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Weight Loss URGENT fast weight loss needed Mar 09 2009
23:34 (UTC)

I don't think your going to get much of a response as this site does not promote "fast" weight loss.  Use the tools and take it one day at a time.  It'll come, maybe not as fast as you want but it will come.


Weight Loss Trying Turbo Jam...Documenting experience Mar 09 2009
23:30 (UTC)

Where are the turbo jammers on this post?  I started this weekend, did the learn and burn Sat and Sun and the 20 minute quick workout along with 10 minute ab today.  The 20 minute one, crap, its work!

How is everyone else doing?

Weight Loss Only eaten 900 cals - any yummy suggestions? Mar 08 2009
07:33 (UTC)

Don't forget even if you fall short a few hundred calories today you can add a couple hundred tomorrow.  It keeps the body guessing.  Just don't sustain *900 calories for a few days.  Sometimes you don't feel like eating, that's that.  Make it up tomorrow by eating 1400 instead of 1200 and 1300 the next day.

Fitness Question about NROLFW Mar 07 2009
20:30 (UTC)

thank you!

Foods Do you have an Aldis near you? Feb 27 2009
21:20 (UTC)

Thank you tcole03, I wanted to say it but didn't want to come off offensive.  I used to go to Sav-A-Lot in the middle of Hartford here and noone has ever bothered me.  My philosophy is if you act scared, they gonna scare you!

Weight Loss To those who have or are upping calories... Feb 27 2009
16:57 (UTC)

I have to stick my fat butt in here for a minute.  It is an anomoly, its weird, and just plain doesn't make sense.  I was aiming for 1200 for max loss, it took a while to see the scale go down.  But hind sight being 20/20 at 1200 I was picking here and there and not counting it really.  Now I decided 1600, I'm light active and exercise a little or as much as I have time for, even if its jump roping for a minute here and there.  I have to say, I'm much happier, weight loss is more solid, no silly flucuations.  I've also accepted the fact that exercise has to be done.  I'd rather torture myself with exercise and eat more than eat a little and be miserable.  Good topic by the way!Cool

Calorie Count Should "unhealthy/unrealistic" sponsored links be on cc? Feb 26 2009
21:43 (UTC)

Sponsorship, yes its probably what keeps CC free.  These ads are kinda an oxymoron, CC promotes healthy eating and steady weight loss and the adds suggest not changing anything and lose weight rapidly.  There are so many other things they can advertise, maybe not. 

Fitness Working out and gaining weight? Need fitness help! Feb 26 2009
16:26 (UTC)

I agree with the above and also take into account measurements.  When I exercised at first, I got really into it with weights my loss stalled but my clothes were loose.

Fitness Arthritis in Knee and Hip, suggestions please for cardio, so as not to aggravate? Feb 26 2009
16:24 (UTC)

I'm not going through what you are, but you'll be amazed at how easy the elliptical is on the joints.  I have incredibly bad knees when I exercise, dr said it might be from platform diving when I was younger.  I think its because I fell on my knees when I was a teenager and was hemmed up for weeks.  Trade the treadmill for an elliptical or find someone that has one you can try.

Weight Loss To (Food) Scale or Not Feb 26 2009
16:19 (UTC)

Loved the video!  I have always used a scale to portion meats but never anything I can measure with a cup or spoon so now I will.

Fitness After the basic Turbo Jam... Feb 26 2009
14:40 (UTC)

I would go with the next two, however, as I mentioned in a couple other posts, Chalean, who leads Turbo Jam has a new exercise set called Chalean extreme.  Go to the Beachbody site.  Its seems to be a beginner version of P90x and looks great.  I am too going to do Turbo Jam more for the cardio, but Chalean Extreme is on my list for next to do.

Weight Loss Trying Turbo Jam...Documenting experience Feb 26 2009
00:20 (UTC)

Yes!  It looks good and when I get what I can out of TJ, thats my next move


Weight Loss Trying Turbo Jam...Documenting experience Feb 25 2009
22:46 (UTC)

Superm, if you are thinking P90x for the future, try Chalean extreme.  Same idea, done by turbo jam chick.

Weight Loss sedentary or light activity Feb 25 2009
22:43 (UTC)

Thanks guys.  I realized that if I put light active it saves me from having to log housework.  I'm tired today.  My house was an absolute disaster, I was becoming so jaded that the downstairs was always clean and the upstairs....I can't even say.  It's clean now! So yeah, thanks.

Weight Loss Trying Turbo Jam...Documenting experience Feb 25 2009
21:37 (UTC)

I just ordered turbo jam.  I really want Chalean Extreme though.  But I thought I would start with Turbo Jam.  I should get mine in the next week.  Hey lets start a group!

By the way Chalean is the one who does Turbo Jam and now has like a womans version of P90x

Weight Loss Need high protein, low carb, quick and easy snack ideas Feb 25 2009
19:38 (UTC)

South Beach bars, not the cereal ones, the big ones they sell individually.  19g of protein and in the end like 3 g of carbs.  Very filling.  The cereal bars are 10g of protein.

Weight Loss Losing Weight Too Quickly/YO-YO Feb 24 2009
14:18 (UTC)

Two pound loss a week!  Take it and run, it will diminish before you know it and you'll be struggling for a point something eventually.  Congratulations!

Weight Loss I'm taking a break and listening to my body for a week. Feb 23 2009
14:03 (UTC)

Take a need it.  Maybe your eating too low?  Your body may be sensitive to that.  Mine is.  After a few days 4 tops.  Usually I try to do good everyday, then Saturday would be a high day for me.  You always want to keep the body guessing.  I was doing 3 days low one high, but it seems counter active.  Good Luck.  Hey are you losing inches at all?  Those count too.