healthy, you might not lose much.

Vegetarian some questions about being vegan.. Apr 24 2008
21:04 (UTC)
Original Post by ericainrecovery:

i'm already a picky enough eater as it is; so i've decided to just be vegetarian. no meat, or any candy/antyhingwith gelatin in it and i'm cutting out diet soda, caffiene, processed foods and preservatives.

so just fruit, veggies, nuts, eggs, yogurt, and whole grains.

 if you go vegan now that leaves you with fruit, veggies, nuts, whole grains .... for someone recovering from an ED, i think you should expand more before restricting... if your going to go vegan i think you need to expand as far as possible within vegan limitations.... but you should be concerned about your health.... just because something is processed or has preservatives doesn't necessarily make it that bad for you....

Vegetarian Gelatin: Veg or not? Apr 23 2008
21:09 (UTC)

i would still consider you a vegetarian.

i don't eat any meat.  and i avoid gelatin. but it is hard because it sneaks in. 

Foods what if I don't like cereal? Apr 22 2008
20:25 (UTC)

i like cereal but i don't like milk, so now that i've discovered soy milk i love having cereal again :)

i also like oatmeal... i get the flavored ones and have fruit with it

wheat toast (or english muffin) with peanut butter

soy sausage (i love with cheese on a whole wheat mini bagel)

Foods Cheese? Apr 22 2008
20:23 (UTC)

cheese is one of those things that you don't HAVE to eat, but it's certainly not bad if you do! i think it should be eaten in moderation because it can be high fat, salt, cholesterol.... but it does have a lot of calcium.  i personally LOVE cheese, but i try not to go crazy on it. everything in moderation right?  if you don't like it or don't want it there's no reason to make yourself eat it though!

Foods VIEWS ON ENERGY DRINKS: red bull, monster, etc. Apr 22 2008
18:33 (UTC)

i won't drink the sugar free/lo carb ones because i think the fake sugar and aspartame is probably one of the worst things in these drinks or any other items.  i'd rather drink the regular stuff.  i was drinking probably a red bull a day (c'mon people have numerous cups of coffee a day and it's nothing- i don't like coffee) but i tried to lay off it because 1. i dont' like being addicted to caffeine and 2. it adds up $ wise.  if your only having it now and again (like i do now) i don't see anything wrong about it.


Weight Loss Eating under 1000 calories Apr 22 2008
18:30 (UTC)

only when i was recently sick. i wasn't hungry and didn't feel like eating really so i logged my food and came out to around 1000 calories. it was only for a few days and i wasn't starving myself cuz i just wasn't hungry. i lost a couple pounds though!  considering i've been eating at or around my bmr for a few months now and not lost anything i don't know if i really buy all this eat more to lose more business.  i wouldn't continue to eat around 1000 calories though since i'd be hungry if i wasn't sick.

Weight Loss I hate that people are noticing Apr 22 2008
15:55 (UTC)

i know what you mean.... it's a lot of attention and it also makes you think "wow did i look that bad before?!"  maybe a simple "thank you very much for noticing, but i feel uncomfortable talking about it too much" would work?  someone noticed teh other day for me and i was THRILLED TO BITS about it... but i could see if someone was going on and on that would make me feel weird about it too.


Vegetarian How healthy/unhealthy are fake meats? Apr 22 2008
14:08 (UTC)

a lot of people on this site are against any processed foods in general... these are processed foods... if this is something that bothers you you might want to limit or not eat them.... however, i don't have a problem with them.... i've eaten them probably at least once everyday... sometimes 3 times a day... i've been a vegetarian almost 15 years now, so i've eaten them quite a bit i guess you could say!  i dont' think the salt content is too high.. if your predisposed to issues with sodium then i'd really watch it, but considering eating them 1-3 times a day unless i have a "bad" day and end up with soup or other processed foods or whatever my sodium intake has been fine.... i know there is some research going on with the type of soy used to make these foods (i think it's considered tvp), but this is something i'd have to look into further as well as weight the benefits and the risks.  i've heard them highly recommended as "healthier" alternatives to meat for people looking to improve their health and lose weight.  i personally, have no health problems and i love the taste of them.  there's different kinds. you can't try one burger cooked one way and declare you dont' like any of them.  sorry, but i probably wouldn't be a vegetarian if these products weren't around so i'm going to keep eating them.  i've been eating them less in general lately (more so to save money and watching my weight so trying new meals) but i don't see a problem with them.


Recipes Looking for quick breakfast ideas... Apr 21 2008
20:55 (UTC)

my usual breakfasts are either soy sausage patty with 2% cheese on a whole wheat mini bagel (the high protein really fills me up so it lasts long! and it's only 250 calories and low fat)  or soymilk and cereal and fruit or oatmeal with fruit.

Recipes How to prepare Tofu - I really want to try it!! Apr 21 2008
20:53 (UTC)

i'm not a tofu expert by any means, but if you ask this is the vegetarian forum you'll get a lot of replies :)

from my understanding you need to really really drain it well. i never seem to get it drained enough. i heard to wrap it in paper towels, put it in a drainer and put something like cans on top of it.

to cook it you can pretty much do whatever you want with it depending on what taste you are going for.  my friend just likes it steamed plain.  definately doesn't work for me.  i've tried just lightly oiling it and stirfrying it with veggies and that seems to be okay.  you can pretty much get tofu to take on whatever flavor you want.  bake it, steam it, fry it, anything.  one way i do like it is to scramble it up like i'm making eggs and add cheese and soy sausage for a tasty breakfast :) 

good luck. i hope you get some more answers!