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Weight Loss Sticky what caused your weight gain? Apr 25 2015
05:39 (UTC)
I had worked very hard 3 years ago and had lost 60lbs, I got my bmi right down. After Christmas I enrolled in a new training program at work that took up all my free time as I was still expected to work full time, I was no longer able to find time to exercise and also ended up snacking and eating unhealthily. Half way through that year my girlfriend became pregnant and I ended up with another thing added to my plate literally. this last year has been focussed on raising my now one year old daughter and settling in to my new life as a father and a drastically improved position in my career after a very good promotion. I am now back at around 255lbs where I had started. Over the next year I will be doing everything I did last time and get back to being fit and healthy.
Weight Loss Will walking everyday really help me drop weight? Nov 03 2012
17:54 (UTC)
Diet and exercise is the key I know everyone says that bit it's true simple Maths lol if you run a calorie deficit you will lose weight
Weight Loss oxyelite pro anyone !?? Nov 03 2012
17:51 (UTC)
Do you eat less cals when using it?
Weight Loss lose 5 or 6lbs by end november daily update any1 in? Nov 03 2012
17:44 (UTC)
Just keep at it if your bad one day it doesn't matter just make up for it the next day remind yourself it is not a race you are trying to change your eating and exercise habits for good so don't over restrict yourself to a diet that you could not see yourself eating for the rest of your life to maintain your weight so figure out how you can allow yourself those occasional indulgences
Weight Loss 50lbs lost Nov 03 2012
17:38 (UTC)
Wow thank you all for your well wishes that felt very good :) I still have more of a journey ahead of me as I have been left with a kind of strange body shape as The fat has come off areas at a different rate it seems, so this next year will be spent getting a a toned physique. Once I finally get that 6 pack and overall hot bod ill post some pics lol (a man has to dream lol)
Weight Loss Need to lose more than 100lbs! Oct 30 2012
03:05 (UTC)

i have just hit 50lbs lost out of 64 all thanks to calorie count and the addition of exercise if you stick to your calorie counting you will reach your goal.

Weight Loss I need help losing 10 pounds..... Oct 29 2012
16:51 (UTC)
Calorie control is the key everyday make sure you take in less than you use if you can't give up high cal foods counteract it with exercise and occasional low calorie fasting days not starvation though
Weight Loss 50lbs lost Oct 29 2012
16:48 (UTC)
Well I literally just maintained more calories out than in if I had been naughty for a day or 3 a would fast for 1 day only water and salad with maximum cal intake of 1500 for that day plus I have introduced 30 miles if cycling a week to overcome the plateau I had been stuck on. Also at the start of the diet I figured out the foods that I really must not eat and removed them from my diet pizza is the main one. The most important thing is remembering that u will lose the weight if you stick to the diet and don't let that increase of a few pounds lower your spirits the end result for me anyway is a leaner happier more self confident you.
Weight Loss Do you believe you can lose weight eating ANYTHING?!? Sep 16 2012
13:06 (UTC)

i have lost 45lbs so far doing pretty much that i eat the same foods as before but less of them. ive come down from a bmi of 30 to a bmi of 26ish and heading for 24 all on normal foods subway sandwiches and salads have been my saviours tbh.

Weight Loss Lost 22 pounds... A few questions Aug 09 2012
23:51 (UTC)

yeh it takes much more than that for people to start saying "hey you've lost weight",

i have gone from 260 down to 218 so far (6'2 man),

it was only recently that people started saying wow you've lost a lot of weight especially since my first beach outing last weekend, for once i was actually one of the slimmer guys there :)

so just keep at it, although remember you are doing this for your own happiness and health not the opinions of others, but i do know that the occassional compliment feels good.

good luck

Weight Loss I really need some help here! Aug 01 2012
22:50 (UTC)
Original Post by tytyfan:

@jm3la: it is possible to eat normal amounts of food and be overweight....even if the math equation normally works. meds, your health status, lack of exercise, and stress also fall into the equation. i can remember a span of 3 months or so when i ate nothing but veggies and grilled fish for dinner and still looked like the blueberry from willy wonky lol

@Alina you're very close to hitting normal weight according to bmi. if you're looking to get more toned, maybe just buy an audio book. then you'll get your reading in and your fitness x'3 well wishes

*EDIT* also remember, Alina that it is easier to lose when you're up against larger amounts of weight. once that starts to drop, your body slows down the weightloss. that's where the suggestion from JM3la comes into play...and you really have to have faith that it will come off. It'll be a slow haul, but worth it.


like i said im not an expert when i failed to meet expected losses in my weight it had turned out because i had not recorded everything i had eaten well to be honest drunk. 

Weight Loss Negative aspects of calorie counting. Aug 01 2012
22:47 (UTC)

i miss binging however i do not miss the body it produced, like sitting in front of the tv on a friday night after work and eating an entire peperoni pizza to myself.

but those days are hopefully long gone, so i can go to the beach (like this coming sunday) and not feel so uncomfortable that i don't actually go on the beach and just sit at a bar close by :(. learning to keep my diet under control is one of the best things i have done for myself in the last few years and i'm very grateful for the nasty now ex gf that constantly ridiculed me over my weight and reminded me how unattractive it was so taht one day i stood up up and said you know what im gonna lose this, so i dont have to lower myself to a person like her again.

now im 40lbs happier 20lbs to go :)

Weight Loss I really need some help here! Jul 28 2012
03:29 (UTC)

are you being honest with yourself on your calorie intake? make sure you record everything you eat and drink sometimes you may go some time at the same weight or even gain some but for the longterm as long as you have a calorie deficit you should lose i'm not and expert though i'm only talking from my own personal experience.  

Foods Sticky My life in **FOOD** a SURVEY Jul 28 2012
03:19 (UTC)

1. How do you like your eggs? scrambled

2. How do you take your coffee/tea? black with sugar

3. Favorite breakfast food? sausage eggs and bacon (never get to eat it though :( )

4. Peanut butter, Almond butter, or Nutella? If PB,Smooth or crunchy? nutella

5. What kind of dressing on your salad? ceasar

6. Pepsi, Coke, or Sprite? pepsi (coke zero atm)

7. You’re pressed for time, what do you make? make? lol

8. You’re feeling lazy. What do you order in (must choose something)? pizza (don't eat now though)

9. You're in a cooking mood. What do you make? black olive cold pasta

10. What food reminds you of your childhood? sausages, mash potatoes, Yorkshire puddings and gravy

11. What food can you remember hating that you now like? fish and pasta

12. Is there a food that you currently refuse to eat? pizza

13. What was your favorite food as a kid? pizza

14. Favorite restaurant meal? steak

15. Favorite junk food? pizza

16. Food creation that you love and others think is weird? cheese and rice

17. Favorite dessert? cheese cake

18. Food when you're sick? just drinks

19. Food for celebrating/special occasions? sushi

20. Frozen/Canned/Pre-made meal? cambells cream of chicken soup 

21. Food you're most confident preparing for guests? pasta many different kinds

22. Food you eat most often? (ex. I eat X every single day--which is more than you eat any other food) subway salads/sandwiches

23. Fruit you're most likely to eat on a daily basis? apple

24. Veggie you're most likely to eat on a daily basis? lettuce :S (notice i didn't say "favorite")

25. Favorite packaged snack food? sausage rolls

Fitness Bike butt Jul 28 2012
03:05 (UTC)

this is what I have done some seats may even require you to turn the seatpost around so its the wrong way around and then attach the seat so it faces the correct direction this allows you to get way more nose up pitch on your seat and makes it significantly more comfortable, well it does for me anyway :)

The Lounge e-date spammers on cc? Jul 20 2012
13:33 (UTC)
Actually just checked it again it was a cc pm
The Lounge e-date spammers on cc? Jul 20 2012
13:31 (UTC)
Well it was an email outside of cc I may reply just to troll them for fun lol
Weight Loss weird side effect Jul 02 2012
15:12 (UTC)
Thank you for straightening that out I was a little freaked out by that. And yes butter was yummy but seriously even thinking about it right now is making me feel sick it's a very strange feeling like it has become the most disgusting thing in the world to me although I must have eaten it in some cooked foods by now.
Weight Loss Plateau busting tips? Jul 02 2012
13:20 (UTC)
I find eating more calories than your diet allows but around your maintain calories for a day or two seems to restart the weight loss, for instance I eat 1400calories a day for 3 days then 1200 for 3 days and then about 1800-2000 for 3 days, not really buy choice it is due to working a 9 day shift pattern my diet is 1600 calories a day but I hit about 1500 a day as my average but I've consistently lost 1.5lbs a week and have just hit 37lbs lost.
Weight Loss should i break my rule? Jun 11 2012
17:44 (UTC)

my pizza binging started when i moved to a foreign country for my career and i knew absolutely nobody on the island, once the excitement of living in the caribbean and  the nice salary wore off, i was basically very lonely and depressed with a lot of time off with nothing to do, so i just used to sit at home ordering pizzas and playing video games to pass the time, even once i started to make friends its as if the seed was sown so i started eating heavily whenever i felt down, which made my situation worse and created a viscious cycle because i have now been here 6 years and have reached an age that i would like to meet a potential wife and have some kids but the weight problem i created has made it very difficult to meet nice women and so i would feelk lonely again and guess what eat.